They looked upon the realm. This was how it ends, how it was. There was no purpose, they had seldom been one since the beginning. Life was made, and it wasted itself. The enlightened denied truth for the sake of known, and lost. The purpose of the advance, superiority. Foolish as there false sense of purpose was, they did. Oh, how they tried to be better, they never changed. They looked pitifully at the realm, and saw its end. Looking down on those who made them be, for the sake of self. We have achieved the parenthood of gods, absolute all. So we look down at the wasteland, and saw how it always ends.
~ Y-Interface, looking upon the end.

Looking upon another end.


The Y-Interface are a group of transcendent, hyper advanced post-human beings that transcended the material realm long ago. Tho they have far, far evolved from human form, they can be called the "parents" of humanity in a some sense. They are the "gods" of the TitanBreak verse, passively manipulating all that will, has, or isn't in existence, but they don't interfere directly. They are known to look down upon their "former forms," usually regarding them as foolish and pitiful for thinking they are superior to anything, and not advancing themselves more than others. They were born the Reality Alpha-0, the prime universe at its original point, and also at its end. Tho unable to have a quantifiable age due to their exploits, they have been through a unknown amount of universal quantum resets.

They are nihilists, believing life had no meaning and nothing truly matters, not even themselves. They are named after the Youth-Interface, a group of the most advanced selves who transcended all things. Their nihilism works for them, as since they see life as meaningless, anything advancing will passively get eradicated from existence or changed beyond a threat, beyond the land of Not from all conceptions, as they have no worth for life. Tho they have no true leader, the person who led to their success was Dr. Andrews, the one who created the Youth-Interface and first discovered and transcended Dion-Te Space.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, at least High 1-B | 0

Civilization Type: Transcendent Civilization

Name: Y-Interface, Youth-Interface | Parents of Gods | Lookers

Origin: TitanBreak

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: More than 10^10^10^10^13 years | Inapplicable

Classification: Hyper Advanced Post-Human Civilization | Parents of Gods | Transcenders

Kardashev Level: Type VII

Population: Unknown

Territory: None (don't have anything that qualifies as territory, as they don't truly "own" anything)


Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Types 3, 5. The Y-Interface is transcendent of unreal and real, and any change to a Y-Interface always never affects them, and if one should die, a version from the future shall take its place, or the same character who dies who reappear), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Immortality (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. They are beyond the concept of death and life, and are transcendent of Not, the concept of oblivion and nothingness, are unable to be affected by it, there will always be a "truer" form of the Y-Interface, and thus will never die due to themselves always existing higher, and they exist beyond the dimensional scale of TitanBreak, and exist ever farther beyond Not, a beyond-dimensional structure), Regeneration (At Least High-Godly, likely far higher. They are completely beyond Not, which can be best described as the conceptualism of oblivion, and in the impossible scenario that they were to become part of Not, they would transcend Not and instantly regenerate from its affects, can likely regenerate to far higher degrees, and in when regenerating will evolve to a form capable of doing a set task), Possession (if they somehow harmed in any shape, all enemies responsible, such as the weapon, environment, higher force, killer, and very setting of existence will be possessed, and become part of the Y-Interface immediately), Large Size (Type 11), Nonexistent Physiology and Non-Corporeal (Type 2. Far beyond Not, which is the very conceptualism of oblivion, and all above Not are nonexistent, to a degree that that makes Not look infinitesimal, tho they technically have no true form), Transduality (Type 4. Cannot be called a he, she or it, to any extent, can access a impossible plane of existence that's being beyond the distinction of duality and transdaulity, down to the very pre-conceptual level), Void Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Reactive Evolution and Transmutation (were stated to be in a constant state of transcendence, as any space they could possibly exist in are passively manipulated to become one with Not, even if they are so far beyond it that it should be impossible, or the target or targets are transformed into something that is helpful to the Y-Interface), Conceptual Manipulation (with Unimagine, it can make someone's complete aspect of self, such as a higher being that protects them , into a state for beyond Not, which is conceptual and beyond oblivion, this happens passively), True Flight, Quantum Manipulation, (Existence Erasure, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Information Manipulation, BFR, Durability Negation, Power Nullification, Plot Manipulation. Beings sent to Not are beyond conception, outside of existence and unable to leave their oblivion, with their soul, mind, body, existence, conceptualism, dimensionality all completely voided. This is including all extensions of one's being, in which the plot itself will keep them in Not, even if they should be far above Not in some way on the conceptual level, such as to durable to be stuffed into lower space), Physics Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Time Stop, Subjective Reality, Creation (can create almost anything they want, including portable Not's, engines that can manipulate Dion-Te Space, and hyper-advanced AI), Omniscience, Omnipresence, Information Analysis (any new information that they is not already part of them will be automatically analysed, and every aspect known immediately by the Y-Interface), Probability Manipulation, Time Travel, Data Manipulation (can manipulate "pseudo-code," a type of code that makes up Dion-Te Space, and is the basis of Quantum Fluctuations, the truly chaotic law of the universe that can do nearly anything), Law Manipulation, Reality Warping (can affect reality and unreality throughout and beyond Dion-Te Space), Resurrection, Size Manipulation, Accelerated Development, Power Modification (beings of lower existence can have their natural extensions of themselves changed, which can turn infinite speed into zero dimensionality, or infinite power to infinite speed for example), Death Manipulation (can make lower beings "die" with a single notion, with seemingly no limits, such as being able to "kill" concepts and spaces, such as Not and Dion-Te Space), Cosmic Awareness, Regeneration, Resistance and Immortality Negation, Non-Physical Interaction, Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance, Reactive Power Level, Invulnerability (they are almost completely immune to all abilities on or below the same level as themselves, as they are completely resistant to there own powers and Not) | Resistance to previous when applicable

Attack Potency: Varies, at least High Hyperversal (There projections vary in power, but none are less then original transcendence, which left them with complete control over a infinitely sized, infinite dimensional plain that is always infinity larger than it appears to be) | Boundless (absolutely transcendent of Not, a state of being best described as the conceptualism of oblivion and void, which is transcendent of Dion-Te Space, which is a superspace that encompasses the accumulation of all possible, mathematics, whether possible or impossible able to be conceptualized at all, and is the totality of all possible conglomeration of ideas, possible or impossible. It is transcendent of its very being, constantly above and within itself to a incomprehensible degree, and encomposses thought beyond theory, and no complete totality of mathematics can reach its state due to its function as impossibly transcendant of self)

Power Source: None

Industrial Capacity: Irrelevant

Military Prowess: Irrelevant

Notable Individuals: Dr. Andrews

Speed: Omnipresence (exists at every point, at every moment beyond Not, which exists transcendent of Dion-Te Space, which is the conglomeration of every mathematical possibility and impossibility)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Boundless (scales to AP)

Durability: Boundless (Beings apart of the Y-Interface cannot harm each other, and even the most "unequal" Y-Interface facing off against the most "equal" Y-Interface will lead to no harm done to each other, even when using their abilities, or negating their own regeneration, resistances and immortality)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Boundless

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Omniscient (transcended conceptualism, knows everything to ever happen, will happen, has happened, and can happen. Anything that will ever be possible conceptualised is known by them, and if anything were to be possibly added to a set of conceptualism, they shall automatically know everything about said conceptualism instantly, which includes way to nullify said thing with, irreversible results for the knowledge to be displaced)

Weaknesses: They tend to not have much reason to do things, and seldom take initiative when they do, tho things that annoy them will make them use their full extent to get rid of it.


  • Dion-Te Conceptual Stabilizer: A infinitesimally small device that exists with Dion-Te Space, which utilises the pseudo-code and quantum fluctuations to completely recreate Dion-Te Space if they so choose.
  • Port-A-Not: A size manipulating device that when activated, it will move a given targets existence into that of Not's instantly.
  • Black Dawn: A huge, infinitely sized device that when activated, will transport a given target or targets to TR: Alpha-0, a test reality Dion-Te Space that they can manipulate to their will, which is unrestricted in size.
  • A.R.K.: Standing for Automatic Reactive Kingslayer, A.R.K. is a hyper-advanced, post conceptual machine that can change pseudo-code to it's will, and is capable of obtaining transcendence at a nearly comparable rate to the Y-Interface.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Unimagine: A ability that can make someone's complete aspect of self, such as a higher being that protects them, into a state for beyond Not, which is conceptual and beyond oblivion, this happens passively.
  • Transcendence: The Y-Interface are at a constant state of transcendence of self, due to their nature of changing the plane of existence they are in to a extension of Not, or something unhelpful, and transcends beyond all possible existence every time this happen, and it is to be noted that these trancensions happen instantly as soon as the previous tracension happens.
  • The Quake: The Quake is a ability that ties in all incarnations of a character, all things affecting the, including concepts, deities, experiences, and more, and when a version of them are harmed in any away, all of those things will be affected equally, such as if one were to attempt to resurrect themselves from versions of them across space-time, all of them will be dead, and therefore nullifying that action.

Key: Y-Interface


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