This verse was created by Dragonmasterxyz on August,1,2015. This is part of the Xros Revolution multiverse. It serves as one of the Big 5 stories along with Sacred Heir, Brave Oni, Dragon Empress and Universe Reign.

About the Verse

This verse tells a story about the Yuracion Nexus, an organization whose goals are to protect the lower dimensions and the higher dimensions. Chase a human/ Quasar dragon hybrid fights to protect those dear to him nothing more nothing less. The Nexus recruits many young teens whose Yuracion energy are far above that of human and even reach higher dimensions. They must combat higher dimensional forces such as the Amatagarai and the Hellbound army while protecting existence itself. Many characters also have their own personal problems to work out.

Power of this Verse

This verse is very powerful sporting characters ranging from Low Multiversal to Outerversal. This series has an extreme spread of hax from Yuracion Energy that protects the being from having their essence attacked. Chase who has Chronokinetic powers mixed in with flames that nullify abilities. Kira whose telekinetic abilities can even bypass the Yuracion Energy's protection. Or Karma who can manipulate space itself.

Character Files

Holy Order:

Kasairyu Omegos

Zavin Xcelua

Fenrir Phyrra

Tau Zhu Feng

Neo Holy Order:

Chase Jackson

Reinhard Vueon Zalis

Kira Phyrra

Lambda Zhu Feng

Great Warriors:

Im-Ka (The Gargoyle)

Syn Ein (The Serpent)

Avios Hare (The Avian)

Kyuvara Williams (The Fox)

Caius Jocara Sr. (The Dragon)

Dante Garse (The Badger)

Aiyana Schields (The Tortoise)

Torasae Powell (The Tiger)

Aermyne Alexandria (The Lacewing)

Arcana Mayrir (The Pegasus)

Leonardo Avery (The Lion)

Warrior Remnants:

Im-Ka (The Gargoyle)

Cobra Ein (The Serpent)

Duralle Hare (The Avian)

Kallista Williams (The Fox)

Caius Jocara Jr. (The Dragon)

Leveon Garse (The Raptor)

Lorenzo Sheilds (The Tortoise)

Devin Powell (The Tiger)

Beatrice Alexandria (The Lacewing)

Celvilon "Calvin" Mayrir (The Pegasus)

Brittany Avery (The Lion)


Hellbound Generals:

Sangloup Alucard


Yuracion Devas:

Yvonne Omegos

Vice Jackson

Hanzo Takahashi

Order of the Black Dragon

Yvazo Omegos

Arcos Omegos

Arcadia Jackson

Amatagarai Pirates:


Blurado de Kaiser

Sakura Kusanagi


Cobra Ein



Other Characters:

Shaelin Bolton

Keenan Jackson

Allister Jackson

Rui Jackson

Zephyr Zhu Feng

Shiro Abyss

Celio Kaiser

Nuova-V Silica

Calcos Jocara

Christo Jocara

Aegis Camus


Kealii Akamu


Quion Jainan

Kiara Yozora

Clive Norvis




New World Order

Nico Karias

Zaito Cross

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