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In the midst of an outbreak of a digital virus causing Robot Masters to become hostile, Dr. Wily was developing a prototype combat robot with a primary purpose of destroying Mega Man, as well as housing the virus as the robot was stored away in a capsule, to bring his hostility and destruction to future generations. It is after Mega Man once again foils Wily's plans that he explores further into the fortress, only to discover the ultimate creation that Wily was hiding away. After entering a dark room, the Z-Prototype suddenly breaks free from his capsule, and slowly walks up to Mega Man. Upon coming face to face, there is no greeting, as the prototype just stares at him. Mega Man suddenly attacks, only for the prototype to shrug the attacks off as if they are nothing. The moment Mega Man attempts to step forward, the prototype instantly springs into action and begins to fight back. There is a brief clash as Mega Man tries every weapon he has, but in the end, the prototype beats him down. The last hit he lands brings Mega Man's health down to one point, as it amputates his arm cannon. The prototype charges forward, about to land the finishing blow when his incomplete coding finally catches up with him. A small explosion occurs in the middle of his charge, immobilizing him. Wily flies in on his saucer to retrieve the malfunctioning prototype while Mega Man lies on the floor, crippled. Suddenly the fortress begins to self destruct, as Mega Man struggles up to his feet, using the last of his energy to escape in the limited time he has before the building collapses, barely getting away with his life. Make no mistake - the mysterious yet powerful robot he encountered was none other than Zero from the X series, but in an unfinished, prototype state.

Upon beating the game on original mode or insta-death mode, the player unlocks the ability to play as the Z-Prototype, though WoG establishes that there is no explanation for why the prototype is charging through the stages and killing Robot Masters; playing as the Z-Prototype does not actually happen in the game's story, on top of how playing the game in this mode removes cutscenes and dialogue. However, the abilities he gets as a playable character will still be included in this profile anyway.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-A, possibly 4-B

Name: Z-Prototype, Zero, DWN-∞, "mysterious robot"

Origin: Mega Man Unlimited (A Mega Man fangame created by the fan Philippe Poulin, known as MegaPhilX across social media)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but younger than Bass

Classification: Robot prototype, DWN-∞, Pre-Reploid automaton

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Teleportation (Beams down into levels the same way Mega Man does), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Limited Power Mimicry, Weapon Creation, and Reactive Evolution (Able to copy weapons or "learn techniques" after defeating Robot Masters, which are attacks that sometimes fit the theme of the robot he learned it from), Acrobatics (Can dash and jump normally, can double jump via Kuuenbu, can dash in midair via Hisuishou), Can create a shockwave through the air by punching via Z-Knuckle, Energy Manipulation and Sword Mastery via Z-Saber, Expert Martial Artist (Able to perform the Shoryuken, and was skilled in using his hands to fight Mega Man), Explosion Manipulation via Messenkou, Can defend from projectiles via Shot Deflect, Statistics Amplification via Attack Extend and Speedster (The former also adds an Aura to Z-Knuckle and Z-Saber), Damaging Aura via Hisuishou, Possibly limited and temporary Invulnerability via Hisuishou, Shoryuken, and Messenkou, Limited Flight and Summoning via Jet Board, Possible Soul Manipulation, Duplication, Afterimage Creation, Summoning, Illusion Creation, Energy Projection, and Homing Attack via Soul Body, Energy Absorption (Although most of his attacks and abilities consume a small amount of health to perform, he also recovers health whenever he successfully deals damage to enemies), Healing with Energy Tanks. Possible Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Biological Manipulation (As the prototype, should be comparable to his future counterpart, who was largely unaffected by the Nightmare Virus that could alter the DNA Souls of Reploids and was unaffected by Omega's use of the Dark Elf)

Attack Potency: At least Large Planet level+ (Nearly killed Mega Man and managed to amputate his arm cannon, can repeatedly defeat Robot Masters such as Hammer Man, Nail Man, Tank Man, Comet Woman, Jet Man, Yo-Yo Man, Glue Man, Rainbow Man, Trinitro Man, Yoku Man, Whirlpool Man, Proto Man, and Bass, along with several combat machines made by Wily, usually with more ease than Mega Man if the prototype has his full arsenal, even if Mega Man were to abuse their weaknesses), possibly Solar System level (Is the incomplete prototype of Zero), can ignore invulnerability to an extent (Some of his attacks sometimes bypass invincibility frames of bosses, all of his attacks are able to damage certain shielded enemies that normally deflect attacks from Mega Man. Some of his attacks can even pass through Nail Man's Nail Shield.)

Speed: At least Massively FTL, likely Massively FTL+ (Easily outpaces and is superior to Mega Man and the other Robot Masters in combat, is the incomplete prototype of Zero) with Massively FTL+ teleportation (Seems to have access to the same teleportation system as regular Robot Masters, his teleportation should be comparable to Mega Man's)

Lifting Strength: At least Class G (Likely stronger than either Mega Man or Proto Man, who lifted up a mountain fortress, able to easily and consistently toss Mega Man across a room)

Striking Strength: At least Large Planet level+, possibly Solar System level (Most of his attacks rely on melee)

Durability: At least Large Planet level+ (Can tank attacks from the aforementioned Robot Masters and combat machines, the likes of which traded blows with Mega Man in the normal story of the game), possibly Solar System level (Not only is the incomplete prototype of Zero, but was relatively unaffected by repeated attacks from Mega Man, either batting them aside with his hand, or otherwise they bounce off of his armor, implying Mega Man did not have nearly enough power to damage him)

Stamina: Essentially limitless due to being a robot. That is under normal circumstances when being controlled by the player, however - in his fight with Mega Man, he was only able to fight temporarily before his incomplete coding caught up him, causing him to malfunction and preventing him from landing the finishing blow on his opponent. His power source is unknown.

Range: Standard melee range with most techniques. Extended melee range with Z-Saber. Several meters with Z-Knuckle and Messenkou. Possibly hundreds of kilometers with Soul Body (it can travel off screen, making its firing range likely comparable to Mega Man's plethora of ranged weaponry), possibly planetary (is the incomplete prototype of Zero, whose projectiles have this range). However, the Soul Body only seems to target and home in on enemies within a tens of meters range.

Standard Equipment: Z-Knuckle, Z-Saber, Robot Master copied weapons and techniques, Energy Equalizer.

  • Optional Equipment: Energy Tanks, Weapon Tanks.
  • Can Create/Summon: Jet Board, Soul Body.

Intelligence: Unknown. Maintained a straight face while tearing apart Mega Man and other Robot Masters, and never speaks a single word throughout the entire game. Apart from WoG that he "likes destruction" and "dislikes Mega Man", not much is known about his personality. He has, however, more than proven his skills in combat, which he was designed and programmed for; he was able to dodge projectile attacks and other fighting/attack patterns from various opponents while using every opportunity to launch counterattacks. Mega Man has roughly these same feats; an extremely skilled combatant who has faced off against entire armies of robots single-handedly even though he was initially designed as a mere helper robot. Mega Man is one of the most powerful combat robots known to mankind, yet the Z-Prototype was able to defeat Mega Man with absolute ease.

Standard Tactics: When the Z-Prototype faced off against Mega Man, he did everything in his power to keep Mega Man on the other side of the room (left side of the screen). Any time Mega Man attempted to go under, over, or around Zero to the other side of the room, he would immediately do some attack that would send him flying back in the other direction. This included jumping on top of him to daze him if he is on the ground, or jumping away from him to land between him and the wall he was approaching, prior to charging at and punching him away, or uppercutting beneath him if Mega Man is airborne. The Z-Prototype generally used a territorial form of combat despite relying on melee, all while being able to bat aside Mega Man's attacks whenever he could with his bare hands. It should be noted that, although he is a combat robot in general, the Z-Prototype was designed with the primary purpose to destroy Mega Man. As such, it is likely that this style of attack where he keeps Mega Man restrained to one area while countering his ranged firepower with blunt melee techniques was just his programming. On the other hand, whenever faced with an opponent other than Mega Man, it is generally thought that the Z-Prototype's preferred style of combat involves using every chance he gets to ferociously blitz the opponent with a variety of techniques and sheer movement speed, while otherwise doing whatever he can to deflect, block, or otherwise dodge attacks.

Weaknesses: His incomplete programming can cause him to malfunction and get paralyzed. However, this only occurred while facing Mega Man, and never anywhere else against other opponents. Many of his techniques consume one health to perform, though it is usually a nonissue since most of those same attacks recover health when they successfully damage an enemy. Jet Board has limited fuel. Cannot use Z-Saber and Jet Board at the same time.


  • Defeated Mega Man with ease. Mega Man is the main character of his own franchise and one of the strongest if not the strongest combat robots known to mankind by this point in the timeline.
  • Managed to amputate Mega Man's arm cannon, literally disarming him, a strategy no other opponent has ever attempted against Mega Man.
  • Bats aside Mega Man's attacks or lets them bounce off his armor unaffected, as if they're nothing to him.
  • Repeatedly sends Mega Man flying against a wall, inflicting serious damage in the process.
  • Despite likely being designed and programmed to destroy Mega Man, has shown experience and proficiency taking down opponents other than Mega Man.
  • Defeated the likes of Hammer Man, Nail Man, Tank Man, Comet Woman, Jet Man, Yo-Yo Man, Glue Man, Rainbow Man, Trinitro Man, Yoku Man, Proto Man, Bass, and several combat machines created by Wily.
  • When given full arsenal of techniques, usually takes down said opponents faster and easier than Mega Man can, even if Mega Man were to use their weaknesses.
  • Consistently outpaces and outclasses the opponents he faces throughout Mega Man Unlimited.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Weapons: In the Mega Man games, weapons are defined as data contained in Robot Masters that usually codes for their main ability, whether it be a projectile or a melee attack. They can be copied and used by individuals such as Mega Man himself, after which they must be manually equipped/switched to and consume their own energy pools. Though in the case of the Z-Prototype, his only "weapon" that actually consumes "ammo" is Jet Board, with the Z-Knuckle and Z-Saber being more akin to Mega Man's Mega Buster in that they're default weapons that don't consume weapon energy. For the Z-Prototype in particular and unlike Mega Man, most of his abilities besides the Jet Board actually consume health to use, and recover health whenever they successfully damage enemies.

  • "Z-Prototype": The (Mega Man and Bass styled) profiles of the Robot Masters from Mega Man Unlimited usually have the name of their weapon listed, but for the Z-Prototype, under weapon, it simply says "Himself".
  • Z-Knuckle: His default weapon/attack. He punches forward, creating a shockwave through the air that rapidly deals piercing damage to enemies. In the fight with Mega Man, the Z-Prototype is shown to charge at Mega Man with his fist held forward, and sometimes uses his fist to block attacks.
  • Z-Saber: Obtained after defeating Yo-Yo Man, it is a green beam sword used to cut down enemies. Once equipped, its usage is similar to Z-Knuckle, except instead of a shockwave that goes straight forward, it creates a green slash that does not have as much distance/range, but the slash does cover a wider area. It usually deals more damage than Z-Knuckle, and it can be used to block projectiles if timed well enough, though there are some projectiles that can be countered by both Z-Saber and Z-Knuckle. In the X series, this is Zero's go-to weapon of choice. However, it never appears in the fight with Mega Man.
  • Jet Board: Obtained after defeating Jet Man, it allows him to summon a jet board to ride on. Its usage is identical to Rush Jet, one of the forms Rush can take when Mega Man summons him. When flying on the Jet Board, it consumes 1 weapon energy about once every second, giving 28 seconds of flight time. However, whenever it is equipped, Z-Saber is not, and so his default attack becomes Z-Knuckle, making it impossible to use Z-Saber and Jet Board at the same time. The Jet Board never appears in the fight with Mega Man.

Techniques: Abilities that the Z-Prototype can learn from defeating Robot Masters. Unlike typical weapons, they do not consume weapon energy, do not need to be equipped, and are always active, instead using them with a button combination or other action, much like a fighting game, despite Mega Man Unlimited being a platformer. Like Z-Saber and Z-Knuckle, instead of consuming weapon energy, most of them consume health to use, and recover health whenever they successfully damage enemies.

  • Shot Deflect: Learned from defeating Nail Man. This one does not consume health and is free to use. When standing still, certain lights on his armor will start flashing to indicate the ability is being used. In this state, whenever a projectile approaches him from the front, he will automatically bat it aside with his bare hand. It works against most projectiles, but not all of them. This same ability is shown in the fight with Mega Man whenever Mega Man uses a projectile attack. However, in that case, the Z-Prototype was able to deflect shots regardless of whether he was standing still or walking forward, and if he's not doing either, Mega Man's attacks will still bounce off of his armor anyway, as if he does not even need to manually deflect them. The way the shots bounce off when the ability is used closely resembles the way Mega Man or Nail Man can deflect shots when using Nail Shield.
  • Attack Extend: Learned from defeating Tank Man. A blue aura is given to Z-Knuckle and Z-Saber, extending their range. However, for Z-Saber, the blue part of the slash seems to deal less damage, implying the actual green part of the blade is stronger, likely due to the torque being greater near the hilt of the blade. On the other hand, this upgrade also makes it possible to break through certain walls with Z-Knuckle. This is not portrayed in the fight with Mega Man. Its only similarity to Mega Man's weapon, Tank Arsenal, is that both can break through certain walls.
  • Hisuishou: "Flying Water Soar", learned from defeating Comet Woman. The Z-Prototype is normally able to dash on the ground by leaning forward and activating jets on the bottom of his legs, and can leap while dashing to travel great distances. However, this technique makes it possible to dash while airborne as well. The airborne dashes are given a red aura that damages enemies when dashing through them, as well as making the Z-Prototype temporarily invulnerable to various hazards, but not all of them. Its functionality is similar to Comet Dash, the weapon Mega Man copies from defeating Comet Woman, except this one does not consume weapon energy. Dashing can also be used to fit through tight spaces. The airborne dashes can harm enemies and consume health to perform, while grounded dashes are free and do not deal damage. In the fight with Mega Man, the Z-Prototype is shown to repeatedly dash at Mega Man in an attempt to hit him with his fist.
  • Speedster: Learned from defeating Jet Man. All it does is upgrade his overall movement speed with no health cost. In the fight with Mega Man, he is shown to be quite speedy.
  • Kuuenbu: "Air Waltz", learned from defeating Glue Man. This one does not consume health and is free to use. It allows him to jump a second time in the air, known by many as a "double jump". In the fight with Mega Man, he is shown to sometimes jump on top of Mega Man.
  • Shoryuken: "Rising Dragon Fist", learned from defeating Rainbow Man. When standing on the ground, he is able to perform an uppercut that launches him several meters into the air. It can be used to attack enemies from below, reach higher platforms, or destroy certain ceilings. In the fight with Mega Man, he sometimes uses this if Mega Man attempts to jump over him or if Mega Man is able to position himself high up.
  • Messenkou: "True Destroying Glint", learned from defeating Trinitro Man. When used on the ground, he punches the ground, creating a literally explosive shockwave in all directions. If used in midair, he points his fist and entire body down, descending rapidly before creating the shockwave upon colliding with the ground. It can be used to destroy the same type of walls that can be destroyed with Attack Extend, and also to destroy certain floors. This does not seem to happen in the fight with Mega Man. The explosive shockwaves do function similarly to Trinitro Blast, the weapon Mega Man copies from defeating Trinitro Man, except this one does not consume weapon energy.
  • Soul Body: Learned from defeating Yoku Man. This one does not consume health and is free to use. Whenever the Z-Prototype dashes, airborne or not, he will create a flying shadowy clone of himself in the dashing position that homes in on enemies. The clone will use a single melee attack before despawning when it reaches its target. There can only be two clones at a time. This does not appear in the fight with Mega Man. Its functionality is similar to Yoku Attack, the weapon Mega Man copies from defeating Yoku Man, except this one does not consume weapon energy.

Energy Equalizer: An upgrade that debuted in Mega Man 6. Once obtained, if you collect a weapon energy capsule when equipped with a weapon that already has full weapon energy, the capsule will instead go to the weapon that has the least amount of energy. The Z-Prototype automatically has this item by default, however, the only use he has for it is refilling the Jet Board when grabbing a weapon capsule while the board is not equipped, since this is the only ability the Z-Prototype has that actually consumes weapon energy.

Weapon Tanks: A collectible item in the Mega Man games that can be consumed at any point to restore all weapon energy. However, the only use the Z-Prototype has for it is refilling Jet Board, as established. He can only hold four at a time.

Energy Tanks: A collectible item in the Mega Man games that can be consumed at any point to restore all health energy. The Z-Prototype can use them to heal himself, just like Mega Man can. He does not use any during the fight with Mega Man, however. He can only hold four at a time.

Note: As stated in the summary, WoG is that, when playing as the Z-Prototype, there is no in-game story as to why this is happening, on top of how this game mode removes cutscenes and dialogue. It is implied it does not happen in the game's story and the Z-Prototype as a playable character is more of a fanservice reward for beating the game above easy mode. However, encountering him as the "final boss" when playing as Mega Man does happen in the story. This, however, does not matter since the Z-Prototype is completely fanon content. This profile is instead a composite of both the boss and playable versions of the Z-Prototype.



Megaman vs Zero - Megaman Unlimited Final

Final level of Mega Man Unlimited, where Mega Man encounters the prototype and they face off.


Mega Man Unlimited OST 033 - Division By Zero (Unknown Stage Boss Battle)

"Division by Zero", the song that plays when Mega Man fights the Z-Prototype.


Mega Man Unlimited- Endurance Attack (Z-Prototype) - 18-12.13 (In-Game Time)

After beating the game on original or insta-death difficulty, the Z-Prototype can be unlocked as a playable character.


Mega Man Unlimited Z Prototype (Stage Select)

The alternate stage select theme that plays when playing as the Z-Prototype.


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