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Zephyr Highwind
Die 2

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A fight with such bestial desperation isn't one I care to watch for this long. I've made my decision. You all fight without any sense of decadence or grace. Allow a king to show you how combat should be conducted!
~ Zephyr, before activating Aestus Domus Aurea

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Zephyr Satanael Highwind is an antagonist in Everybody wants to Die 2. Unlike the main timeline Zephyr, this incarnation of Zephyr willingly chose the path of demons and war, becoming a vampire and rising through the ranks of demonkind to become the current ruling Demon King of his universe. He was later summoned to Ichika (now Ilia's) test universe, replacing the Colonel.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Name: Zephyr Satanael Highwind

Origin: Everybody Wants to Die 2

Gender: Genderfluid (Normally He/Him pronouns)

Age: 300+

Height: 6'

Weight: 137 Lbs.

Classification: Kitsune-Bi (Term for a kitsune that has become a demon), Demon, Vampire, Demon King


Combat Statistics

Tier: 8-B | 7-C | 6-C, Higher with Aestus Domus Aurea | High 6-B, 6-A within his Territory, High 6-A with Noble Phantasms and will eventually become Far Higher. 1-A, possibly 0 with his Law

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 8, dependent on Ilia), Matter Manipulation/Elemental Manipulation (Can form matter and energy into weapons), Weapon CreationPower Mimicry (Can copy any weapon he sees down to the soul of its wielder barring Divine Constructs, replicating the physical abilities and fighting skill of the original wielder), limited Life Manipulation (Beyond simply weapons and objects, Zephyr can also create soldiers, which are sentient enough to fight and follow orders) Telekinesis over his weapons, Danmaku (Capable of raining down weapons onto enemies), Enhanced Senses (All summoned have a basic ability to see normally invisible things, allowing them to see things like Amarkos' flames), Non-Physical InteractionDimensional Storage (Of equipment), Weapon MasteryFire Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Body Control (Can change his parameters and gain new skills using Imperial Privilege. Can reinforce his body and weapons with mana), Invisibility and Stealth Mastery (Can use Presence Concealment with Imperial Privilege), Resurrection (Can resurrect himself up to three times with Thrice-Setting Sun), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Capable of utilizing both Unlimited Lost Works and Aestus Domus Aurea), Statistics Reduction with Aestus Domus Aurea (Can create a Golden Theater, applying it to the World as an inescapable theater that boosts all his stats and lowers his opponents'), Vehicular Mastery, Animal Manipulation (can "ride" nearly any vehicle or mount with supernatural skill), Curse Manipulation and Holy Manipulation with Maldicion (It was forged from both Masamune and Muramasa), Limited Power Nullification (With Magic Resistance), Supernatural Luck, Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg, FlightAcausality (Type 1), Energy ProjectionLight Manipulation and Spatial Manipulation with Photon Ray, Minor Spatial Manipulation with Caladbolg II, Homing AttacksImmortality and Regeneration Negation with Gáe Bolg, Harpe and likely other Noble Phantasms, CreationDurability NegationAttack Reflection, Limited Conceptual Manipulation (The Origin Bullets he uses for Unlimited Lost Works are considered Conceptual Armaments, and Rho Aias is a conceptual defense against projectiles), Regeneration and Immortality Negation (Type 8) with Maldicion Servant Physiology, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Summoned Souls have durability), Mind Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Ichika prevented mind-controlling abilities from functioning on summoned, and all of them were resistant to NAMELESS' effects), Power Absorption, Complex Power Mimicry (Basic Techniques and Fighting Styles can be mimicked, but nothing higher). His Saber Venus armor grants Resistance to Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Reality Warping, Causality Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Power Nullification and Illusion Creation (This armor causes skills such as Potnia Therion to be nullified due to possessing a power of equal potency)

Same as before, plus Regeneration (High-Mid, Up to Low-High by absorbing Biomass. Can also reverse time to regenerate on a Mid level, High-Mid under the full moon), Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Absorption (His demon cells break down and absorb organic matter, increasing his statistics and healing him faster. Capable of absorbing blood), Shapeshifting/Body Control that can grant Natural Weaponry, Flight, Intangibility, and greater Weapon Creation, Mind ManipulationMemory ManipulationSoul ManipulationParalysis Inducement (Can bring others under his control by sucking their blood or staring into their eyes), Blood ManipulationNecromancyDuplicationAbsorption, limited Conceptual Manipulation (Can attack with his Origin of "Impalement"), Transmutation (Can turn other objects into stakes), Rage Power and Berserk Mode with Mad Enhancement, vastly increased Blood Manipulation with Oceanus, Magic, Forcefield Creation, Magical Energy AbsorptionElectricity ManipulationStatus Effect InducementFire ManipulationWater ManipulationPetrification and Animal Manipulation with Black Key Enchantments (Can petrify, desiccate, set targets ablaze or call countless crows to descend upon targets), Damage Boost (Can increase the power of his spells with Square and Overload), Pocket Reality Manipulation with Overload (Projects his inner world onto the world around him, creating a world that amplifies the power of all his spells), Soul ManipulationParalysis InducementDuplication, Resistance to Holy ManipulationMagic (All magi have basic resistance to magical effects), Time Stop (PCs are capable of functioning within areas where time is stopped. However, this does not extend to their attacks), Age Manipulation, Transmutation (The effects of abilities such as petrification and crystallization are massively slowed, allowing PCs to take measures to mitigate them), BFR (Ichika has anchored them to the local universe that her test takes place in)

Same as before, plus Negation of Reactive Evolution (It takes longer for those granted power to be evolved against, both offensively and defensively, and said evolution is more likely to leave gaps to exploit. This affects even the High 1-B adaptation of Goblins), Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation on Demons, Corruption (Type 2 and 3; can turn people into demons), Power Bestowal upon corruption, Power Nullification (Of Barriers) Resistance Negation, Vastly enhanced Absorption with Oceanus MK.II, Enhanced Necromancy (As the leader of the Wild Hunt, Zephyr is able to control an army of ghosts and take the spirits of others under his command), Air Manipulation (Can release torrents of wind with Invisible Air and Rhongomyniad as the King of Storms), Water Walking, Soul Manipulation (Being near his Noble Phantasm causes the collapse of the Spirit Origin, a death that is carved into the soul), Reality WarpingSpace-Time ManipulationHeat ManipulationDarkness ManipulationGravity Manipulation (Should have the same effects as the normal Rhongomniad), Time Manipulation (Can slow time to a crawl by avoiding attacks using Witch Time, and can stack this effect), Hair Manipulation (Can manipulate his hair with Wicked Weaves), Portal Creation, Summoning of Infernal Demons, Awaken Power (Can vastly increase his power with Umbran Climax), Creation of Torture Devices and Weapons, Empowerment (Can enhance his bullets with magic), enhanced Shapeshifting (with Beast Within), can destroy Seals, Technology Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation (Can walk on walls), Resistance to Corruption (Types 2 and 3, The PCs were not affected to a significant degree by the changes in reality, which were corrupting the goblins), Fusionism and Possession (The PCs cannot be fused with unless they allow it themselves, the same applies to possession, additionally, all such things are made temporary by their resistance, even if they were entirely consensual and would normally be permanent)

Holy Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Earth Manipulation (Summoning of giant stone hands), Darkness Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation (Gained several of Nil's guns, which possess these properties), Transmutation (The Iron Halo converts kinetic energy into harmless light), Matter Manipulation (The Hand of Dominion can sever atomic bonds), Power Nullification with the Armor of Fate (Can disrupt magic) and The Phantom (Inflicts Dispel with its attacks), Shapeshifting and Existence Erasure (Ginnungagap is a world-class item which is capable of changing forms and erasing large amounts of inanimate objects at once), Law Manipulation with Duel Field, Conceptual Manipulation with Akhilleus Kosmos, Durability Negation (Via Muramasa and several other weapons), Power Nullification (Can inflict Dispel. Many of his weapons nullify magic in some way), Damage Boost (Brahmastra grows much stronger when it is used against demons, and Ascalon is extremely effective against dragons), Energy Manipulation (Many of his weapons are capable of manipulating and projecting energy), Light Manipulation (With Caladbolg and Laser Blades), Empathic Manipulation (Zephyr pours his hatred into Clarent to activate it), Spatial Manipulation (Clarent and Candy Star Photon Ray are both capable of bending space), Elemental Manipulation with the Four Heavenly Kings (Including Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, and Fire Manipulation), Invulnerability (Durindana is considered to be unbreakable), Water Manipulation (Via Mac An Luin), Willpower Manipulation, Attack Reflection (Zephyr can increase the power of Mold Camelot with his will, and it can reflect attacks back at the user), Plasma Manipulation, Statistics Reduction with Fleur de Lys, limited Resistance to Information Analysis with Secret of Pedigree (Though its capabilities are significantly limited), Resistance to Holy Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Power Nullification, Death Manipulation (Nil's guns give Zephyr resistance or outright immunity to Holy, Air, Ice, Bomb, and Dark-elemental attacks, as well as Weaken, Dispel, and Death/Doom), BFR, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Sealing, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation and Resistance Negation (Ginnungagap is a World-Class item and grants these resistances)

Same as before, plus Acausality (Type 4), Regeneration (High-Mid, Low-Godly with his Plane), Accelerated Development (Passive, of stats, resistances, powers, and skills), Immortality (Types 2 and 8, can survive as a soul and resurrect himself from his own plane), Vastly enhanced Absorption (Can absorb magic, especially curses, to become stronger), Reactive Power Level (If he's fighting a stronger foe, he will automatically grow to slightly above the peak of their power), Social Influencing, passive Empathic Manipulation via Charisma and Allure, Regeneration Negation (High-Mid via Hellblaze and High-Godly via Demon King's Law, the latter of which is strong enough to even work on Valev), Vastly enhanced Reactive Evolution (Satanael's power allows Zephyr to evolve and adapt in a method superior to Goblins, that even the summoned couldn't nullify), Fragrance Manipulation (Can emit a powerful Aphrodisiac), Enhanced Darkness Manipulation (Via Nurarihyon and Jezebel), Sound Manipulation (Via Siren and Banshee), Hair Manipulation (Via Keijorou), Vastly enhanced Body Control (Can shapeshift into many species of demon, and manipulate his cells with Azazel), Information Analysis, Enhanced Power Mimicry and Weapon Creation (Can now trace equipment beyond just swords, all at an EX-Rank), Enhanced Soul Manipulation and Absorption (Can devour souls to gain their knowledge), Passive Forcefield Creation, Fear Manipulation, and Madness Manipulation (Type 3, with Byleth's Soul), Power Bestowal (Can freely grant and take away his powers), Vastly enhanced Curse Manipulation, Teleportation, Earth Manipulation (Can freely manipulate Crystals), Glass Manipulation, Metal Manipulation (From Berith), Summoning (Can summon armies of demons to the world, as well as his castle), Existence Erasure with Ethereal Blades, Web Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Of all types, with Jubilex's power), Can summon Meteors, Plant Manipulation (With Eliza's Dark Rose), Water Manipulation (Can generate Shadowsea waters, which choke out even things that can normally breathe underwater), Absolute Zero (Can create Abzolute Zero Ice with amarok's power), Spatial Manipulation (Zephyr can manipate space simply by walking, redirecting attacks, and cutting with his sword), Dream Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation (Can put people to sleep and invade their dreams with Nox), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create pocket dimensions with Gremory's power), Necromancy (Capable of resurrecting the dead with Orcus), likely far more variations of Magic, Electricity Manipulation with Vasavi Shakti, Homing Attack with Brahmastra, His armor conceptually reduces damage done to him by 90%, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) and Law Manipulation (Zephyr can overwrite Ichika and Ilia's laws with his own. This power sets Zephyr's existence as one that is conceptually superior to others, allowing him to ignore any defensive abilities that his foe may attempt to use, and completely nullifying abilities on the scale of Amakros' counter magic and mirror magic), Reality Warping on a planetary scale (Can apply the concepts and laws of "demon" into the world, turning it into a demonic plane). May possibly have access to all the abilities of Amakros, as he can summon him

Resistance to Information Analysis (Jezebel's power shrouds his soul, rendering it completely incomprehensible even by Valev), Magic, Curse Manipulation (Can nullify any demonic power used on him), Clairvoyance, Extrasensory Perception (His Mind and Soul are considered higher-dimensional in nature), Matter ManipulationSoul ManipulationInformation ManipulationProbability ManipulationTime ManipulationReality WarpingLaw ManipulationCausality ManipulationLife ManipulationDeath ManipulationExistence ErasureFate ManipulationProbability ManipulationMind ManipulationConceptual ManipulationPower Nullification, Illusion Creation (Kavacha and Kundala is described as being difficult for even the Gods, who have dominion over concepts of time, civilization, and other aspects of reality, to destroy. The Authority of the Moon Cell was completely unable to destroy the armor), and many of the abilities of the Die 2 cast, as he withstood a constant barrage of attacks and was able to evolve against them, including those of Dura Gonfors, Izumi, Xanna, Cain, B.O.B., Mobius, Nil, and Velav. it took Nil using Retcon just to banish Zephyr to his home world

Attack Potency: City Block Level (As strong as the first set summoned) | Town Level (Should be comparable or superior to Nameless, who did this), Higher by absorbing Biomass and Blood | Island Level, Higher by absorbing Biomass and Blood, Island Level+ with Aestus Domus Aurea (It multiplies all of his parameters by a factor of ten) | Large Country Level (Far stronger than the other summoned at his weakest), Continent Level within his Territory (Simply residing within his territory allows even a slight release of his power to go beyond the long-term amp cap), Multi-Continent Level with Noble Phantasms (Many of the weapons in his arsenal are beyond what the other summoned could ever achieve), will eventually become Far Higher (His power grows by the second within his Territory). Outerverse Level, possibly Boundless with his law (Overpowered Ichika and Ilia, and he originally intended to absorb Ichika's powers into his own to gain Retcon)

Speed: Supersonic Combat Speed, Massively Hypersonic Travel Speed | Massively Hypersonic Combat Speed, Massively Hypersonic+ with Amps, Sub-Relativistic Travel Speed | Relativistic (25% SoL), FTL with Aestus Domus Aurea, FTL+ Travel Speed (21c) | Speed of Light, FTL+ with amplifications, Massively FTL Travel Speed (Even without amplifying his speed, can fly faster than the other summoned)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 | Class G | Class T | Class P

Durability: City Block Level | Town Level, Higher by absorbing Biomass | Island Level, Higher by absorbing Biomass | Large Country Level, Continent Level within his Territory, will eventually become Far Higher. Multi-Continent Level with shields and armor, Multiverse Level+ with Kavacha and Kundala

Stamina: Limitless so long as he has mana

Range: Extended melee range, Hundreds of Meters with Aestus Domus Aurea and Maldicion, Kilometers with certain Noble Phantasms, Multiversal+ with Zelretch | Same as Before | Same as Before, At least Planetary with Rhongomyniad's full power (Destroyed Unlimited Lost Works and Amakros' Phylactery in one fell swoop) | Same as Before, at least Planetary, likely Universal with his law (Overrode Ichika and Ilia's control over the created universe)

Standard Equipment: All the items contained in Unlimited Lost Works | Same as Before | Same as Before | Same as Before, can summon Amakros

Contents of Unlimited Blade Works

  • Kanshou and Bakuya: Gan Jiang and Mo Ye: A low-ranked pair of short swords. They are warded by various protective spells added by Zephyr, and they rank up Zephyr's Magic and Physical resistance when wielded. Their strong bond to each other causes them to return as boomerangs when one is thrown, and one is held, even reacting to another traced copy. This forms the basis for his Triple-Linked Crane Wings technique, throwing the first pair as projectiles to be deflected, a second pair for slashing the opponent as the first pair returns to strike them from behind. If his opponent somehow blocks all of his strikes, he projects a final pair to slash down at their chest in an X-motion now that they're defenseless. Zephyr has modified them into bayonets for a pair of handguns that fire whenever he swings them or pulls the triggers. He can also combine them into a single, double-bladed weapon. They presumably retain the same attraction effect as the originals, allowing them to be drawn back to each other if he throws them.
  • Caliburn: Golden Sword of the Victorious: The holy sword that Arturia Pendragon pulled from the stone in him youth to become king. While it is weaker than Excalibur, as it is a blade forged by mortal hands, out of the two, it is Arturia's preferred weapon, as she trained with it in him youth. Zephyr can project it in the Fate route after seeing it in Saber's dreams, though he cannot use it to its full potential on his own, needing him assistance. Similar to Excalibur, it converts the user's magical energy into heat and emitting it as a beam of light.
  • Caladbolg II: The Fake Spiral Sword: A degraded copy of the Caladbolg wielded by the Irish hero Fergus mac Róich. As opposed to its intended use, Zephyr uses the sword as a Broken Phantasm arrow, which twists space when fired to allow it to pierce any target.
  • Hrunting: Hound of the Red Plains: One of the swords of Beowulf, the oldest hero in English literature. Like Caladbolg II, Zephyr primarily uses it as a Broken Phantasm arrow, which is capable of tracking its target regardless of their attempts to evade it. It is also very cost-efficient, allowing him to fire it repeatedly though it takes more mana each time.
  • Ig-Alima: Green Field Cutting Through the Thousand Mountains: A gigantic Divine Construct named after a Sumerian deity, also known as the Mountain Felling Sword. While Divine Constructs should not be able to be replicated with Unlimited Blade Works, Zephyr proves capable of recreating a hollow version of the sword that is even capable of clashing with the original.
  • Durandal: The Peerless Sword: Also known as the Unbroken Ultimate Hallow, it is a sword most famously used by Roland, one of Charlemagne's Twelve Paladins, and was also once a spear known as Durindana by the famous Trojan hero Hector. The sword is virtually unbreakable and will never lose its sharpness even if its wielder were to run out of magical power. It is also said to have contained three miracles within it, but this aspect has never been explored.
  • Aestus Estus: The Original Flame: A handcrafted crimson sword that automatically sets itself aflame, with its original wielder utilizing it for numerous powerful attacks on par with a Noble Phantasm.
  • Excalibur Galatine: Reborn Sword of Victory: A Projection of the sword of Sir Gawain of the Round Table. The sword is powered by a pseudo-sun within the hilt, allowing its attacks to be imbued with fire.
  • Excalibur Image: Forever Distant Golden Sword: A projection of the great Excalibur. When used, Zephyr projects a degraded and weakened, though still powerful copy of Excalibur, charges it with mana, and then swings it at his opponent as a Broken Phantasm.
  • Azoth Sword: A Mystic Code used as a tool for performing magecraft, amplifying the user's magical energy to assist with spells and strengthen them. Filling it with magical energy allows for it to be utilized as a magic wand at any time to form magic circles and affect physical divine mysteries. While it is called a dagger, it is not meant to be a weapon used for slashing or stabbing in its ceremonial nature, but it can function as such to kill a person.
  • Jeweled Sword Zelretch: A replication of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg's Jewel Sword, created by Rin, Illya, and Shirou during Heaven's Feel. The sword is capable of the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, allowing the user to draw in potentially infinite magical energy. The kaleidoscope-like jewel blade creates a small opening to the same area in another parallel world, though any further interference is impossible, and it draws in all of the magical energy from that space. Magical energy channeled into the blade can be fired off in a blinding stream of light known as an "Ether Cannon" with an output comparable to Excalibur. Also, as a jewel, the sword can be detonated as a one-shot explosive, referred to as Welt Ende.
  • Photon Ray: War God's Sword: The longsword of Altera the Hun, formed from a combination of her legendary, murderous prowess and an anecdote about her obtaining the "Sword of Mars". It is the sword of the War God himself, and it is the prototype of several Divine Constructs. Its "blade" is formed from multicolored bands of light, said to be capable of destroying any existence on Earth. It can be used to release beams of light with its slashes, and when its True Name is released, Zephyr charges and attacks with it, crossing over his opponents like a shooting star.
  • Sul-Sagana: A Divine Construct that, like Ig-Alima, is named after a Sumerian deity. It is capable of launching a stream of flames with enough power to burn down an entire forest. Although Zephyr's version is an imitation, just like his projection of Ig-Alima, it is still capable enough of physically clashing with the original.
  • Masamune and Muramasa: A pair of weapons, demonic and holy in nature, which were used to form Maldicion. Masamune can protect Zephyr from all projectiles so long as he isn't actively attacking, and Muramasa can bypass defensive enchantments and durability with its blade.
  • Brahmastra: Rakshasa-Piercing Immortal: Rama's primary weapon and Noble Phantasm, an "immortal blade" which he wielded from the moment of his birth to eventually slay the Demon King Ravana and a variation of the same Brahmastra used by other heroes of Hindu mythology like Karna. Although it was originally an arrow, Zephyr forcibly modified the weapon into a blade. Due to Rama's legend, his Brahmastra has powerful demon-slaying properties, gaining bonuses whenever it is used against a demon or an opponent with demonic traits. It also retains its utility as a ranged weapon, spinning rapidly in Zephyr's hands to be thrown as a powerful projectile.
  • Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon: Siegfried's golden greatsword and a descendant of the greatest demonic sword, Gram. It possesses the properties of Holy Sword and Demonic Swords, being a blade of incredible quality that is even able to receive blows with weapons created by the gods themselves, bringing glory and ruin upon both the wielder and his foes. When utilized as a Noble Phantasm, it quickly takes in True Ether from the Age of Gods with the command "O' Sword let thee be filled...". It then releases an arc of energy the color of twilight with a swing of the blade, possessing enough range and destructive power to annihilate armies and match the cursed sword of Mordred. Balmung possesses an incredibly high activation rate.
  • Gram: Dawn of Ruin: The greatest Demonic Sword that was pulled from the trunk of a great tree by Sigurd's father, Sigmund. A predecessor and model to the sword in the stone, Caliburn, that King Arthur once pulled and wielded in legend. Described as the "Sword of the Sun", said to be the greatest Demonic Sword, it is considered the equal of Excalibur, the greatest Holy Sword. After it was shattered by the power of Odin's Gungnir, Sigurd reforged it into its current appearance. Due to the stories in which Sigurd slew the evil dragon Fafnir, Gram also possesses powerful Dragon Slaying properties.
  • Arondight: The Unfading Light of the Lake: Lancelot's main Noble Phantasm, it is a powerful Divine Construct similar to Excalibur. It is said to be able to receive any attack without taking damage and raises all of Zephyr's parameters by one rank in addition to doubling the chance of saving throws in combat. In addition, due to the legend in which Lancelot slew a dragon, it possesses Dragon Slaying properties that make it even more effective against any target with draconic attributes. This is the original, shining form of Arondight when it was still a Holy Sword, long before it was stained by Lancelot's madness.
  • Excalibur Morgan: Sword of Promised Victory: The blackened form that Excalibur takes on after Saber is corrupted by All the World's Evil. It is still the most powerful magic sword despite its corruption. When activated as a Noble Phantasm, the entire blade is covered in black flames, which are then released in a stream of energy to destroy everything in its path. It can also be utilized in the form of a melee attack known as Vortigern: Hammer of the Vile King, cutting the target to pieces with three upward swings while the blade is coated in dark mana. Zephyr is capable of freely firing this with virtually no limit due to having access to infinite mana.
  • Caladbolg: The Rainbow Sword: The magic sword of Fergus mac Róich and his Noble Phantasm. Also given the appellations of Spiral Rainbow Sword and Spiral Sword, it is a high-power and wide-range attack allows it to devastate the landscape. It is the natural enemy of Cú Chulainn due to him having a geas that makes it his duty to be defeated once by the sword so long as it is wielded by someone who is Ultser-born. It is the prototype of many magic and holy sword of later ages, including Excalibur Galatine, and thought to be the same sword as Caledfwlch from Welsh mythology, possibly making it the prototype of Excalibur as well.I t is noted in legends that it activates as a sword of light, unleashing a "sword-shimmer" that "stretches from the magic sword like a rainbow", allowing it to cleanly slice off the top of hills at full power.
  • Clarent: Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword: Mordred's famous sword, which she stole from King Arthur's armory in Camelot. It originally was a treasured B-rank sword comparable to Excalibur that denoted the right to succeed the throne, but it has been lowered in rank, as she was never acknowledged as the successor to the throne. It thus gives none of the bonuses it would normally confer to her parameters and Charisma, instead acting simply as a high-quality sword. Zephyr channels his magical energy through it to make use of Mana Burst, and by channeling his extreme hatred into the blade, he can use his ultimate attack.
  • Excalibur Proto: Sword of Promised Victory: The strongest holy sword, and King Arthur's most famous and powerful Noble Phantasm. It is a Divine Construct meant to save the world by defeating those capable of destroying the planet. It is locked by two seals, one of which is Invisible Air and the second of which are the Restraints of the Round Table, set upon the blade by the Knights of the Round Table. Its true power only shows once over half of the seals have been released. With but one Restraint released, upon activation, Excalibur Proto fired a thin but powerful beam of light that easily overpowered the Sword of Paracelsus, and a second attack overloaded the sword. With an unknown amount of Restraints released, it can able to destroy Gilgamesh's Star of Destruction and stop the Surge of Utnapishtim. When over half of its Restraints are released, it shows its true power as a Divine Construct meant to save the world, capable of defeating beings capable of destroying the Earth.
  • Bridal Blade: Maiden's Chastity (Lightning): Fran's own sword, originally her Berserker self's Bridal Chest that has been heavily modified by Moriarty and Babbage to reduce the weapon's weight. Much like Bridal Chest, it is capable of discharging electricity in combat (With the blade itself being made out of electricity as well) and convert the magical energy from Zephyr's surroundings into electricity to empower himself and ensure he doesn't waste any energy.
  • Vulcano Caligorante: Fortuitous Abduction Net: The net used by the giant Caligorante which is even able to capture gods. That was what it was supposed to be actually... but because Astolfo used the magic horn, Caligorante panicked and ended up trapping himself in his own net. The net was reforged into the form of a sword. The dream weapon of all warriors, the whip-sword or "gallant sword" as it is called.
  • Laser Blades: Blades used to operate in Virtual Reality, that are of course made of lasers. Zephyr can manifest them in the real world.
  • Joyeuse: A Holy Sword that doesn't appear in any of the history books. A peerless blade that appears in the Song of Roland, it is said to contain the head of the Longinus within its pommel (Albeit Zephyr cannot trace this aspect of it) and changes its colors 30 times a day. It's durable and sharp enough to clash with the likes of Excalibur without chipping or cracking and match other famed Noble Phantasms such as Gae Bolg. However, it can only show its true worth as a Noble Phantasm in tandem with his Holy Knight Emperor skill, something his historical counterpart lacks.
  • Durindana Spada: Ultimate Unbroken Sword: The original form of Durindana. It is a simple sword with no outstanding attributes aside from its unbreakable nature, where it simply deals a great amount of damage due to the quality of the weapon.
  • Doujigiri Yasutsuna: The katana of Minamoto no Yorimutsu. Thanks to his lightning manipulation, Zephyr is capable of channeling thunder and lightning through it.
  • Ascalon: The Blessed Sword By Which Force is Slain: Saint George's holy sword, an incredibly powerful sword that grants him a form of invincibility through the ultimate defensive power, protecting him from all those with malicious intents. However, this immense protective power can be reversed to transform Ascalon into a sword with the power to pierce any armor. Due to the legends in which Saint George slew a dragon, it also possesses two auxiliary abilities:
    • Abyssus Draconis: Thou Shalt a Serpent Become: After determining whether or not his opponent is good or evil, Zephyr temporarily transforms them into a draconic being, rendering them vulnerable to his dragon-slaying abilities and Interfectum Dracones.
    • Interfectum Dracones: Dragon Slayer: Saint George combines his anecdotes as a famed slayer of dragons with Ascalon to strike at a draconic important with punishing force. It can be channeled through a single slash at melee range, or he can launch it as a javelin of pure light at his opponent to run them through.
  • Sword of Boudica: Sword Without Promised Victory: Boudica's one-handed sword, said to be "crowned with the name of 'victory'" like Boudica herself. But it is not a holy sword of the planet that brings promised victory. It is only an "imperfect sword of wishes”. The sword is capable of shooting a small mana projectile, not strong enough to kill or down a servant and/or enemy in one hit but enough to cause some damage to them. It can also be fired repeatedly at a low cost of mana, allowing Zephyr to fire this off as many times as he wants as long as he has mana to spare. This is done without calling its true name but by calling it out, this will allow Zephyr to fire off a barrage of them, allowing him to possibly take out other servants and/or enemies in one barrage.  
  • Black Blade: The Black Blade of Amakros, formed from a piece of the Night Sky. The Black Blade can create an absurdly dense pinprick of shadow that generates so much gravity that it condenses itself, exponentially increasing its own gravity until it draws in space-time itself and forms a hole in the universe that annihilates anything it touches. Zephyr has difficulty with accurately projecting this weapon, rendering it unstable.
Charge: Maldicion - King of Demon Blades: Rather than the Muramasa of the original world, which was a katana, this one appears to have been reforged, melded with its brother Masamune, into an all-new weapon taking the form of an ornate longsword. It is a cursed existence born of confliction. While on its own, it can act as a normal (albeit tough) weapon, Its true power activates when Zephyr releases its name. When released, it allows Zephyr to "Sever" everything within his line of sight with a swing, cutting everything that he can see along an axis (For example, if he swung downwards, the building he was looking at would appear to have been cut in half by the blade, even if it was a fair distance away). This power can be blocked by magic resistance or sufficiently-high durability; however, it nullifies regenerative abilities and immortality.

  • Immortal Slaying Scythe, Harpe: The Snake Hunter's Scythe, a divine sword from Greek mythology used by Perseus to kill the Gorgon Medusa. It's a monster-killing holy sword with a distinctive shape similar to a scythe, having the cutting edge on the inside of the blade, though it isn't an outstanding sword by itself. Its real strength is its trait of Refraction of Longevity, which is a divine ability that nullifies the "undying attribute" of immortals and inflicts wounds that cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws.
  • Gáe Bolg: The crimson spear of Cú Chulainn, it inflicts wounds that will never heal naturally and will not heal completely even with the application of healing magecraft. While it possesses two methods of attack, Zephyr has only used the thrown version, that always strikes the target with a bombing raid-like series of projectiles, but this ability is incredibly mana-intensive.
  • Rhongomyniad: The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The Earth: King Arthur's holy lance and Zephyr's primary Noble Phantasm as a Demon Lord, it is a twisted, thorned version of the original weapon that reflects the inhuman countenance. Like its original counterpart, it is a Divine Construct that is a mere "shadow" of the true Rhongomyniad, an anchor of light that stitches together reality to the Reverse Side of the World. Should more than half of its thirteen restraints be released, reality would be torn from the surface of the Earth, bringing back the age of fantasy and magic, effectively reinstating the Age of Gods. The restraints are:
    • Bedivere: The enemy must be more powerful than oneself.
    • Palamedes: The battle must be one-on-one.
    • Lancelot: The enemy must not be an elemental.
    • Mordred: The battle must be one against evil.
    • Galahad: The battle must not involve personal gain.
    • Gaheris: The battle must not be against Humanity.
    • Gareth: The battle must not be inhumane.
    • Agravain: The battle must be for truth.
    • Kay: The battle must be to live.
    • Artoria: The battle must be to defend humanity.
    • Unknown: One's comrades-in-arms must be courageous.
    • Unknown: The battle must not be against one pure of heart.
    • Unknown: The battle must be an honorable one.
  • Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē (Meteor Spear): Spear-tip of the Star Traversing the Skies: Achilles' hero-killing spear, a gift from his father, who originally received it from Chiron. Although it is a simple, sturdy spear, Zephyr holds its strength in high regard. Due to Zephyr's existence as a Lancer, he can use it to nullify regeneration. Zephyr can also use this weapon as a throwing javelin and the spear back into his hands with a gesture.
    • Duel Field: Upon calling the spear's true name, Zephyr is capable of utilizing High-Thaumaturgy to create a fair battleground similar to a Reality Marble, cut off from the outside world and time, where no gods, outsiders, or luck can intervene, resulting in his own invulnerability being negated. The field remains active until one of the combatants die, so when the duel is concluded, no time will have passed in the outside world. If an opponent doesn't have enough courage or skill to respond to his challenge, he won't forcefully drag them into the Duel Field even if he wishes to fight them.
  • Spear of Vlad: The large spear carried by Vlad III. It possesses mystery on its own, and its unique handle allows it to spin like a helicopter blade.  
  • Unnamed Lance Mystic Code: The cavalry lance of Gareth, which has been granted multiple unknown enhancements from Merlin.  
  • Durindana: Hector's favored weapon, originally a golden sword famed for its brilliant golden hue and unbreakable constitution. Hector modified it into a spear due to the advantage of using it as a projectile. After his death, it lost its function as a spear and became the famed sword of the knight Roland, Durandal: Ultimate Unbroken Hallow. As a Zephyr can modify the length of its hilt and grip at will, allowing him to utilize it as both a sword and his throwing spear.
  • Mac an Luin: Undefeated Violet Flower: Fionn's Noble Phantasm, a two-handed magical spear that he used to kill the Divine Spirit Aillen. On top of negating mental interference directed at Zephyr, it can attack automatically without needing him to direct it. With the release of its True Name, Mac an Luin releases a powerful torrent of water administered by Nuada, the God of War. It shares its name with Fionn's god-slaying sword, a weapon often considered analogous to his spear, and so they have been fused into a single weapon shaped by his class.
  • Brynhildr Romantia: Until Death Divide the Two Apart: Brynhildr's spear of "love and hate", manifested from the intensity of her deep love and hatred for Sigurd, merging with the mithril spear she used in life. Zephyr cannot utilize its noble phantasm, but it is nonetheless a powerful weapon.
  • Naginata: The naginata of Tomoe Gozen.

  • Golden Eater: Golden Eating The axe originally used by Kintoki. It is a huge Masakari axe that carries the power of the thunder deity and cannot be handled without extreme superhuman strength. It is loaded with 15 cartridges with thunder put into them and destructive power is raised with their detonation, although the cartridges can jam sometimes and thus not allow the wielder to use to use its power properly.
  • Labrys of the Abyss: A pair of giant axes wielded by the Minotaur, Asterios, Zephyr can dual wield them, and he can also form them into a much larger double-blade axe.
  • Axes of Darius: The powerful double axes wielded by Darius III.
  • Half-Dead Blood Axe: Blood Sipping Bestial Axe: A dark red axe that Eric Bloodaxe always carries with him, processed from the remains of a demonic beast. However, the beast somehow lives on in the axe, and requires blood to survive. If it is not fed periodically, the beast will starve and die, and the axe will become a shadow of its former glory.

  • God Hand: A powerful gun, with multiple barrels and shaped almost like a stone fist. It can drain life from foes with its attacks, boosts the power of Zephyr's holy skills, and is capable of summoning giant stone fists from the ground. Holding it boosts Zephyr's holy resistance by 50%, and makes him immune to being weakened.
  • Ark Angel: A powerful gun, with wings on it shaped like crystals. It can drain the mana from foes with its attacks, boosts the power of Zephyr's healing and wind skills, and randomly heals the party in the middle of battle. Holding it boosts Zephyr's holy, ice, bomb, and wind resistance by 50% and increases the effectiveness of buffs.
  • Shadow Blaster: A powerful gun made from alien technology. It boosts the damage of Zephyr's dark skills, is capable of countering attacks with Dark Shot, and can unleash gravity surges while attacking. Holding it boosts Zephyr's Dark and Thunder resistance by 50% and makes him immune to instant-death spells.
  • The Phantom: A powerful gun with a blade attached. Its attacks are capable of dispelling a target's buffs, and it can cast antimatter shots. Holding it decreases Zephyr's defenses in exchange for vastly increasing his offensive power, and it makes him immune to Dispel and Death.
  • Bow: A simple, albeit extremely well-made bow crafted from a Tree Branch. Zephyr typically uses it to fire off Noble or Broken Phantasms.
  • Bow: The Bow of Tomoe Gozen.
  • Tauropolos: The bow of Atalanta. It's longer than Zephyr is tall, and is comparable in power to an A-Rank Noble Phantasm upon being activated.
  • Secace Morgan: Sword of Tenacious Burning Victory: The Noble Phantasm of Artoria Alter while in her Swimsuit form. It is a combination of Excalibur Morgan and the short sword Secace, a dagger Arthur was said to only be able to use in a life or death situation in battle. The two weapons change form throughout Artoria Alter’s ascensions, with Secace going through several firearm forms of various shapes and form while Excalibur Morgan starts out as a balloon sword and mop alternatively before going back to its proper sword form. The two are combined into a sniper rifle that Zephyr uses to blast foes from a range.

  • Rule Breaker: All Spells Must Be Broken: A dagger belonging to Princess Medea of Colchis, it is unsuitable for use as a weapon due to its ceremonial nature. However, it can nullify enchantments and magics of all kinds, including the Master-Familiar contract of a Servant, transferring command over to Zephyr should he stab another Servant with it.
  • Snake Daggers: The daggers of Medusa, used for spearing opponents like the fangs of a snake. They are attached to eachother by a chain.
  • Spiked Flails: A pair of giant spiked flails utilized by Penthisilea, stained red from blood.
  • Weapons of the Four Heavenly Kings: A quartet of weapons wielded by Miyamoto no Yorimutsu's Four Heavenly Kings. They include a wind-elemental bow, an ice-elemental spear, a fire-elemental sword, and a lightning-elemental axe.
  • Candy Star Photon Ray: Holy Night Rainbow, War God's Sword: The Noble Phantasm of Altera the San(ta). A new Noble Phantasm invented by changing Altera's Sword of the God of War into a candy cane. This form of Photon Ray is also called Photon Ram. Rather than a giant laser, her NP has been altered to that of dozens of her sheep followers bombarding the battlefield.
  • Ginnungagap: A world-class item capable of changing its shape at will, though it often takes the form of a battleaxe. It grants Zephyr resistance to many types of harmful magic, and its ability allows it to erase large amounts of inanimate objects.
  • Goblin Technology: From Xanna, Zephyr has access to all the technology that the goblins used during their invasion of earth. This includes weaponry such as swords and guns, energy ammunition, devices for controlling mounts, and many more.

  • Bradamante's Shield: A magic shield wielded by Bradamante, which can be used as a weapon in its own right.
  • Lord Camelot: Fortress of the Distant Utopia: Mash's true Noble Phantasm, the shield of Galahad. It is the embodiment of the Knights of the Round Table sitting within the white walls of Camelot, employing them as an incredibly durable conceptual shield. Its strength is proportionate to Zephyr's willpower, and even the shield alone can be used as a weapon thanks to its giant size.
  • Rho Aias: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens: The shield of Ajax, which proved capable of blocking Durindana during the Trojan War. It creates a multi-layered defense to defend against any projectile. Unlike Chloe's use of the Zephyr Class Card, Zephyr is capable of projecting all seven of the shield's petals. However, Zephyr will be damaged for each petal that is destroyed.
  • Akhilleus Kosmos: The Miniature World Enclosed by the Azure Sky: Achilles' trump card, a shield forged by Hephaestus himself, and thus a Divine Construct. A Defensive type Noble Phantasm comparable to the original Rho Aias, it is the reproduction of the world that Achilles himself lived in, featuring swirling oceans, the heavens, the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, gods, countries, humans etc. It represents the world itself, as such it's said that to oppose the shield is the same as challenging the World. It works by reconstructing space-time to deploy a miniature replication of the world, for defensive purposes. It is powerful enough to defend against Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress, Anti-Divine and Anti-Country Noble Phantasms. However, the nature of its existence makes it vulnerable to Anti-World Noble Phantasms. Zephyr can also use it offensively, by pushing the miniature world it creates forwards to crush his opponent.

  • It should be noted that Zephyr's ability to produce armor is significantly lower than his ability to produce weaponry.

    • Saber Venus Armor: A special set of armor, complete with massive metallic wings. It allows Zephyr to fly at higher speeds, grants him access to the Anti-World Photon Ray, and grants enough power to resist Potnia Therion.
    • Armor of Fate: A set of armor copied from Xanna. Crafted by the Mechanicum's finest and based on orders given to Archmagos Belisarius Cawl, this suit of Artificer Armor both sustains Zephyr's life force while protecting him from even the most dolorous of blows as if by some miracle.
    • Hermes Trimestigus: A divine-class set of Armor worn by Albedo, copied from Xanna. Though classified as a Divine Class Item, it specializes mostly in physical defense. Due to its three layers, it would take three attacks to break the armor. It also has a magic-disrupting property and resistance to cold.
    • Unnamed Noble Phantasm: Achilles' legendary armor, that was forged by Hephaestus during the Trojan War. He would normally only have access to it when summoned in Greece, however, he can acquire it with the use of Chaldea's Ascension system. Its true name and effects are currently unknown.
    • Iron Halo: An iron halo that can be positioned above Zephyr's Head, copied from Xanna. The Halo surrounds the Demon's body in a Conversion Field, capable of turning the kinetic energy of an otherwise dangerous attack into harmless light.
    • Hand of Dominion: A powerful gun/gauntlet capable of severing atomic bonds. Upgraded since the Horus Heresy, the Hand of Dominion has been made more powerful than ever. With blinding speed, Zephyr can crush the life from his foes before tearing others apart in a hail of armor-piercing Bolter fire.
    • Secret of Pedigree: Helm of Hidden Infidelity: Mordred's helmet, given to her by Morgan le Fay with the instructions to never remove it when anyone can see, as it disguises her identity and lineage. When in use, it hides any details on Zephyr's identity, personal skills, and Noble Phantasms. However, it is significantly degraded in rank due to Zephyr's comparatively lesser projection of armor.

  • Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father: The full power of Clarent, flooded with Mordred's hatred, turning it into a sword of evil. It is a high-level application of Mana Burst, where Zephyr fills the blade with hatred in the form of magical energy, causing it to crackle with crimson lightning. She can then release this energy as a massive crimson beam to destroy everything in her path.
  • Arondight - Overload: Breaking All Restraints - Overloaded Light of the Lake: Lancelot's Noble Phantasm attack. Zephyr overloads Arondight with his mana, letting the charged magical energy leak out. It is then repurposed into an attack. This Noble Phantasm is something close to a sword skill, which deliberately refrains from emitting the prana as a slash of light, instead releasing it upon cutting at the target. The blue light of the vast magical energy that overflows from the severed section has been alluded as being like a lake.
  • Bölverk Gram: Heaven's Wheel of Destruction: Zephyr unleashes the full power of Gram as an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm by launching the daggers that compose Gram at his foe, which proceed to strike them from all directions and scatter flames as Sigurd punches the main sword at his opponent. After impaling them with it, Zephyr then proceeds to invoke the name Bölverk, an alias of Sigurd's ancestor, the Norse god Odin, before slamming his fist into Gram's hilt to unleash a powerful beam of destruction equivalent to that of the strongest Holy Sword.
  • Ira Lupus: Rampaging Maiden Wolf: A Noble Phantasm that sublimates Gareth's talent in jousting. After hammering in consecutive strikes, she pierces through her enemy with one powerful thrust. In the past, to protect her dear friend Lady Lyonesse, she defeated many prestigious knights and kings even challenged King Arthur himself in jousting, with the King praising the way she fought like a "rampaging wolf".
  • As If It Was a Human Without Bones: A Noble Phantasm tracing its name from the fact that, faced with this spear, humans are cleaved with such ease that they appear boneless, ignoring any defense of the opponent, piercing opponent's body without any resistance. With minimal Prana consumption, this Noble Phantasm is simple yet extremely powerful in actual combat, and it also has an another variant in the form of partisan.
  • Durindana Pilum: Ultimate Unbroken Spear: Hector's legendary throwing spear, said to have been able to pierce through anything. After extending the handle, Zephyr calls the spear's True Name as the base of the weapon ignites to propel the spear as he flings it into his chosen target, culminating in a powerful explosion. This attack proved powerful enough to not only pierce the God Hand of the mighty Heracles, but also the resilient skin of the infamous Minotaur, who is even stronger than Heracles himself in both strength and durability. When used while he was alive, it even managed to pierce all but the final layer of the original Rho Aias, a powerful shield said to be an absolute defense against all projectiles. However, he has to retrieve the spear afterward, forcing him to fight barehanded until he does so.
  • Skewered Plasma Blade: Thunder Blade of Impalement: Fran’s Noble Phantasm while in her swimsuit form. Using the Bridal Blade that has been modified from her Berserker forms mace into a sword by Babbage and Moriarty, Zephyr charges energy inside it and jumps into the air to drop down and pierce the blade at the enemy, where the pent up energy is released and stuns the enemy party.
  • Fleur de Lys: Sword Dance of Falling Lillies: d'Eon's primary Noble Phantasm and the sublimation of their devotion to the sword and their numerous acts of deception in the name of the French Royal Family. It is a beautiful sword dance which completely fascinates the beholder, lowering the target's strength, endurance, and agility. Zephyr then takes that chance to deliver a fatal strike to their opponent, making this an attack on both the target's mind and body although the latter will only happen once. It is an incredibly cost-efficient Noble Phantasm as it requires little more than the mana needed for Zephyr to perform their usual, dazzling swordplay, and its mental and status effects persist a short while after the technique's completion.
    • Fleur de Lys: Gorgeous Splendor of Blooming Lilies: The second version of d'Eon's beautiful sword dance which completely fascinates the beholders and impresses the white lily in the viewers's minds, lowering the strength, durability, and agility of all those who see the dance. Furthermore, if Zephyr succeeds a Luck check, the targets will be left completely unable to act as they had been mesmerized by Zephyr's movements.
      • Fleur de Lys: Profusion of Hundred Flowers, Dance of Lilies: d'Eon's way of life that has been sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. It is a more potent version to the second version of d'Eon's sword dance, "Gorgeous Splendor of Blooming Lilies". This Noble Phantasm is normally hidden as Zephyr normally cannot utilize it due to it requiring them to expand all of their mana inside their being to do this. They stated that fifty people at most are what they can normally be able to affect when using Gorgeous Splendor of Blooming Lilies, but it is through this version of their dance will Zephyr be able to affect as many as hundreds to even thousands of targets at once, effectively allowing them a large group of this scale to be unable to act any further.  
  • Nine Lives Blade Works: After tracing Berserker's Axe Sword, Zephyr can duplicate his most trusted Noble Phantasm, Nine Lives, the technique he used to kill the Hydra. Using it, he performed nine near-simultaneous attacks, surpassing the speed of sound, destroying an eighth of Berserker's body with the first eight slashes before he could launch his attack, and killing him with the ninth.

  • Intelligence: Genius. Zephyr is an accomplished polymath, an expert swordsman, and meticulous perfectionist. He is gifted at discerning the flaws and power in others at a glance, and can tell when he is outmatched. Devised a plan to become a demon and succeeded | Genius. Zephyr is an adept demon lord and king, and despite his Mad Enhancement is able to stay calm and collected in battle. | Extraordinary Genius. A tyrant and expert commander to boot, Zephyr is ruthless on the battlefield, mowing down his foes with overwhelming force without a trace of hesitation. As the King of Demons, Zephyr is a masterful jouster whose ability to fight on horseback surpasses any human alive, using the most brutal and pragmatic methods of crushing his foes underfoot. When it comes to combat, due to the dozens, if not hundreds of heroes and enemies he has copied powers from, Zephyr is considered completely unmatched. | Supergenius. Capable of analyzing an entire planet and forming countermeasures against its citizens.

    Weaknesses: Cannot fight in Spirit Form. His ability to trace armor isn't as good as his ability to trace weapons. | As he has become a vampire, Zephyr becomes vulnerable to sunlight and holy symbols and weaponry | Rhongomyniad's activation is limited by the Thirteen Constraints of the Round Table, at least half of which must be released to showcase its full power. Utilizing it with too many seals unlocked (I.E. Against Amakros) runs the risk of destroying the world, or Unlimited Lost Works if the spear is used inside it | Loses his vampire vulnerabilities and trace limitations

    Key: First Set (Pre-Demonization) | Second Set (Post-Demonization) | Third Set (Demon Lord) | Fourth Set (Demon King)

    Notable Attacks/Techniques

    Weapon Creation Zephyr possesses a powerful magic that allows him to manifest weapons from any surface or material, ranging from metal and clay to fire and blood to even the air around him. These weapons manifest nigh-instantly from his current environment, typically accompanied by an aura of red lightning as they manifest, and they can range from crude and simple to exceedingly elaborate. Once created, Zephyr has extremely precise and powerful control over them, able to form them into traps and mazes, imprison enemies within a slicing cage, and use them to defend himself from attacks by having weapons orbit him. Zephyr can create a large amount of these weapons, and one of his favorite strategies is simply to rain danmaku down onto his helpless foes.

    Magecraft: Zephyr is a masterful magi, among the best in the world. His primary magecraft is Numerology, and he specializes in electricity-based attacks. He also has knowledge of a variety of other spells, such as High-Speed Incantations, Church Sacraments, Rites and Necromancy. He can create Bounded Fields, and is the one who taught Nrvnqsr Soil of Genesis.

    • Reality Marble - Overload: Zephyr's Reality Marble, his inner world projected onto the world around him, rewriting the world's laws with his own. Overload amplifies the power of all his spells while it is active, but can only be maintained for up to a single night before the World crushes it and restores itself.
    • Reincarnation: Somehow, Zephyr has altered the nature of his soul, transforming it into a mutable, transmittable information that he can pass through Akasha as he pleases, retaining his consciousness instead of being lost to the Root. By transmitting his soul to another body, he endures, allowing him to survive being killed by Arcueid time and time again no matter where he reincarnated. He is not truly Zephyr anymore, having lost his ego over time, becoming little more than the embodiment of his malice and knowledge, returning again and again. He chooses only those with wealth and personal power as his hosts, unless there are no other options. Over time, he is able to overpower the host's will and take control, though it takes time for his memories to return, preventing him from using the full extent of his power and knowledge for some time.
    • Unnamed Bounded Field: A bounded field that Zephyr sets up around his territory or "Castle." All Damage done to the structure or himself will be instantly reverted to its previous state, seemingly via the reversal of time, in a way similar to his regeneration. Buildings turned to rubble will simply rebuild themselves as if they were never destroyed to begin with. It should be noted that the restoration of the bounded field is likely inferior to that of his regeneration on the night of a full moon, as he stated that he would not have been able to survive Arcueid's Marble Phantasm had it not been a full moon, despite his bounded field being active.

    Dark Arts: Special magecraft used by the Umbra Witch Clan, whom Zephyr has learned from due to his status as a Demon Lord.

    • Witch Time: The Umbra Witch's version of Temporal Control, Witch Time is an ability that allows Zephyr to slow time to a near stop, to the point that projectiles are nearly motionless and extensive battles can take place in a matter of seconds. This allows the user to bypass their opponent's defenses and execute combinations of attacks and other feats that would otherwise be impossible to do in normal speed. Zephyr also can stack Witch Time over itself to further increase its potency.
    • Umbran Climax: Techniques that allow Zephyr to enter into an ascended state of power. Both techniques allow him to continually manifest the limbs of various infernal demons and increase him damage output. In Umbran Climax, she also gains the capability to perform "Infernal Weaves" and even recover him health while in that state.
    • Wicked Weaves: A technique that can be executed by powerful Umbra Witches to summon forth Infernal Demons by using their hair as a conduit. Zephyr's Wicked Weaves usually summon the massive limbs of Madama Butterfly, the demoness she has made a pact with, though she is entirely capable of using any of the demons under him command in conjunction with this technique. Wicked Weaves significantly increase the power of Zephyr's attacks, and become more powerful still the farther into a combo a Wicked Weave is produced.
      • Infernal Weaves: A significantly more powerful variant of Wicked Weaves accessable while Zephyr has powered up into Umbran Climax. In addition to using normal Wicked Weaves for every attack, the end of combos cause Infernal Weaves to fully manifest the Infernal Demons for extreme damage in a large area-of-effect.
    • Torture Attacks: A special ability allows Zephyr to summon ancient devices that were once used to torture Witches during the Witch Hunts, giving him the ability to use them instead on his enemies. These attacks range from an iron maiden, decapitation by guillotine, placing them into a grinder, burning them, hanging them, crushing them to death, and pulling out a chainsaw to bisect foes.
    • Charge Bullet: A technique that charges Zephyr's guns as he fires normally, imbuing his bullets with more magic and as a result making them much more powerful.
    • Umbran Portal Kick: Zephyr instantly summons a portal under himself and dives or falls into it, shortly reappearing in the air and then crashing back to the ground while posing, damaging all close enemies. This technique is also useful as a quick means of odging an attack.
    • Beast Within: A series of transformational techniques that Zephyr can use to shapeshift into different animals that grant him new abilities.
      • Panther Within: Zephyr transforms into a black panther, granting him increased movement speed and longer jumps.
      • Crow Within: Zephyr transforms into a large crow, giving him the ability to fly for a short period of time and shoot homing feathers.
        • Umbran Spear: Zephyr transforms into a crow and darts towards his target at incredible speed to deal damage while also staggering the target.
      • Bat Within: A defensive technique that, by successfully dodging an attack at the very last second, briefly transforms Zephyr into a flock of bats and pushes away nearby enemies. Witch Time will also activate once Zephyr reforms.
      • Snake Within: Zephyr transforms into a long cobra that allows him to glide through underwater locations whenever this is activated. This form acts as an underwater equivalent to Panther Within.
    • Infernal Kiss: Zephyr blows a kiss, sending a trio of heart-shaped projectiles at the target, an otherwise impassible angelic seal. This opens a small portal to Inferno that shatters the seal.
      • Heart Shot: A variation of Infernal Kiss that allows Zephyr to shatter barriers by launching several bullets at them in a heart-shaped formation.
    • Witch Walk: A Dark Arts technique utilized by all Umbra Witches that allows them ignore the pull of gravity to walk on vertical and upside-down surfaces.
    • Mechanical Augmentation: Using him magic and finger as a key, Zephyr can increase the capacity at which a vehicle can operate, or overload it and cause it to explode.

    Magic Resistance: An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Due to his class, Zephyr's Magic Resistance is lowered from a stellar A-rank to B-rank, though this is still enough to nullify spells with a chant below three verses, and makes it difficult for even High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals to affect him.

    Riding: The ability to ride mounts. Zephyr's skill and experience as a knight means that he has ridden horses throughout all of his life, and summoned as a Servant, he rides the Dun Stallion so that he can use the full power of Rhongomyniad as a lance. As a result, he has an A-Rank in this skill. Thusshe can ride all vehicles and nearly all other animals with perfect control and speed that far surpasses human capabilities, though he cannot ride Phantasmal or Divine Beasts.

    Imperial Privilege: An ability that allows Zephyr to gain skills that would normally be impossible for him to possess for a short amount of time. At EX-rank, he can even modify his body to gain traits such as Divinity. Zephyr uses Imperial Privilege to give herself the swordsmanship abilities of a Saber, resulting in his class, and can use it to gain more such as riding, artistry, unnatural charisma, tactical knowledge, etc. However, he cannot acquire skills without basis - but since he's a polymath, he can gain virtually any ability he desires, such as the ability to pilot a jet plane. Furthermore, as the Demon King, Zephyr can gain even more explicitly magical skills.

    • Charisma: The ability to lead an army and command it through one's charm. Zephyr commanded incredible popularity and respect across the entire Roman Empire during much of his reign as emperor, with his troops being glad to serve under him during the Septem Singularity.
    • Fine Arts: A talent for creating and recognizing works of fine art.
    • Military Tactics: The ability to mobilize and command large forces in group battles. This skill makes Zephyr a skilled tactician when mobilizing his forces.
    • Riding: The ability to utilize mounts. Zephyr has a relatively high effective rank in this skill due to his anecdotes of riding chariots, being more suited for the Rider class container than the Saber class container that she prefers.
    • Swordsmanship: Zephyr is an incredibly skilled swordswoman due to this skill, being able to match swordsmen as skilled as a Knight of the Round like Gawain.
    • High-Speed Incantation: The ability to rapidly reduce the cast times for casting magic. Zephyr uses this to activate their stronger Noble Phantasms on a whim, though he does enjoy using the chants just to show off.

    Thrice-Setting Sun: A skill that Zephyr can use to resurrect himself up to three times per activation if he falls in battle, though it must be activated beforehand to take effect.

    Blessings from the End of the World: A blessing automatically given to those who wield Rhongomyniad, ranking up all their parameters save for Mana and Luck during battle.

    Charisma: The natural talent to command an army, which increases the ability of allies during group battles. Due to his iron-fisted reign, Zephyr's Charisma has fallen to E-Rank, which allows him to skillfully command an army at the cost of a severe drop in morale. However, when commanding demons, Zephyr's Charisma rises to an EX-Rank.

    Mana Burst: Zephyr is able to suffuse his body and weapons with mana and expel it from his body in bursts to increase his strength, speed, and durability. As a Lancer, Zephyr uses it to propel himself across the battlefield at high speeds while reinforcing his entire body with magical energy. With an A-rank in this skill, even a stick can become a great weapon capable of matching the force produced by a legendary weapon, but without a sufficiently durable weapon like Rhongomyniad, it's unlikely that the weapon will survive the clash.

    Mad Enhancement: The source of the Berserker class's power, raising their statistics in exchange for a loss of sanity. Zephyr boasts and EX-Rank in this skill, allowing him to keep his reasoning abilities and even leaving his wish unchanged.

    Discernment of the Poor: Having lived without a relative or a caretaker for the earliest years of his life, Zephyr developed the ability to see through a person's mannerisms and speech patterns to tell what they are truly thinking, making it virtually impossible to lie to him or deceive him with petty feints.

    Divinity: The measure of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit. At A-rank, it is even an indicator as one who has reached the Throne of Gods. Additionally, it possesses another effect that allows one to reduce "Anti-Purge defense" in proportion to the rank of their Divinity, allowing them to break through defensive abilities such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig. Zephyr has one of the highest ranks of Divinity at A-rank, which shows its true worth when fighting against the descendants of other sun gods, further bolstering his defensive power.

    Mana Burst (Flames): A skill that allows Zephyr to project his magical energy throughout his body, weapons, and armor, greatly increasing his strength, speed, and durability. In addition, Zephyr's Mana Burst takes the form of searing flames that are said to be like the sun itself, allowing him to constantly imbue his weapons with it to set anyone struck ablaze. He can also utilize it for ranged attacks, projecting the flames and compressed projectiles or arcs of flame that can demolish entire plateaus with ease. At full power, it allows him to withstand Balmung. The flames also allow him to fly, by creating wings of fire that work as a jet pack. In addition, he is able to use the flames internally to burn away the stakes of Kazikli bey.

    Uncrowned Arms Mastership: Throughout his life, Zephyr's countless feats of martial skill were never recognized due to his low social status and numerous other factors. This causes the ranks of all of his weapons, his armor, his Riding skill, and Divinity to be perceived as lower than they actually are, causing his foe to underestimate him. However, this effect will be broken if his opponents learn his True Name.

    Demon: As a demon, Zephyr gains several abilities. Like many monster races, his body is made of up a special type of cell similar in function to Stem cells, but unlike things like goblins, demons discard reactive evolution, instead opting to utilize curse-elemental energy in their cells. The true form of demon cells are an amorphous dark red mass appearing similar to something like grail mud, and this physiology grants Zephyr several abilities.

    • Immortality: Thanks to the unique nature of his body, Zephyr is functionally immortal, able to reform himself as long as he has demon cells within his body. He can transfer his "main consciousness" between cells, allowing him to tank what would otherwise be lethal wounds.
    • Absorption: Unlike goblins, demons don't have the advantage of reactive evolution. However, in its stead, their cells can act as a "magical acid" of sorts, breaking down matter, absorbing it into their body, and converting it into demon cells. This provides Zephyr more "biomass" to use for his shapeshifting and regeneration.
    • Shapeshifting: Demons have incredibly potent shapeshifting abilities thanks to their control over their cells. They can sprout claws, horns, wings, weaponized tails, and extra limbs/organs, as well as form their cells into weaponry such as razor threads and blades.
    • Battle Continuation: A skill that allows a Servant to continue fighting even after receiving serious injuries. Zephyr possesses an A-Rank in this skill, allowing him to shrug off severe injuries as long as he does not suffer a decisive fatal wound.
    • Blood-Sucking: The ability to drink another's blood to replenish one's health and magical energy. In the case of Zephyr's A-Rank, it also has a chance of applying the effect of Seduction (Confusion), causing both men and women to be put under his thrall if he sucks their blood. This is not registered as an attack, but as a gesture of affection, allowing it to bypass even Andreias Amarantos despite his lack of Divinity.
    • Curse of Restoration: A Dead Apostle's method of regeneration, which works by reversing time whenever they receive an injury. Its effectiveness is tied to the phases of the Moon. Although not a true Dead Apostle, Zephyr's nature upon being summoned becomes similar to one and thus granted this power to use, allowing to regenerate from wounds that would easily kill normal Servants and even if his whole body was torn apart by focusing on his feet alone.
    • Mystic Eyes of Enchantment: The possession of magical eyes that can influence anyone. As a Vampire, Zephyr has the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment which allows the use of high-level hypnosis for Zephyr that he can use to control the hearts and souls of those who make eye-contact with him; thus allowing him to have anyone under his control do his bidding through basic commands.
    • Shapeshift: A skill allowing for the borrowing of bodies and the changing of one's appearance. A method used by the millenary spirits of foxes and badgers of China that are put on par with Tamamo-no-Mae. Zephyr's C-Rank allows him to transform into mist or a swarm of bats. This provides an advantage in close-combat, but proves rather ineffectual when faced with widespread attacks.

    Demon Lord: As the lord of all Demons, Zephyr enjoys a number of benefits that place him above that of the rest of Demonkind. Demons are automatically re-aligned to the same goals as he is, raising his Charisma to EX-Rank when dealing with demons. In addition, with a touch, he can corrupt and transmute others into becoming demons themselves, granting them standard demon physiology as well as a small facet of Zephyr's own power. Speaking of power, Zephyr can use his status to imbue his attacks with a small amount of godly power, which increases their strength and pierces defensive abilities (Barriers, and Resistance). However, this only applies to purely offensive attacks, rather than hax. 

    Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Regal: Zephyr's First Noble Phantasm, representing the explosion of his artistic talent and passions in life in the form of the theater he designed and constructed himself. It is manifested through his magical energy in a manner similar to a Reality Marble, but he builds it on top of the World as opposed to overwriting it, allowing him to maintain it for longer. It is not the embodiment of his inner world either, but a High-Thaumaturgy that he alone can perform. Within the Golden Theater, everything is made advantageous for Zephyr and his allies, boosting his parameters by one rank (effectively multiplying them by a factor of ten), gradually weakening his opponents, and allowing him to completely ignore their defenses. In addition, leaving Aestus Domus Aurea is virtually impossible without Zephyr's permission or its destruction. While within Aestus Domus Aura, Zephyr gains access to several unique skills that can only be used in its confines.

    • Fax Caelestis: Closing Rose That Fames Stars: Zephyr's most powerful attack, recognized as a B+ rank Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm under the FATE summoning system. Zephyr swings his sword in a circular motion, shrouding it in flames, before thrusting it through his opponent, posing dramatically as him foe is engulfed in a massive burst of flame. Alternatively, she'll leap into the air before coming down on him opponent with a downward slash before bisecting them again with a horizontal slash, once again posing as flower petals burst from him foe's wounds.
    • Laus Saint Claudius: Imperium of the Maiden's Flowery Words: Another powerful sword skill used by Zephyr, recognized as a B-rank Anti-Team Noble Phantasm under the FATE summoning system. Zephyr dashes forwards, leaving flower petals in him wake as she cuts him opponents down with a single strike. Alternatively, she leaps at him opponent and slashes down at them, before following up with another swing of him sword. In Fate/Extella, after stabbing him sword into the ground, she blasts him opponent with flames that engulf him arm, before slashing them all with Aestus Estus.

    Charge: Blood Ocean - Oceanus: Zephyr's unique demon art. By expending all the blood that he has absorbed, Zephyr is capable of creating a colossal flood, capable of engulfing cities. This "blood ocean" is entirely under Zephyr's control, and he can manipulate its shape, speed, and trajectory as he pleases, as well as use his weapon creation to form it into deadly projectiles. In fact, Zephyr typically has the ocean infused with thousands of small blood blades made to cause wounds to anybody who touches the water, adding even more blood to the ocean's total mass. Upon ending the skill, Zephyr can leave the blood or absorb it all back, taking the form of a sort of tornado as it all swirls back into his body.

    • Charge: Oceanus MK. II: Now infused with some of Zephyr's Demon Lord Essence, Oceanus is capable of corrupting those it touches into demons, or absorbing them into Zephyr like his demon cells do. The duration and mass of blood that he can create is also significantly larger.

    Kazıklı Bey: The Lord of Execution: Zephyr's main Noble Phantasm, sharing his title as the Impaler, a reproduction of the legend in which its original user impaled twenty thousand Ottoman soldiers. While an individual stake would prove insufficient, if not worthless, as a Noble Phantasm, Kazıklı Bey allows for the materialization and control of a grand total of approximately twenty thousand stakes, though he can only generate up to two thousand at once. While many Noble Phantasms can kill hundreds or even thousands of people, very few can kill over ten thousand. When activated, the ground shakes, and countless stakes, each several meters long, burst from the ground, instantly impaling any who aren't fast enough to avoid them. Zephyr can control them and summon them wherever he pleases within the territory he designated prior to battle with his Demonic Defender of the State skill. He can use them to chase fleeing opponents and can burst up from the remains of already destroyed stakes.
    He does not need to personally direct them to chase down his opponents, following his foes' movements on their own. Even after they have sprouted from the ground, they remain on the battlefield as barriers that limit his opponent's movements. The sight of the countless stakes imparts opponents with a curse, filling them with anxiety and fear. Zephyr can use them with enough precision to skewer and disable opponents without killing them and walk upon the stakes himself without issue even while riding his horse. However, the true effect of this Noble Phantasm is not to "create stakes" but to manifest the state of "already being pierced by stakes." When a foe receives an attack from Zephyr while standing within his territory, they will be instantly pierced by stakes growing from within their bodies. The heart is impaled first, followed by additional stakes that erupt from all over the body. This ability was even able to bypass Karna's Kavacha and Kundala due to its mechanics, taking the Indian hero off guard. While Kazıklı Bey's most effective usage is limited to his territory, it can still be used outside of it; however, it is greatly weakened, and he must create his stakes within his own body.

    Kazıklı Bey: Punishment King Another version of Kazıklı Bey that Zephyr is able to use, though its effects are mostly unknown.

    Legend of Dracula: The Succession of Blood: Zephyr's second Noble Phantasm, and a manifestation of the legend of Count Dracula, twisted from his image. Upon use, he transforms into a true vampire akin to Dead Apostles. As he is summoned as a Berserker, this ability is active by default, allowing him to access its powers with impunity. However, he still retains his spear, human form, and most of his personality in this state, unlike what would result from him using the Noble Phantasm as a Lancer.

    Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King: Zephyr doesn't use it to hide the shape of his spear, simply utilizing it in conjunction with his Mana Burst skill to increase his agility dramatically and to amplify the force of his blows. Compared to the compressed projectile used by Artoria's Saber counterpart, Zephyr's Hammer of the Wind King lacks penetration power, instead gaining a dramatic increase in range, power, and area of effect to mow his foes down.

    Unlimited Lost Works: The Void Creation of Swords: Zephyr imbues a bullet with his Reality Marble, which bears an infinite number of weapons imbued with the concept of "Sword". He then fires it at his target, causing the Reality Marble to manifest within their body, skewering and shredding them from the inside out with incredible force as an infinite number of blades spurts out from within them. These weapons have various magical properties, such as inhibiting regeneration.

    Additionally, he is presumably able to utilize his Reality Marble in a manner akin to his alternate selves, allowing him to project numerous Noble Phantasms that he has encountered for his personal use after seeing them once. These copies are degraded one rank from the originals, diminishing their strength and properties, but by overloading them with mana, Zephyr can fire them as one-shot Broken Phantasms that retain the strength of the originals but are destroyed upon impact. Some of The weapons that reside in Unlimited Lost Works include:

    Teardrop Photon Ray: Star of Tears, War God's Sword: The true power of Photon Ray, using it in its true function as a beacon. It designates the target area, calling forth a giant pillar of light - the true Photon Ray - from the sky that annihilates the area, similar to an orbital satellite attack.

    Charitas Domus Aurora: Auroral Theater of Delirium: An Anti-World Noble Phantasm that Zephyr can use to destroy multiversal defenses. First using Aestus Domus Aurea to entrap his opponent, Zephyr summons an array of magical circles with Photon Ray, firing a pillar of light from them that completely engulfs and destroys his target.

    Kavacha and Kundala: O' Sun, Become Armor: A divine set of golden armor, and a single golden earring, given to Karna by his mother, Kunti, as proof of his divine heritage. While he gave up the armor in life, he has it when summoned as a Servant, as he was born with it integrated into his body. It acts as a powerful defensive Noble Phantasm that even Gods with their Authorities find it difficult to destroy. As light itself given shape, it grants protection against all types of attacks, including conceptual ones. As long as his armor is active, it will reduce all damage dealt to Zephyr by 90%, rendering attacks from opponents on his level useless. If Zephyr is stabbed by a spear, if it was going to go straight through him, it would instead only go slightly in. Due to its nature as light given shape, it's able to protect Zephyr from the Moon Cell's powers, as the Sun has a conceptual advantage over the Moon. However, it offers no protection against attacks that directly harm his internal organs without interacting with his armor.

    Brahmastra: O' Brahma, Cover the Earth: A Noble Phantasm granted to Karna by Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu. It takes the form of a bow when he is summoned under Archer-class, but appears in other forms in other classes, such as his lance, and he can even use his intimidating stare with his normally covered right eye to fire it as a beam. Utilized by calling upon Brahma, it pursues his opponent across a great range, surely striking regardless of the distance, but due to a curse, he cannot use it against those who have greater ability than he does.

    Vasavi Shakti: O' Sun, Abide to Death: A divine spear of mortality made of lightning that was given to Karna by the thunder god Indra as compensation for taking Kavacha and Kundala. While it's even able to kill the Gods, it can only be used once and due to having received the spear as compensation for giving up his golden armor, its usage is tied to Karna permanently dismantling, tearing up and discarding the armor. While he still possesses it before he sacrifices his armor, he cannot release its True Name so its limited to simply being a powerful armament, that allows him to manipulate lightning. As well as utilize his incredible spear technique to unleash A-rank attacks with every swing or thrust he makes. After sacrificing his golden armor, the pieces of it gets fused with the spear, changing its form before unleashing its true power as a divine spear capable of annihilating anything in a single strike, whether they be Gods, Divine Spirits, Heroic Spirits, Phantasmal Beasts, or Bounded Fields. Once fired, the attack takes the form of either a beam of fire or a bolt of lightning, depending on which version Zephyr chooses. In addition to being EX Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm, it can also function as an A++ Anti-Army Noble Phantasm with massively greater range.

    Demon King: With the fourth set increasing his power even further, Zephyr has returned to the full scope of their original abilities as the Demon King, supreme among all demon lords. As such, he has received all of his previously-lost powers, elevating his ability and threat level to an immense scale, both on an individual and worldwide level. In addition, Zephyr is capable of using his divine authority to call upon and utilize the powers of other demons at his leisure, either by calling out their name or simply willing their power to come to him. Such is the blessing granted to his status. He can thus gain the abilities of his subordinates (Excluding, of course, summoned beings such as Izanna and other PCs). Being a Demon King, his weakness to holy somewhat increases, however he gains immunity to his previous weaknesses.

    • Body of the Demon King: Zephyr's physical body and the skills he can use related to them. Zephyr's body is in peak condition as far as living beings can go, and he can simulate the physical traits of essentially any demon, including the aphrodisiacs of a Succubus, the raw might of a hellhound, the inorganic body of a cursed doll, and many more. Due to his raw power, Zephyr has an incredible resistance to magic, and is outright immune to dark and curse attacks, as he can simply absorb magic to become more powerful.
      • Siegfried: A Demon Warlord, and the husband of Lilith, a former human who was made into a demon in exchange for the power to defend his home during war. Zephyr can call upon Siegfried's unique ability, which allows him to always be stronger than his opposition, which essentially raises his base physical ability to be slightly superior than the foe he is currently fighting. Though the difference is only slight, the ability is especially effective when fighting multiple foes of varying strength. Zephyr's power will revert back to its base once the fight is over.
      • Allure of Satan: The supreme body of the first Demon King, an incubus standing above all other demons in strength, dexterity, and beauty. Zephyr gains irresistible charisma simply by being the Demon King, elevating his natural charisma from Rank E to A. In addition, he can take on a far more intimidating True Demon form.
      • Azazel: The cells possessed by the Demon Lord Azazel were said to be superior among all Demonkind. They possess incredible density, rendering them extremely difficult to harm, and all of them carry an immense amount of compressed demon essence within, to the point where every single cell stores enough biomass to regenerate an entire human form. Zephyr, of course, can control and generate any demon cell art he wishes to a greater degree than before.
      • Barbatos: The nightmare heart possessed by the demon Barbatos was a powerful one indeed. With it, Zephyr can generate fire through his veins and expel it at will. This red flame, superior among all hellfire, prevents regeneration, and will burn the foe until nothing is left.
      • Stolas: The Demon Lord Stolas, fastest among all demon lords, perhaps appropriately possessed powerful wings. A simple flap of these wings allows Zephyr to accelerate to the height of his speed, and the feathers themselves can be utilized as weapons.
      • Satanael: The son of Satan, and the previous Demon King, whom Zephyr overthrew to ascend to his current status. Like most demons, Satanael is capable of naturally regenerating; However, his is different. Rather than simply healing from wounds, Satanael is capable of evolving past them, gaining a myriad of new forms and evolution that make them more resistant to whatever hurt them beforehand.
      • Other Demons: Things that Zephyr can gain from other demons include: Succubus Aphrodisiacs, Hellound fire and strength, Imp technology interference, Yuki-Onna ice, Nurarihyon Darkness, Keijorou hair, Akaname tongue, Night Gaunt Armor, Banshee screams, Siren Songs, and of course, Vampirism.
    • Mind of the Demon King: Zephyr's mind and mental faculties have been drastically accelerated, with the combined knowledge of all demons across the entire history of the abyss. He can calculate outcomes and possibilities in his head, create technology far beyond human dreams, rivaling even the multiversal civilization of Etronia, and is by all accounts considered a Supergenius.
      • Paimon: The Demon Lord Paimon was among the most intelligent beings in recorded history. Calling upon her wisdom allows Zephyr to analyze the fighting style and abilities of their foe as they use them, allowing Zephyr to create countermeasures using his own abilities. Zephyr often uses this in combination with Satanael to analyze events across the planet and develop countermeasures against would-be rebellions and attacks.
      • Ainz: The son of Lilith, and a demon lord in his own right. Despite his frail figure, Ainz is a master in Kabbalah, the art of golems. Calling upon Ainz's knowledge allows Zephyr to create a multitude of golems and automata of any shape, ranging from animal to humanoid, for the purposes of reconnaissance, espionage, and combat. Furthermore, Zephyr can create armor and weaponry using this same knowledge, including artificial bodies for him to possess and fight with.
      • Jamie: The youngest son of Lilith, an up-and-coming demon lord. Due to Jay's changed fate in this timeline, he didn't grow to the same level of power he did in the main timeline. However, his hollow mind and mimicry skill make him a valuable asset. With Jay's power, Zephyr gains a vastly-improved Trace, allowing him to reproduce armor and other items with the same ease that he produces swords, and elevates his rank in projection and reinforcement, as well as the power of Unlimited Lost Works, to EX-Rank.
    • Soul of the Demon King: Zephyr's soul and spiritual might make hurting his soul essentially impossible, as he can even restore damage to it much like he would to his body. At this point, Zephyr is even capable of shaping his soul into invulnerable weapons and constructs, which can't be harmed conventionally. In addition, his control over souls is such that he can rip them from a massive area all at once, devouring them to gain their experience and knowledge, or placing them in the body of a familiar. The more souls stored in a weapon, the more dangerous (and unstable) it becomes, essentially acting as a buffed version of a Broken Phantasm.
      • Byleth: Byleth, a demon lord who boasts the strongest soul in the Abyss, save for Zephyr himself. Calling upon Byleth's soul allows Zephyr to project his aura in a tangible form around him, creating either a physical forcefield, or wave that can induce fear and insanity in those who feel it.
      • Jezebel: Jezebel, also known as Jess, the twin sister to Jay and youngest daughter of Lilith. Jezebel is blind, but her unique control over darkness and shadows allows Zephyr to shroud his soul. This prevents his form from being analyzed, preventing any attempts to discern the nature of his body, mind, magic, soul, and fighting style.
    • Magic of the Demon King: Zephyr's magical ability is completely unparalleled, being incredibly vast even before becoming the Demon King. As the king, he gains access to the magic of all demons. Zephyr himself can of course perform many non-elemental techniques such as energy bolts and teleportation, as well as charm spells and curses. His control over curses is one to be feared, due to his ability to form solid curse matter that acts similarly to the absorption properties of his body. Zephyr can, of course, freely grant portions of his power to his demonic subordinates.
      • Berith: Berith, a lesser demon lord who was recently granted a position by Zephyr, who respected his drive and magical talent. Zephyr can call upon Berith's magic to perform complex metal, mineral, and glass manipulation. Perhaps more notably, Zephyr can also absorb these things into his body, becoming a simulacrum of biology and inorganic material. This makes him unaffected by abilities that are made to specifically affect either organic or inorganic matter.
      • Bael: One of the previous demon kings, who originally designed the castle that all demon kings since have resided in. Zephyr can thus summon the castle to his position at any time through Bael's power. The inside of the castle is a strange place, where space shifts freely, and Zephyr can change its layout whenever he wants.
      • Lilith: A woman who would have become the next demon queen, had Zephyr's existence not altered the timeline. Lilith is nonetheless Zephyr's most trusted ally and general, and calling upon her power allows Zephyr to manifest her signature Ethereal Blades, weapons made of condensed curses that destroy matter that they touch, effectively wiping it from existence. Lilith was also known to heavily utilize lightning magic.
      • Lolth: The supposed queen of spiders, taking the form of an arachne with the upper half of a Dark Elf. Calling upon Lolth's powers allows Zephyr to generate vast amounts of webbing, as well as control and summon spiders ranging from tiny to horse-sized.
      • Jubilex: The queen of all slimekind, a powerful demon lord with the appearance of a succubus made entirely out of a strange rainbow Gel. Calling upon Jubilex's powers allows Zephyr to manipulate every magical element (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice, Light, Shadow, Holy, Curse, Life, Metal), as well as gain extreme resistances to these elements alongside Physical attacks.
      • Eliza: The youngest daughter of Lilith, and a demon lord in her own right. Eliza is a powerful Vampire who can control blood through magic, and generate demonic poisoned flowers. Calling upon Eliza's magic allows Zephyr to do all of these things, as well as use her signature "Meteora" spell to call forth asteroids.
      • Carmilla: The eldest daughter of Lilith, and a demon lord in her own right. Carmilla is a succubus with powerful darkness magic, and using her power, Zephyr can turn into a shadow or mass of black mist, as well as generate "Hellblaze", a shadowy flame that absorbs light rather than emitting it.
      • Dracula: The strongest vampire in the entirety of the abyss, whose summoning magic is considered second to none. Zephyr is capable of calling upon Dracula's power, thus, to summon the armies of the Abyss to his side whenever he wants. (Think of the Castlevania monsters in terms of the stuff they do, discounting the stupid stuff like Death and Chaos)
      • Dagon: A colossal demon lord who takes the form of a Sea Monster, ruling the waters of Shadowsea. Zephyr is capable of using Dagon's power to generate eutrophic waters, choking out even those who can normally breathe underwater.
      • Amarok: A giant, wolf-like demon lord. Zephyr can call upon Amarok's magic to generate Ice and snow as cold as Absolute Zero.
      • Valefor: An agile, winged demon lord with the power to bend space itself. Zephyr is capable of literally walking through space, allowing him to teleport himself at will. Zephyr can also perform wide-scale teleportation magic on others.
      • Nox: A demoness known for invading the dreams of others. Zephyr can utilize Nox's power to enter dreams, and put others to sleep with the palm of his hand. Like many succubi, Zephyr can also drain the life force from others using Nox's power.
      • Gremory: A demon lord who lived on one of the Abyss' many moons, devoting her time to studying pocket dimension magic. Zephyr can call upon Gremory's power to create many pocket dimensions to store items with, and is capable of imposing these dimensions onto space in the world, creating Zones with a maximum radius of 50 meters.
      • Orcus: A young Baphomet whom Zephyr took a great interest in for her latent potential. Orcus is capable of resurrecting the dead as subservient husks, who retain the abilities that they possessed in life. Zephyr can use this to resurrect slain demons as many times as he wants; however, if Zephyr is defeated, all currently summoned undead will be dispelled. Undead lack the regenerative power they had in life, but they can still function even if their vital organs are destroyed.
      • Other Magic: Zephyr is capable of gaining essentially any magic that he desires, helped along by Imperial Privilege: Elementalism, Alchemy, Regional Magecraft, Space-Time Magic, Runes, Astrology, Curses, Charms, and to a lesser extent Sacraments (Something which is somewhat harder for him to use, as most demons are actually weak to holy).
    • Law of the Demon King: Zephyr's law, his concept, the thing that places him above all other demons as the king. As a man of his status, the fundamental core of Zephyr's being is placed above all others, preventing him from being sensed by abilities such as extrasensory perception and clairvoyance, almost as if his soul and power was higher-dimensional. In addition, this makes his true existence impossible to comprehend, blocking out all analysis phenomena that would otherwise attempt to discern his abilities.
      • Law of Rulership: Offensively speaking, Zephyr is capable of enacting laws, such as "No combat may be initiated" and "Only single combat battles can be fought" within his territories, which include spaces affected by Planar Override, his Pocket Dimensions, and the space decided by Demonic Defender of the State (GM has authority on the specifics of what laws Zephyr can enact).
      • Law of Precedence: As the Demon King, Zephyr's inherent superiority over all things is made evident. No amount of immortality, no amount of regeneration, and no barrier, no matter how powerful, can withstand the Demon King's assault. Zephyr's magic can simply negate this, as it has the "right" to due to its precedence over all things. If Zephyr wants to hear the thoughts of others, he will, simply because he has that right. If an opponent has the ability to heal, even past wounds that negate regeneration and healing, that ability will simply not work, because Zephyr says so. Zephyr's magic has become infused into this law directly. rendering even direct anti-magic and the void itself useless.

    Charge Power - Planar Override: The full application of Zephyr's Demon Lord Power, comparable to a high-scale reality marble. Forcibly injecting the concepts and laws of "Demon" into the planet, Zephyr can turn it entirely into a plane of the abyss, affecting a range that is capable of including the moon as well. Though this will not cause many physical changes at first, the planet will slowly be warped into the appearance that Zephyr desires for it. In Zephyr's case, the plane will become that of Hollowfang, the realm of the Red Night and layer ruled by Vampires. The world will become dark like night, and rather than the sun, a red moon will illuminate the world, bathing everything in crimson light. The architecture will become more gothic and victorian in style over time, electricity will be replaced with magitek systems, water will take on the red color of blood, and over time, all humans and animals will become demonic or vampiric in nature, mostly retaining their personalities and memories, with some alterations.

    Within his plane, Zephyr experiences a vast increase in strength, speed, magic, and regeneration, as if he were under the constant effects of a full moon. Zephyr also gains the ability to call upon his vampire and demon legions within this realm much faster. Due to Zephyr's control over the world, he can send these legions to any point in the world of need be. It should be noted, however, that this override is not instant. Its effects on Zephyr's immediate vicinity happen in seconds, but the further away from the initial activation it is, the longer it will take for the world to shift. Typically, people on the opposite side of the world are the last things to be affected. 


    I have seen the deepest pits that humans can sink to, and I want to destroy that evil as much as I can. And while I would certainly enjoy killing those in power who would abuse their people... they'll just be replaced by another, equally oppressive tyrant. That's why I have to unite the world. Why I alone can rule humanity. Because of those unlucky few who have seen the heights they can rise to, and the pits they can fall to, I alone have the power to do so.
    ~ Zephyr, requesting Cain's assistance
    Look at the world, at the people within it. They're suffering. This place is one of madness, ruled entirely by chaos. Perhaps, being a demon, you may think I thrive on this chaos, but not so. The arrival of those summoned has thrown this planet into disarray, and the woman that claims to care about humanity has sat idly by and watched it happen. Made it happen, in fact. Would you call that a god? I wouldn't. An existence such as that could only be compared to all the world's evils. The unbearable vacancy in the heavens shall be filled, Izanna. By us.
    ~ Zephyr, Announcing his plans of world domination to Izumi and Xanna
    This is the end. As your life withers away, the End of the Work shall be unleashed. I am the King of Demons, the wave that will swallow your dream. I am the one who shall bring an end you. ... But feel no sadness. Happiness shall be granted to humanity. Their limited lives will receive eternity, freedom, and protection. I will free them from their suffering, Standing as the king of my loyal subjects. That is the meaning behind what I do, Amakros. THE ULTIMATE CONCLUSION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE KING!
    ~ Zephyr's final speech to Amakros
    I am the bone of my sword / Mythril is my body and Curses are my blood / I have ruled over a thousand blades / Unknown to defeat, nor known to dishonor / Have withstood 300 years of trials to climb to my peak / Acting now, my will is Absolute! So, As I pray... Unlimited Lost Works.
    ~ Zephyr's ULW Chant
    Your power, The Work, is a strong one. Indeed, the ultimate dream of humanity, the rewriting of the very laws that govern your kind, is among the most powerful forces in this world. But this place is one that supplants that dream. I have but one request, Amakros. Allow me to wake you from your foolish dream.
    ~ Zephyr, upon activating Unlimited Lost Works
    I am well aware of the risks. Nil's group was right about that much. People will rebel. It's simply human nature. It's the inherent chaos within them. As a being of chaos myself, I can empathize with that.
    ...Frankly, I don't believe in humanity. I've seen them fail, over and over and over again... And... it's funny that I brought Amakros of all people out as a last ditch effort. Because he was the embodiment of what I hated... Arrogance, blind faith in one's kind because they can believe in themselves... I knew demons were volatile, but I also knew they had their own set of rules that I had authority over. Even if I understood their flaws... Demons were something I could believe in. Do you believe in humanity, as it is?
    ~ Zephyr's last words to Nil


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