Stay fast and be vigilant. The people who you believe are not who they make themselves out to be
~ God's final warning to Adrian before departing the Earth

Yesh, or God, is one of the two supremely powerful Primordial Entities in existence. He is responsible for the entirety of Creation itself and is the creator of Totality. God is the younger twin of Ayin. He is the father of the Archangels and the first ruler of Heaven. Before he left, God left his Word with Metatron, his most trusted Angel outside of the Archangels and left specific instructions for his children, the Archangels, to scatter the weapons of Heaven across Creation. God has not manifested himself in the Physical and Spiritual Realms of Creation in over 900,000 years and only secretly returned during the Apocalypse.


Before time, space, or any notions of existence and nonexistence were formed, Yesh existed alongside Ayin. They had virtually no defined borders against each other, always intermingling and intermixing with one another. The two were everything that was and everything that wasn't, forever dancing and mixing together in a boundless, limitless state of unity without a sense of self or identity for the things that were born from their interactions. They were the yes and the no of everything. The acceptance and denial all rolled into one being, essentially being the transcendent root of roots as the origins of all that has existed, exists, and will exist.

Eventually, their constant interactions and state of being became tiresome for him. Without his counterpart's knowledge nor consent, Yesh birthed a world from his featureless self, bringing it into existence with his powers. This new world became a blip in Ayin's radar and she, in turn, became threatened by it. Threatened that her place in the world would be at stake and that her counterpart would no longer need her. Feeling that it had no place anywhere, she annihilated it, removing all its sense of definition and self on all levels and reverted it back into her. Angered by this, Yesh continued to birth worlds of possibility, one after the other until an infinite amount of infinities were born. Ayin retaliated by destroying them all.

It was due to this interaction that Maveth and Sephira came into existence, signifying Life and Death. The Absolute nature of such concepts gave rise to Shekhinah, which inhabited the in-between. Soon, there were three other beings similar in nature to Ayin and Yesh. He accepted them, seeing them as beings who deserve to be like him and Ayin. The three swirled around in the Nonexistence and Existence of their predecessors until Shekhinah crossed over and mixed with Yesh. With that, the Archangels were born from the union of their mixture, small yet powerful beings who Ayin tolerated due to their ability to interact with her without doing anything to disrupt her so called Balance.

It was most likely due to her lax stance and acceptance of these lesser beings as his counterpart referred to them, Yesh created a multitude of worlds to show her that there could more than just them. In an instant upon detecting these bubbles within her and the others, she instantly erased them. This began a long and grueling war that lasted an eternity between the two. Sephira, Maveth, Shekhinah, and the Archangels all fought the battle alongside Yesh as the two clashed. Endless amounts of ideas, worlds, and even concepts beyond even the Ein Sof were created and destroyed as their constant interplay of Yes and No lasted for eternities. Eventually, Helel, Yesh's eldest child, managed to shake her, allowing Yesh to devise a seal that would imprison her. Knowing that sealing a being that was his equal in both size and concept, Yesh separated her consciousness from her self and sealed it in a world of his own creation. A world beyond anything and everything. Her power, without Ayin to guide it, settled and reunited with the essence of Everythingness, thus forming the Ein Sof along with it. The Key to the Anti-World of Tohu was engraved on Helel, who volunteered to guard it.

God went on to create all of what would be later referred to as Creation, the collective term for all realms. As He created, The Cosmic Gods came into being representing the Concept they embodied or were. God created the Soul from which his younger sister, Life, created the first life forms and which He used to create the First Beasts, the Dunsanyans. Seeing the Dunsanyans devouring everything, God sent Michael and Lucifer to lock them away in a prison realm known as Purgatory.

Billions of years after everything began, God guided the evolution of beings that would later be known as Humans, The First Two Original Humans were named Adam and Eve. God blessed His two youngest children with agelessness and immortality so long as they never ate the Fruit of the Divine Tree at the center of the Garden of Eden. God appeared before all the Angels and Archangels and proclaimed Humanity His greatest creation and asked them to guide them. His daughter, Lucifer, loved her siblings dearly and became the first to bow before them. During that time, the other deities met with God to discuss the future of humans. He stated that he would not interfere with the lives of humans as much in order to allow them to forge their own lives. Taking this as a go-ahead, some of the other deities agreed and began to form plans to have groups of humans that would come from Adam and Eve serve under them. Lucifer, who was worried about their future, professed this worry to her Father to which he said to wait.

Angered at her audacity, God recalled Helel back to Heaven and cast Adam and Eve from the Garden. Helel stood before her father in Araboth and argued against him, calling him blind and admonishing all the Angels for their greed and impure thoughts. She stated that she wanted nothing to do with a Heaven that would trample upon a helpless race. She stated that she would kill anyone that would lay a finger on Adam and Eve.

A few thousand years after their banishment, God granted His daughter, Lucifer, a flight of angels to help her safeguard Physical Creation. A few years after that, Adam, Eve, and Abel were murdered by their jealous descendants wishing to acquire their seemingly godlike lifespan. Lucifer appeared before Him and demanded why He did not resurrect them. God then showed her a resurrected Adam and Eve. He asked them what wish they desired. His youngest children replied that they wished for something to do much like their older siblings. God then gave them the task of guarding Purgatory infusing their DNA and souls with the power surpassing that of the Leviathan Titans and the Outer Gods. Before they left, however, Adam and Eve spawned a monstrous race of beings as an act of final revenge on their descendants.

Hundreds of thousands of years after Adam and Eve, God grew displeased with Humanity for the atrocities they committed. He resolved to wipe them all away until He saw the family of Noah. Appearing to Noah in the guise of an elderly man, God warned him that He was going to cleanse the Earth in a torrential flood and that if he wanted to live, he had to build an Ark massive enough to fit two animals of each species and his family. After seeing Noah finished it, God sent a massive flood to wipe all manner of creatures from the Earth.

A few million years after the Flood, Angels and Demons engaged in an Apocalyptic War that tore through all of Creation. God sat by on the sidelines not wishing to get involved. After witnessing the destruction of an entire reality due to war destabilizing its foundations, God decided it was enough and sent the Archangels to end the war. After the War, God requested his first Seraph, Metatron, to assist him in the creation of Six Tablets bearing His Word. After finishing their creation, God called upon His eldest child, Michael to scatter all the weapons and artifacts of Heaven across the whole of Creation. After this He disappeared, not to manifest for thousands of years until his time as Jesus.

Two thousand years after His manifestation as the man, Jesus, God possessed the Prophet, Annabeth, to watch the Apocalypse and guide his grandson and his friends through the Prophecy uttered by John two thousand years ago.


God has not manifested Himself in eons. However, in the past, God manifested his avatar, Jesus of Nazareth, He took the appearance of a Middle Eastern Man with shoulder-length hair and a light beard. In his current form and his original human form, God has snow-white hair much like that of his daughter, Lucifer. He has silver-violet eyes that shift to pure white that glows with power. God is stated by those who met them as a man of incomprehensible and unparalleled beauty.

His true form is incomprehensible and formless but is perceived by others as an intensely harsh light that is stated by Death and Life to be able to slash and burn the corneas of any being who stares into it and that his true voice can rupture the eardrums of any who listen. Other times, God can appear in his true form as a humanoid figure of harsh white light.


Ayin describes Yesh as annoying, bright, arrogant, and prideful. To some extent, Yesh admits that He is this however, he was merely tired of it just being Them. He stated that he wished for more and wanted His sister to experience what He felt. This was His primary goal for bringing Creation into existence. Over time, as religions grew, several people including His sister stated that He encouraged religions as monuments to His ego, much to his denial. Yesh does not like it when people worship Him, stating that the existence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was the work of His Angels and not him.

God, unlike the rest of His siblings, is not detached from the rest of Creation. However, after billions of years of viewing Creation, God feels disappointment often displaying a somewhat cynical view on Creation and life as a whole. God considers the nature of beings in Creation as toxic and was more than willing to let His sister destroy all of Creation out of spite of his creations. This mostly stems from his disappointment from all of the wars being waged in his name such as The Holy War and The Crusades, and generally making mistakes, begging Him to fix them and not taking responsibility for it. God the admits to Adrian that it is more than just disappointment, He realized that taking an active role in Creation has hindered the development of life everywhere. He likens it to an experimenter constantly interfering with variables and not letting the system naturally developed. Since then, He has taken a step back and went at this with the view of naturalistic observation. Metatron points out a flaw in this plan stating that Ayin would destroy the Creation He loved if He allowed her to continue on with her rampage.

The Abrahamic Religions described Yesh as a being of infinite love and infinite wisdom. This is true to an extent however, Metatron mentions that Yesh loving Humanity unconditionally is somewhat false. While He does love them to an extent, that love only goes so far and has diminished after the death of Adam and Eve. It is known however that Yesh does hold great love for those He considers His family. This is evident with his daughter, who even after rebelling and falling, still held his love and was still the highest position amongst His children. Both Death, Life, and Ayin (begrudgingly) have described Him as a good brother. God has been together with Asherah since time immemorial. The love God has for her is greater than anything he has ever felt in the eternity He has been and it broke His heart to have to disappear.

While he is not easy to anger, God can be extremely wrathful showing cold, violent fury and even mocks those who anger Him. This is shown when He is angered by Satan and Metatron calling Him a coward by throwing them out of His Bar. His rage is well known even amongst angels as Zadkiel was quick to back down against the threat of an angry God. God also seems to uphold the Natural Order greatly as He was its indirect Creator after creating all of Creation. God, like His siblings, only allows very few exceptions to the Rules.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 1-A

Classification: Primordial Entity, Absolute Force of Being and Existence, Supreme Being

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 5, 9, and 10), Regeneration (True Godly), Abstract Existence (Type 1; Yesh embodies Primal Existence alongside his sister, who embodies Primal Nonexistence. As such, Yesh is the Root of Roots, the Absolute Zero from which everything, even nothingness springs from.), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2; As the Aspect of Origin that embodies the Everything that exists alongside Nothing, Yesh is neither existent or nonexistent. He lacks any state of existence at a conceptual and absolute level. In terms of binary, he is neither 1 or 0 but instead, he is.), Non-Corporeal, Transduality (Type 4; Transcends Creation, existing as a state that transcends the duality of Infinitude and Finitude. He is a state of pure being that is neither existence or nonexistence, merely being is), True Flight, Enhanced Senses, Teleportation, Dimensional BFR, Precognition (Upscaled from Annabeth), Large Size (Type 11), Telepathy, Empathy, Acausality (Type 5), Dream Walking, Localization, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can manipulate all the Olams of Totality. To him, everything is just a blank page waiting to be written on. To him, even the subgradient of Adam Kadmon and Ein Sof are nothing more than clay.), Light Manipulation (God has absolute control and power over Light as he is Light itself. God’s power over Light is unimaginably even greater than that of the Archangels. His mere presence is capable of causing “True Day” across an entire planet.), Matter Manipulation (Quantic Level; Upscaled from the Archangels), Life and Death Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Literally invented the Soul), Resurrection, Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis, Shapeshifting, Existence Erasure, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Sealing, Curse Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Plot Manipulation (Wrote the first five arcs of Until the Clock Strikes Twelve while possessing Annabeth), Elemental Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Creation (Yesh is the origin of all things associated with the concept of Something, even existence itself. He has the power to add existences on levels transcendent of any existence known today. He is the seed that births all realities and possibilities, infinitely branching in all directions. His very power can be countered by Ayin's Nonexistence, which is capable of erasing all realities and possibilities), Avatar Creation, Chaos Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Power Nullification (For lesser beings), Power Bestowal, Possession (Possessed Annabeth without her knowing so that He could get a front row seat to the Apocalypse), Non-Physical Interaction, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Immunity to Soul and Fate Manipulation, Immunity to Perception Manipulation and Illusions, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3), Nigh-Omniscience, Omnipresence, Mandatory Existence (His existence is required for everything to continue to exist.)

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level (Yesh is the supreme source of all existence, sustaining all of Existence including the Trinity of Origins and the other Primordial Entities as the ontological basis that reversely constructs [1] from the [0] of Ayin. As in Kabbalah, it is described as the Nothingness clothing itself in Everythingness. Yesh exists beyond the Infinitude/Finitude Duality within the Ein Sof, expressing himself as neither whole (existence) nor empty (nonexistence) and thus cannot be commented upon or even possibly described with the Absolute Infinities that exist within the Ein Sof returning to him out of necessity in order to continue existing)

Speed: Omnipresent (As the Embodiment of Creation and Existence, God is present throughout all of Creation.) | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Outerversal

Durability: High Outerverse level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: High Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient. God is nearly all-knowing. He was aware of everything going on in Creation from the Apocalypse to the Second Leviathan War to the War against the Darkness. Despite being nearly all-knowing, Metatron claimed that God did not know the names of his followers.


  • His Sister (She is the only being who is capable of killing God.)
  • Mandatory Existence Compromised: If God or AYIN were to be killed, the imbalance would result in the annihilation of everything that exists, including God.

Key: YESH/God


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