I'd love just a moment of quiet, or two. That's all.
~ Yvonne

Yvonne Park is a character in the Abnormalverse.

A religious leader and charity organizer, Yvonne serves as the figurehead of a growing movement stationed in Berlin, known as the Black Diamonds. In a disguise, she works as a clinical psychologist.

Yvonne, in truth, is a powerful reality-warper, plagued by complete omniscience, and a desire to permanently die. This is reflected in her group's true purpose: Focusing on loving and worshiping death, with the end-goal of self-obliteration.


In her most common appearance, Yvonne is a tall woman with straight, black hair going down past her neck. Her skin can be said by some to be eerily pale, like a ghost. She wears black lipstick occasionally. While she's working as a psychologist, she wears glasses. Nobody seems to recognize her as the same person in either guise, despite both being public.

This form is of Yvonne's own design, that she conceived as a way to focus on a single type of "self", to stave off the insanity that inevitably comes with her power. This is why she and her alternate selves are identical; she's only summoning the ones that look like this particular version. It's her personal ideal of beauty, and as such, she vastly prefers it over the other forms she could take, even if versions of her are male.


Yvonne seems to be very polite, though a little eccentric. She is inquisitive when it comes to the lives of her clients, often befriending them on a personal level when she speaks with them. Often, she’ll offer to do activities such as taking her clients out for dinner, or visiting the movies.

Outspoken, Yvonne isn’t afraid to articulate how she feels about her clients, giving them her opinions on how to best deal with their problems. Many of her clients appreciate her honesty, and have come to enjoy conversing with her, even of matters not relating to therapy.

However, this is all an act on her part.. In reality, Yvonne is shown to be apathetic and emotionally detached from almost all of the affairs that happen around her. Every action she takes is chosen on a whim, without prior thought or a true purpose behind it. She could carry out any act, no matter how depraved it is, and feel nothing. Likewise, Yvonne will also perform legitimately good deeds with little reason. This behavior could best be described as her not distinguishing good and evil, and only seeing the things she does as "experiments". Any semblance of emotion she musters is an act to manipulate those around her.

She quietly envies all other humans for their inability to see what she's forced to see, and only has one true desire: To die. Permanently. She'll often put her bodies through a plethora of unusual deaths.

This behavior stems from her being bound to her power, which forces her to experience every possible event in every timeline, indefinitely, through her alternate selves. Every form of pain, torture, and death is to be felt by Yvonne, over and over, without an end. She describes this feeling as a type of "purgatory".

Outside of these things, hardly anything concrete is known about her. Many of the quirks and traits Yvonne shows can vary from person to person without regard for consistency.

Yvonne seems to have a soft spot for cats, which can often be seen following her and lounging around her clinic. These don’t just consist of domestic cats either, as she even keeps big cats, like tigers and leopards, as pets.

Thomas speculates that, like most details about Yvonne, her name could a fabrication. Yvonne is allegedly German, but "Park" is a Korean surname, and she herself has remarked that many things about herself are "chosen". Though, she could be of German and Korean descent. Nobody really knows.



  • Friedrich Jung - The Black Queen's Knight and, while in public, her husband. Yvonne was initially made aware of his... unique presence through other worlds, due to each alternate version of Freidich and his family suffering the same fate. The two share some semblance of a connection due to their similar circumstances, with Yvonne even going so far as to tell Freidich what her true ability is, compared to almost all of her other subordinates and confidants.


Tier: Unknown. At least 2-A with Queen.

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Unknown (Yvonne's presence in all corners of reality, her ability to summon any entity to do her bidding, as well as being able to access any ability she wants, makes it difficult to judge how powerful she truly is.). At least Multiverse Level with Queen (Yvonne once attempted to destroy all worlds a gambit to kill herself, but identical worlds were formed in their place. Additionally, Queen constantly creates new realities alongside the existing ones to inject Yvonne into.)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown (She and her clones seem to be able to be killed by attacks that would kill normal people, but her existence across time and space, alongside the tendency for timelines to split when interacting with her, makes her truly implacable.)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Her cats.

Optional Equipment:

  • Personal Guillotine - Yvonne's private guillotine, for self-beheading.
  • Conceptual ducks - Of which Yvonne personally killed (the concept of ducks), recreated, and harnessed.

Intelligence: Yvonne is aware of all potential events that could, could not, have, or haven't happened across the sum total of existence. She's aware of a wide variety of subjects from psychology to quantum physics and can subtly manipulate people with the right words. She was able to build up an entire cult from scratch using just her voice alone.


  • None notable.


  • Speaking - Yvonne is a master of speaking and manipulation, capable of achieving great ends with words alone, without using the extent of her powers. She's so skilled at it that she can convince people to commit suicide, simply by talking.
  • Polyglot - She's fluent in many languages, and has taken advantage of her level of skill to garner a large following, with members of her cult coming from all over the world.


Queen is Yvonne's Abnormality.

The Queen's Throne

Queen is an Abnormality that exists within the idea of Yvonne as opposed to any single version of Yvonne. It serves several functions to Yvonne as an abstract concept, and to Yvonne as an entity.

  • Self-Preservation - Queen actively prevents Yvonne's concept from being altered from what it currently is. Different from other concepts which Yvonne has shown to harness, her own rejects change, and not even Yvonne herself can erase or alter it. Doing so would result in the death of Yvonne as a concept.
  • Omnipresence - Queen plants Yvonne into all situations, and has her go through every possible outcome. Possibilities take the form of parallel worlds, and Queen will actively create new ones for Yvonne to exist in. The definition of a world is vague in it's meaning; a landscape in a painting, a reflection, and even thoughts or dreams are parallel worlds. Likewise, the worlds of the past, present, and future are also alternatives. Worlds that transcend our comprehension, worlds that encompass what we are, and worlds that never existed at all; each one is graced by the presence of Yvonne, and her ubiquity makes them a part of her as she is of them.
  • Perception - Yvonne does not perceive events in a linear manner, instead seeing an overlap of possibilities, and of timelines. Past, present, and future cease to exist; nothing feels like it's moving, and yet everything does.

Parallel Link

Yvonne shares an intimate link with the other versions of herself, enabling all experience between Yvonne and her counterparts to be shared with each-other, causing an infinite well of knowledge to be flooded and exchanged at all times.

Yvonne, as a result, has access to great deal of information, rendering her virtually omniscient to events that have or will happen, and things that could or couldn't have happened. It also makes her knowledgeable on a wide array of subjects, such as psychology. She knows exactly which pushes she needs to make to achieve a desired result, and has used this in tandem with her natural charisma to push the ideology of the Black Diamonds.

Her presence via many bodies is just as variable as the worlds she resides in. While she chooses to appear as a human (particularly, with an appearance she chose herself), she could also be an animal, an object, or anyone and everyone else.

As she exists as an infinite number of bodies, Yvonne cannot be killed. Her death in one timeline will create a new one where she lives, and killing her now will simply result in her past body replacing her.

The possibilities of every world and Yvonne's presence in each one enable an infinite number of ways to use her ability, making Queen one of the most versatile Abnormalities to exist.

  • Dimensional Travel - Yvonne can shift between different points of time and space, enabling her to go anywhere she wants. She can shift others as well, enabling her to summon any being to her location on a whim, or send them away. She often uses this to appear and disappear.
  • Quantum Mimicry - Yvonne can use any of the abilities and skills that her alternate selves possess, and duplicate the properties of herselves that could otherwise only exist on those other worlds. For instance, by copying the version of herself that exists as a cat, Yvonne could use the abilities of her cat-self, or change into a cat entirely. She claims that this is a product of "taking one possibility and collapsing it into something else".
    • Observation - An ability Yvonne took from one of herselves, giving her the power to determine the nature of anything she can sense. For instance, if Yvonne viewed the sun from Earth as a small object she could grasp, she would be able to hold the sun. The view in front of her would simply be wallpaper she could tear apart. Everyone could simply be made of paper, and so on.
    • Bears - An ability possessed by an iteration of Yvonne from the past, letting her summon any species of bear. If a bear she creates dies, two more will spring from its corpse. The difficulty of defeating the bears becomes increasingly harder as a result of their numbes. Yvonne also has a variation of this with cats as the main focus.

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