You have no hope, even if you fight, you know it to be meaningless. Your heart is shattered, your soul in disarray, and yet you believe you are enough to overcome your true god? Just from your existence alone, it is clear my creations have grown far too arrogant for their own good, and must be exterminated.
~ Yaldabaoth, addressing Lyssa


Yaldabaoth is the creator and supreme being of the Monster Mansion verse, as well as the overarching villain of the whole series. A deity of mysterious origins, he holds the power of creation and destruction at his hands, continuously creating and destroying the universes he creates, seemingly for his own amusement.

While not present in Catherine's story, Yaldabaoth plays a largely important role within Alex's story, restoring him to full strength when he is almost killed during a bank robbery and coming to live within him for much of the story's course, giving Alex vast magical powers sourced from Yaldabaoth's soul.

Within the climax of the "Broiled in Chaos" story arc, it is revealed that Yaldabaoth was living in Alex's body, as the god strikes him down and kills him when Alex refuses to kill Nero, leading to Zafina fushing herself with Alex in order to save his life, leaving the world without him for the following five years, as Yaldabaoth begins his war against humanity and monsterkind alike.


Confident and resolute in his own power, Yaldabaoth holds his status and rule as the creator in high regard, meticulously and attentively making sure the universes he creates and those who live within it are to his liking.

As a deity, his soul holds immense magical power, yet that power comes at the cost of his soul constantly radiating away its energy, necessitating the god to create beings he can inhabit in order to have a physical form to contain his soul, lest it radiate away, withering and dying. As a result of this reliance on lesser beings, Yaldabaoth has a acute contempt for the life he creates, and a particular hatred of life he did not create, such as the Monsters, created by his bride and fellow creator goddess Zafina, for he believes that if life must exist, it should be made in his image, seeing himself as the apex of perfection in all of creation.

Due to this acute hatred, Yaldabaoth has sowed unrest amongst the humans and monsters thousands of years before the beginning of the series, possessing various humans to campaign and slaughter the monsters, building up their ranks until the ensuing chaos between the two races became too much to bear, leading to The Great War that destroyed human-monster society millennia ago, resulting in the separation between the two races as seen in Catherine's story.

Among his nastier personality traits, Yaldabaoth also harbors an intense inclination towards sadism, deriving pleasure from crushing the hopes of his enemies, as seen when he decided to spare Lyssa after supposedly killing Alex out of a desire to see her fall into a deep pit of despair over her own inability to defeat him.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Name: Yaldabaoth

Origin: Monster Mansion

Gender: Male

Age: Ageless

Classification: God, Supreme Being

Weight: Varies depending on host

Height: Varies depending on host

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Pale blonde

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Zafina, The Angels

Character Themes: Descending Upon the Unworthy, Heralding the End, The Voidwing

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-A | High 3-A | Likely 10-B | Low 2-C

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Sword User, Elemental Manipulation (FireWaterIceElectricWindEarth, Nature), Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Can merge his soul with any of his elemental magic, changing his appearance and combat statistics drastically), Flight, Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Reality Warping, Durability Negation via Eden

Attack Potency: At least Universe Level (Severely wounded Zafina, who is stated to be his equal as a creator of the universe) | High Universe Level (His presence and ensuing battle with Alex and his group shook the entire universe) | Likely Average Human Level (Was consistently stated by both Alex and himself to have been brought down to the level of a normal human, as his form's source of power, his wings, had been severed from his body) | Universe Level+ (Is one with the entirety of the universe and its timeline, uses this form in order to destroy and consume universes, and has done this act an uncountable amount of times)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Is superior to all angels and his archons, including Elysium, who was capable of creating every galaxy in the universe within the span of a few days, travelling there herself to create them) | Massively FTL+ (Vastly superior to any of his avatars) | Likely Average Human Level (Was unable to perceive Alex and his friends moving even the slightest amounts, had his arm severed by Alex casually walking past him with no physical contact) | Omnipresent (Is present throughout all of the universe and its timeline, capable of attacking characters in the past, present, and future at the same time)

Striking Strength: At least Universal | High Unversal | Likely Average Human Class | Universal+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Universe Level | High Universe Level | Likely Average Human Level | Universe Level+

Range: Extended Melee Range with Eden, far higher with magic, Universal+ with Creator's Cycle

Stamina: Extremely High (Capable of casting extremely taxing magical spells at a rate that would kill a normal human without tiring)

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient, as he posesses an awareness of most events going on in the universe, both its past and present, as well as gaining a knowledge of the future as well once he is in Voidwing form. However, he is shown to have lapses in his knowledge, as specific individuals such as Alex or Lyssa are described as "murky, unseeable stains on the parchment of time" to him, implying that smaller events and actions are unnoticeable to him. As well, in Voidwing form he is still shown being caught off guard despite his knowledge of and ability to affect the future, such as his surprise at the appearance of King of Hope Alex.

Standard Equipment:

-Eden: A blade made from and sustained by Yaldabaoth's power, and can cut through the fabric of space-time, negating most individuals' durability.

Weaknesses: As a true god, his soul decays by radiating its power away when it is not contained within a physical form. As Voidwing Yaldabaoth, his form can become disrupted and untangled if it is affected by the power of another being with the same or greater power than him, as demonstrated by King of Hope Alex when his appearance untangled Yaldabaoth from the space-time continuum.

Key: Avatar | True Form | Wings Severed | Voidwing Yaldabaoth


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