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Yanald Fahrent was the god of darkness until he saw a problem with the other gods and how they didn't even try to keep a eye on mortals so he tried to mind control mortals and turn them into his army but he was stopped by his brother who sealed him in the moon. He was sealed in the moon for thousand of years until he saw a girl named cherry dieing and took her spirit where he was in the moon and entrusted his knowledge and plans to her until he can be set free by her. years latter, Yanald would be sent free only to see his plans foiled before he gets killed by Saturn Black. Until he regenerated 5 years later and took over his past self's body to try and steal some creation energy to complete his goal only to get completely wiped out from existence where he can't come back no more

Combat Statistics

Tier 5-B | 5-C, Higher with swap future | 5-B, Higher with swap future | 2-B, Higher with swap future | 2-B, Higher with swap future

Name: Yanald Fahrent

Origin: STRW

Gender: Male

Age: at least thousands of years old

Classification: Alphus, God

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsMaster Swordsman and MarksmanFlash Freezing and Paralysis Inducement, Conceptual Manipulation (type 4. He and his brothers made the concept of humanity and his brother created the human abstracts of Knowledge and Choice),Magma Manipulationlifeforce Absorbsion and Death Manipulation and Corruption type 2 with the pool of darkness (he made the pool of darkness, that are pools of pure destruction that destroy anything in it unless protected by immortality or being given a residence to it. Even if you live from the black liquid you will become corrupted), Explosion Manipulation (can blow up anyone from the inside), Spiritual Awareness (can see pepole who are invisible), Extrasensory Perception (can sense beings with magic and can sense life energy), MagicFire ManipulationAir ManipulationElectricity ManipulationWeather ManipulationEarth ManipulationIce ManipulationEnergy ManipulationEnergy ProjectionBlood Manipulation (can rip out pepoles blood and use it as a weapon), Memory Manipulation and Mental Manipulation (he altered Cherry's memory's of her giving her life to protect Ruby to Ruby leaving her behind to leave her to die), Statistics Amplification (useing swap future boosts his power), Portal CreationDimensional TravelForcefield CreationCreation (can make weapons and a moon out of thin air), Light ManipulationLife Manipulation (help give life to humans and made the souless beings of darkness), TelekinesisTelepathyCorrosion InducementPower Absorption (aborbed an armys magic), Resurrection (can bring pepole to life), Regeneration (at least Low-Mid; Can regenerate from a fire ball makeing a hole through his chest, likely High can turn into a gas when he turns into a dragon), TransformationImmortality (type 1 and 3, 4 and 8, likely type 5; he veiws death as something mortals must deal with and couldn't die until saturn erased him. He is the god of darkness, if he died for real then darkness would seize to exist and the mortal realm would be too bright, So when he did "die" to creation energy he just was resurrected in the "god realm" (the place where all gods are made by the god of everything) as he can't "die" as long as darkness exits.), Durability Negation (can destroy someones soul and making them not even able to go to the afterlife), Probability Manipulation (made the chance saturn would get his dads sword higher when he was in the moon), can Heal himself or others, Power Bestowal (gave charry most of her powers, gave humans magic), Reactive Power LevelInvisibilityNon-Physical Interaction (can beat up ghosts), Aura (anyone weaker then him will feel intense Fear),Summoning (can summon beings of darkness), Resistance to Power Nullification (after comeing back from the moon he was unable to get his power taken away by anyone who tried), Soul Manipulation and Paralysis and Flash Freezing Inducement

All previous abilities, Illusion Manipulation, Reactive Evolution and/or Power Nullification (any powers he sees in the futrue will not be ablue to hurt him or defeat him), Fate Manipulation (Yanald can swap out and choose between and change the futures that he sees and even rewrite the future in which he died. He says he is the casuse of the mandela effect), Precognition (can see all possible futures), Information Analysis (can understand the powers he sees in the futures), Immortality (type 4), Regeneration Negation (he can rewrite the future so that everything he destroys will remain broken. No one could fix the prsion that held byzz that he detroyed) and Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (type 3) (taiga couldn't take change future from him even after she tried to make him weak as a normal human)

All previous abilities, Teleportation, Duplication (can make clones out of wood), Plant Manipulation, Time Manipulation (can stop, slow down time), Non-Corporeal (after resurrecting himself, he became a mass of pure magic), Transmutation (turned a part of the magic relm into where him and his brothers battled), Regeneration (Low-Godly for practical combat (he came back from getting his soul detroyed and his body getting Disintegrated by satuen and byzz's combo attack, mid-godly over time . It took him 5 years to fully come back from getting eraced from the multiverse), Sound Manipulation, probably Void Manipulation (was going to erase the panet he was on into nothing and was starting to until saturn cut him in half), Absorption (all types), Teleportation, Darkness Manipulation, Resistance to Absolute Zero (can be around ice wyvern form taiga's cold aura)

All previous abilities, Durability Negation, Biological Manipulation, Possession (Type 3) (can take over somones body and control their movements and forcibly compressing their bodies into cubes), Poison Manipulation (He has control over any and all Lethal Doses within his range. He can alters the dosage of any substance he takes into his body, manipulating the poison and either granting himself complete immunity within a single second or lowering an opponent's resistance to not get killed or incapacitated with their poison), Empathic Manipulation (can shoot out heart-shaped projectile and anyone who is hit by them will fall in love with him and fallow his every command), Immortality (type 8) and Limited Reality Warping (can make someones fears a realty like someones fear of not being able to kill him), can force pepole to tell the truth, can grow stronger the more he stays in the magic relm, Duplication, Spatial Manipulation (can cut space with his blade), Power Mimicry (can copy anyones moves as long as he can do it)

Attack Potency: Planet level (Superior to his brother and forced him to take away most of his power and seal him in the then broken moon, should be strong as his brother who made the planet and even said he would Dettroy the planet if everyone weren't United when they were summoned. flew into the moon and blew off a chunk of it) | Moon level (easily beat all the magic users on the planet and wyvern form Taiga and true dragon mode Saturn and sumoned a moon to crush them), Higher with swap future | Planet level+ (made a massive explosion that blew up his dimensions moon and planet and absorbed almost all the spirts in almost all the magic users weapons inculding Jons and overpowered fire dragon mode Saturn's attacks, easily destroyed ice wyvern form taiga's ice armor), Higher with swap future | Multiverse level (absorbed the magic god and battled on par with saturn and taiga for a while and was going to merge all of the universes into one universe until saturn cut him in half and erasing him from the multiverse), Higher with swap future | Multiverse level (easily stomped taiga, saturn, robin and waine with robins axe. Overpowered them in 4v1 combat), Higher with swap future

Speed: FTL (should be faster then when he was weakened. Flew out of the planet's orbit to the moon in a second) | Relativistic (can keep up and deflect true dragon mode Saturns attacks and wyvern form Taiga's attacks) | Relativistic (can keep up with Saturn and Taiga and Robin. sent some meteors this fast and reacted to Robins axe heading his way which should be fast as her storms that are this fast) | Immeasurable (can keep up with Saturn and Taiga in their god forms) | Immeasurable (can block attacks from Robin, Saturn, Taiga and Waine with Robins axe and can react to attacks from Sun)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Class Z via Telekinesis | Unknown, class E via Telekinesis, likely Class Z via Telekinesis | Unknown

Striking Strength: Planet Class | Moon Class | Planet Class+ | Multiversal | Multiversal

Durability: Planet level | Moon level | Planet level+ | Multiverse level | Multiverse level

Stamina: Extremely high

Range: Extended Melee Range with sword, Planetary with magic (his brother created the planet erath. He wiped out all of humanity in a few seconds by snapping his fingers) | Extended Melee Range with sword, Planetary with magic, Multiversal with mind control | Extended Melee Range with sword, Multiversal with magic (was going to fuse all the universes into one)

Standard Equipment: his magic sword and lots of Weapons he can form with magic

Intelligence: At least Genius, likely Extraordinary Genius (Continuously manipulated Cherry while imprisoned within the moon over thousands years, learning continuously about the outside world as well during this time. Swap Future reinforces his already great intelligence with the power to see all futures that lie before him and act accordingly but he is quite arrogant and has a god complex after absorbing the magic god)

Weaknesses: Yanald is quite arrogant and he can't negate physical attacks and holy magic. It takes him 5 years to come back after getting erased and after absorbing the magic god he gets a god complex, he can't leave the god dimension unless the god of everything let's him.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

Swap Future: Yanald's special power he got after being trapped In the moon for thousands of years. When he actives this power his eyes turn yellow to show that his power increased. The power of swap future is to see all futures that may or might not happen and he views these futures like planets in the universe or grains of Sand on a beach, he is able to predict what you will do next. But this is not his true power of this technique, as its able to allow him to chose between the futures he sees, rewriting fate in a sense to get what outcome he wants as he is the cause of the Mandela affect because of this. He can set up traps for his opponent's and can take any defensive measures against anything his foe does to stop any defensive measures his foes may take for example destroying a prison and no one could fix it but he could use this on Weapons. He can even revive himself with this power coming back from getting cut in half by Saturn and came back as a blob of pure magic.

Magic Stuff Details: Magic is a energy in every living thing, but most have not ever unlocked it, it can be used to make elemental attacks or fly and even make the use faster, stronger and increases defense. Most people with magic unlocked unique powers like Saturn's modes, Taiga's Glyphs.

Note: for scaleing chain its here

Key: Prime | Base Weakened | With Spirts Absorbed | With The Magic God Absorbed | Absorbed Past Self


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