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Xeno Goku of the Genesis Continuity is one of the most powerful Gokus spawned in the natural Multiverse. Following the Archetype generated by the GT Timeline, Xeno Goku was ripped out of the natural order of his own Timeline through outside sources desiring his immense strength. At first being protected by the Time Patrollers, Xeno Goku's own powers swiftly outgrew his protectors and assailants, if he was ever their lesser at all. His strength was such that he did not require Gogeta to defeat his Omega Shenron and the Time Breakers that were sent to capture him swiftly defeated even when powered by Dark Magics.

Xeno Goku was also noted to be at least aware of the general Multiverse surrounding him even if he wasn't privy to its complete inner workings, displaying his sheer command over Ki itself that he is able to detect the innumerable life signs in other Timelines. This command over Ki, as well as his own Ki being a glowing signal amongst all the other signals in the Multiverse, made him a desirable target that he was attacked over.

Once becoming the Time Patrol's Ace his light only grew to the point that he could no longer be a target, for targeting him would be far too dangerous. His adventures would lead to him having many experiences proving to far increase his strength, experiencing Godly Ki, and even unlocking Ultra Instinct. Later, like everybody in the Genesis Continuity, once Xeno Goku became aware of the Higher Dimension who saw them as mere fiction, they were able to link themselves to the higher reality and gain their card abilities as their own and further enhancing their abilities within the real world.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Son Goku

Origin: Dragon Ball Genesis

Gender: Male

Age: Ageless

Classification: Ace of the Time Patrol, The Divine Saiyan, Hero of Time

Combat Statistics

Tier: 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | At least 2-A, likely Low 1-C

Powers and Abilities:

Martial Arts, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Immortality (Type 1), Supernatural Willpower, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Pressure Points, Regeneration (Mid), Chi Manipulation and Life Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Enhanced Senses (Even without Ki Sensing, he has senses sharper than any known natural animal), Cosmic Awareness, Flight, Stealth Mastery, Duplication, Enhanced Zenkai (Quadrupled in power with only a few exchanges of fists), Afterimage Creation, Power Mimicry (Can replicate most energy-based attacks with Ki), Absorption (Can absorb most forms of energy to restore stamina and health. Can absorb Life Energy out of targets), Light Manipulation (Via Solar Flare and Light Slash), Social Influencing, Healing (Can heal others as long as a couple of cells are alive. Carries Senzu Beans with him), Information Analysis (Able to get a general grasp of all his enemies' attacks via a "6th Sense"), Durability Negation (Via multiple abilities), Precognition, Telepathy, Teleportation (Via Advanced Instant Transmission), Spatial Manipulation (Able to bend all of Space to his will via Godly Ki due to training from Whis. Has shown to be able to create his own Pocket Dimension of his own desires down to the Quantum Level), Kinetic Energy Manipulation and Deconstruction via Atomic Vision, Time Manipulation (Is able to Stop, Slow and Accelerate Time), Danmaku, Summoning (Is able to call upon multiple entities regardless of Time or Place, including both Shenron and Super Shenron as well as Chronoa), Transformation and Statistics Amplification (Via transformations and Kaioken), Sealing via Divine Mafuuba, Information Manipulation via various techniques, Existence Erasure and Immortality Type-9 Negation via Hakai, Cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a God, Portal Creation (Is able to rip holes in Space-Time and the walls of Dimensions), Probability Manipulation via Charge Impact, Time Travel, Technical Resurrection (Even when dead, Goku is allowed to freely move between Realities so he can continue fighting even when dead), Acausality (Type 2), Non-Physical Interaction, Reactive Evolution as a Super Saiyan 4, Power Nullification (Through Many means), Significantly more with SPECIAL Ability and Ability Cards

Resistance to Life Manipulation and Chi Manipulation (As Goku has mastered Control over his own Ki, it would require a being even stronger and more masterful to manipulate it to any extent), Reality Warping and Law Manipulation, (Janemba's Reality Howl was focused into an attack on Xeno Goku, who was able to counter it through an unknown technique), Existence Erasure (Demigra's Distortion Lightning does not work on Xeno Goku), Mind Manipulation and Possession (One of the few that went unaffected by Demigra's Multiversal Mind Scatter; Tanked Demigra's mind manipulation directed at him as well as Magical Possession), Soul Manipulation (Fu attempted to harvest his Soul trying to kill it or pull it out and manipulate it to no avail. Shroom's Scythe which would normally destroy souls upon contact does nothing to Goku. Jiren's Power Creep which allows him to destroy the soul through sheer Spiritual Force could not kill Goku in this way. King Yemma who has absolute authority over Souls does not have jurisdiction on Goku's soul), Magic and Curse Manipulation (Goku's Godly Ki is unique in the fact that it passively nullifies abnormal energies such as Magic and therefore curses), Time Manipulation (One of the few to be unaffected the erasure of the Concept of Time. As strong as Demon Gods who can resist a Time Stop over the Magniverse by Chronoa), Death Manipulation (Was able to stand in the presence and even combat the manifestation of the Concept of Death), Spatial Manipulation (Shattered and destroyed attacks that'd normally shift space around it to always it hits mark and negate durability outright. Jiren's Spatial Manipulation which shatters opponents did not do so to Goku. Able to temporarily grab and break Demigra's Spatial Shackles), Physics Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Type 2) and Corruption (Demigra's residual energy which corrupts the natural physics of Universes and causes normal beings to go insane and/or become slaves garners does not work on Xeno Goku outright), Matter Manipulation (Demigra's Spatial Shackles which would "unmake" one's physical composition in its entirety failed to do anything of note and Yamcha's Quantum Attacks are explicitly noted to not work on people such as Xeno Goku), Causality Manipulation (Fought and was damaged by Janemba multiple times and was able to undo and counter Reverberation and Re-Destruction), Transmutation (Can block Demigra's Petrifying Saliva without a Ki Barrier. Demigra, who converted Chronoa into a ring in the past, could not do the same to Goku), Power Nullification (Demigra's Ki Disruption which is known to "turn off" other people's Ki proved to barely hinder Xeno Goku, if at all), Biological Manipulation and Poison Manipulation (Is one of the few people who has built a tolerance to poisons and biological agents to such an extent that they can drink the black waters of the Demon Realm, which houses almost every known toxin, poison, and hostile viral/bacterial agent of both physical and spiritual natures. Demigra's Corruptive Toxins do not work on Goku)

Resistance to Reality Warping (Capable of a level of strength that allows Goku to go uncountered even by TokiToki's Egg), Conceptual Manipulation and Fate Manipulation and Law Manipulation and Order Manipulation and Subjective Reality (Demigra with Toki Toki's egg who had control over all of the fundamental forms which found Reality had to resort to trying to defeat Goku with brute force), Power Nullification (Best resisted Beerus' Judgemental Force out of any Time Patroller. Fuu's attempts at nullifying Goku's power resulted in Goku's Ki backlashing against his machine and destroying it despite Fuu's machine was noted to be superior to Demigra's Corruptive Ki), Space-Time Manipulation and Durability Negation (Caught and easily smashed through Time Breaker Goku Black's Aura Slide which can slice open Space and Time. The disruption of Space-Time caused by Paradoxes and Time Breakers does not yield any effect), Absorption (Was able to produce a countermeasure to resist Demigra's Godly Assimilation in response to him absorbing TokiToki)

Probability Manipulation (Able to directly influence and change the probabilities of his attacks hitting and their potency as well as their effects), Attack Reflection via Ultimate Mirror, Chaos Manipulation and Void Manipulation and Sealing (Learned to influence and control the chaotic voids between Timelines. Able to "dis-order" other beings via Void Shackles), Resistance to Vector Manipulation (Goku proved to be able to bypass Jiren's Shift Movement), Temporary Resistance to Plot Manipulation

Instinctive Reaction, Aura and Causality Manipulation (If uncontrolled, Goku's Ki would've produced so much heat that it'd burn a hole in Space-Time, creating what's known as a "Burning Paradox"), Resistance to Causality Manipulation (The Burning Paradox naturally disrupts Causality not only around Goku, but within and on him as well)

Attack Potency: Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Significantly stronger than before. Far stronger than people who can destroy a Magniverse) | Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Should be at least 10 million times stronger than before; Easily stomped Fu and equaled Time Breaker Limit-Break Jiren who's out to kill whilst Goku was holding back) | Multiverse Level+ (Almost casually stomped Time Breaker Limit-Break Jiren and stomped Final Form Mira with Limit-Breaker Broly while Goku was in base form who claimed to be equal to Demigra with Toki Toki's Egg), Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Stronger than Demigra who absorbed TokiToki- allowing him to achieve a level where no amount of Eggs would ever allow him to achieve a similar level of strength. TokiToki alone controls the Infinite Magniverse) | At least Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Goku's Burning Paradox was noted to have possibly collapsed the Infinite Magniverse if he fought with any notable amount of power. Would've more than likely killed Time Power Mechikabura if their fight continued)

Speed: Immeasurable (Even the weakest of Time Breakers and Time Patrollers are capable of flying beyond the confines of Worlds and into others) | Immeasurable (Moved so fast that Fu and Time Breaker Limit-Break Jiren couldn't react, being described as Moving beyond the limits of normal mathematics by the former. Is able to outpace concepts) | Immeasurable (Capable of even faster speed than his previous peak in his base) | Immeasurable (One of the only characters to even remotely keep up with Genesis Beerus and is on a league unfathomably larger than compared to his previous strongest peak alone)

Lifting Strength: At least Immeasurable (Strong enough to resist Demigra's Telekinesis, which can grab and use Timelines as weapons and wrestle Fu, who's able to hold Worlds like marbles)

Striking Strength: Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | At least Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal

Durability: Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | At least Multiverse+ Level, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level

Stamina: Godly (Is able to take the strain of Super Saiyan with Kaioken times 10 Million and still not need to worry about any draining issues for an indefinite duration), Significantly higher Post-Time Skip

Range: Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment:

  • Senzu Beans: The most powerful natural healing item known to the Gods and Mortals alike. Senzu Beans possesses nigh infinite life and upon consumption, regardless of level of damage, recover from almost any damage and cure most ailments.
  • Power Pole: A powerful Magical Artifact. The Power Pole has been enchanted with Indestructibility and Infinite Size Manipulation and is used to great effect to enhance Goku's own fighting prowess and as a medium for his abilities.
  • Potara Earrings: The Earrings of the Gods. Xeno Goku wears two given to him by Chronoa, signifying Goku as a true Deity. This allows Goku to facilitate Potara Fusion should he give an earring to another person.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Over only one night of actual studying, was able to follow Xeno Bulma's formulas and scientific talk despite it involving extreme Quantum, Temporal and Astral Physics; Fields of science extremely difficult even for the smartest of the Kais to learn. Cited as one of the most skilled Gokus in the entire Infinite Magniverse and the most adaptable amongst them)

Weaknesses: None Notable


Notable Attacks/Techniques: As Goku has a huge amount of techniques, only the important ones will be cited.

Normal Abilities Xeno Goku has learned naturally.

  • Light Slash: An attack made of "Temporal" light, it is able to negate the Immortality and Regeneration of Time Breaker Zamasu (Mid-Godly). Another side-effect is the ability to Paradox someone out of existence; erasing their past.
  • Destructo Disc: An extremely fine disc of Ki; it negates durability by its sheer edge. When measured by Xeno Bulma, the edge of this attack was said to be perfectly sharp on even the quantic Level.
    • Godly Destructo Disc: An enhanced version with Godly Ki. This version of the attack warps reality itself in order to cut through the enemy with absolute surety. This attack is even more lethal when used in conjunction with Void Energy; granting it existence erasing properties able to harm and destroy Abstract Concepts.
  • Photonic Power Pole: Goku is able to manipulate space itself in order to enhance his Power Pole. As the power pole is completely and utterly indestructible even at his range of Power, he's able to enhance it to supernatural feats. By applying dangerous "God Photons" onto it, Goku is able to produce a "Blade" of energy from the Pole and slice through virtually any and all things. This has been shown to be able to seriously harm the concept of Death and would've erased it should King Kai have not stopped him.
  • God Burn: Goku is able to launch a Red Beam of pure "God Photons" in a similar manner to Vegeta's Final Flash. It is able to negate and nullify Regenerations and Existences that cannot be undone by Light Slash, Photonic Power Pole, or even Godly Destructo Disc. Being composed of God Photons, this attack was noted to be capable of feasibly killing Demigra (High-Godly).
  • Charge Impact: Whenever attacking, Xeno Goku is able to passively increase the probability of it hitting and immensely increasing damage dealt. As of yet, other than with SPECIAL Ability Cards, Charge Impact cannot be affected by external Probability Manipulation.
  • Kamehameha: Goku's signature Ki Wave. While not very powerful on its own, it is a highly simple and highly versatile technique.
    • G Kamehameha: God Kamehameha is a variant of the Kamehameha that utilizes God Ki. Because of the nature of God Ki, any normal matter or energy of not divine nature will find itself unimaginably fragile in the face of G Kamehameha.
    • Spirit Kamehameha: A variant of the Kamehameha that strikes at the "essence" of the target; a level beyond that of the spiritual and physical existence. This can result in lesser effects such as the dismantling/malfunctioning of abilities as the information that comprises such abilities no longer function properly to severely damaging the being's existence as they lack the essence to hold themselves together. This is based off of Judgemental Force's effects.
    • Ultimate Kamehameha: A variant of Kamehameha utilized by Ultra Instinct Omen Goku. This variant is naturally brimming with God Photons, granting it its benefits.
  • Azure Deity Style: A type of Divine Martial Arts utilizing Ki to influence specific points in Reality to induce desired effects. These effects are defensive in style but a few deadly techniques for offensive purposes are present.
    • Atomic Vision: Taught to Gohan by Xeno Goku in order to counter Matter Manipulation Users. This technique is designed thus that the object or "thing" within the user's focus has all of their molecular bonds shattered and broken instantaneously and would prevent bonds from being re-formed.
    • Return to Zero: By impacting the space in front of him, Goku is able to nullify and reset space in front of him to its natural state, resetting most effects to their natural/inert states. This visually appears as if gravity is turned off and all previous momentum is suddenly non-existent.
    • Orochi Charge: A powerful Elemental technique which infuses fundamental elements into Goku's attacks. This has a limitation that only one infusion can occur in any one body at a time, but can be swapped between at a moment's notice.
      • Flame: This charge infuses Goku's body with the power of Multiplication. This means that his attacks are amplified by 10x their natural force or effect.
      • Water: This infuses Goku's body with the Ultimate Defense; like water, the harder an object strikes Goku's body, the harder the force felt by the offender will become. This allows Goku to survive attacks that would otherwise kill him instantly.
      • Earth: This, rather than infusing Goku's body, influences the surrounding reality to become hostile to the enemy. This commonly results in reality itself resisting with the enemy's attempts at exacting their own influence over it and causing unfortunate events to happen to them.
      • Wind: This infusion allows Goku to become one with the Astral Winds. This has many effects, such as naturally giving Goku even more fine control over his Ki and striking the enemy with an invisible attack that cannot be sensed even by Goku himself.
      • Poison: Upon contact with a hostile force, this Infusion causes said force to become anathema to itself; their being attacking itself. This is particularly effective on those with powerful Regeneration Factors as this part of their body will return without another exotic effect countering it.
      • Thunder: Unlike the others, the Thunder Infusion allows Goku to create a large chain of electricity which induces temporary paralysis in the struck targets. This works by jumping between the concepts that makes up the enemy's existence, meaning even if they resist manipulation of such, this will still give them pause as the shock causes temporary confliction between them.
      • Light: The Light Infusion grants Goku's body a Light-based Existence, granting him a Selectively Non-Corporeal body as well as allowing Goku to become fast enough to literally be in multiple places at once (to the perspective of peers).
      • Darkness: The Darkness Infusion grants Goku a power called "Shadow Trace" where every strike and effect dealt by Goku is left as a silent "Trace" on the opponent. Upon activation, all of the attacks and effects instantaneously activates all at once on the opponent once more with the same effectiveness as the first time it is utilized.
  • Wukong Style: A Customized Fighting style by Goku developed from the Kame-Style Martial Arts learned from the Turtle School. This style is unique in that it incorporates the more exotic elements of his repertoire better than Kame-Style, allowing for a chain of exotic effects.
    • Fist of The Many Deities: A powerful and advanced version of the Multi-Form Technique. This allows Goku to create 9 separate entities from himself, each embodying an aspect of Goku's psyche such as Anger. These aren't actually embodiments of his psyche and their destruction will have no adverse effect on Goku. When used with the Orochi Charge, this allows each clone to adopt every single one of Orochi's elements alongside one extra duplicate.
    • Mirage of Mirrors: A more powerful variant of the Afterimage Technique modeled off of Hit's Tides of Time's application. By scattering a little of own Ki in a large area, it becomes outright impossible to distinguish which signature is the original Goku or a fake mirage.
  • 6th Sense: An ability granted upon Goku by a Mysterious Entity unknown to Chronoa or any of the Gods. It allows Goku to passively detect dangers and abilities that would otherwise be impossible to detect or know; exposing Trump Cards or plans before they occur seemingly regardless of Future Timelines or all known present divining counters.
    • Beyond Probability: An Ability Goku gained Post-Timeskip where he uses 6th Sense to directly control the fundamental Probabilities. While more versatile than Charge Impact, it is less potent overall.
  • Advanced Instant Transmission: Due to long-time usage of Instant Transmission, Goku has gained an extreme mastery of this ability. Able to be used without any hand gestures and only requiring that Goku knows where he wants to go. This is able to be used in order to traverse through the Void or "Locked" Worlds.
  • Divine Mafuuba: An advanced version of the regular Mafuuba. Goku is able to seal anything inside its very own "Locked" Pocket Dimension or other containers and operates on principles similar to the Keysword and directly inspired it. Is noted to be a more complex and stronger sealing ability than Time Labyrinth, with people such as Demigra and Mechikabura who fused with the Infinite Magniverse to avoid being sealed by any means necessary.
  • Destruction God Style: A martial art developed by the Angels for use by the Gods of Destruction. This primarily focuses on Erasure and the utilization of Destruction Energy. This was taught to Goku whilst he was learning how to utilize God Ki.
    • Hakai: The most basic Destruction Technique. It is just as effective as the original version but requires a charge-up time of 5 (relative) seconds unlike other students whom has non-existent charge-up time but a weaker Erasure. The Hakai erases all targets equally, irregardless of the target's dimensional or conceptual ties. It also outright ignores most regeneration and resurrection abilities, with such entities as Janemba, Demigra, and Mechikabura who notably fused with the Infinite Magniverse avoiding the technique.
    • Judgemental Force: A technique that nullifies effects. This ability chooses specific informational "links" in the target's existence and seals them using Destruction Energy to isolate them from the original entity, denying usage of said information.
  • Ultimate Mirror: An extremely advanced Godly-Ki Technique utilized by the Grand Priest. After several grueling millennia in a more advanced version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku is able to attain this ability. This technique has the ultimate ability to reflect most attacks, including but not limited to, Physical, Ki-Based, Reality-Based, Soul-Based, Time-Based, Void-Based, Intangible or Non-Corporeal all being such examples.
  • Void Shackles: An advanced technique based off of Demigra's Spatial Shackles and Time Shackles respectively. Several portals leading to the space between worlds appears all around the target and black chains made of Void Energy chains them. The chaotic properties of the void would erase all manner of "Order" of their being and lock their essence in endless darkness, forever chaotic.
    • Void Cloak: By creating a shield of shackles around himself, Goku is able to temporarily disrupt his own existence and replicate Demigra's Shadow Keysword; causing Goku's "story" to become distorted and allow him to operate outside of any such stories. Also has the added benefit of disrupting incoming effects with Chaos and also allowing Goku to temporarily traverse Chaotic areas safely.
  • Super Saiyan: A power-up transformation; it boosts his base power by 50x its normal abilities whilst also simultaneously granting Goku golden hair and blue pupils.
    • Super Saiyan Grade II: An intermediary between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. It grants a 2x Multiplier above regular Super Saiyan. It is less of a form and more of a "Way" of utilizing Super Saiyan to maximize Ki Utilization.
    • Super Saiyan 2: A further-enhanced state; it grants power 100x that of Super Saiyan Grade 2 and gives Goku a sparking, electric aura.
    • Super Saiyan 3: The result of a Saiyan unleashing their total primal abilities, this grants a multiplier of 400x that of Super Saiyan 2.
    • Super Saiyan 4: A result of fusing the Oozaru form with Super Saiyan yet retaining control, this form grants Goku a massive power increase of 1000x that of Super Saiyan 3.
      • Super Saiyan 4 Overdrive: The Pseudo-Limit Breaker version of Super Saiyan 4. It has a power increase of 1,000,000x that of regular Super Saiyan 4 at the cost of equivalent Stamina Drain.
    • Super Saiyan God: A form implied Goku possesses. This state is unknown in strength but seems to grant Goku immeasurable power that easily outclasses Super Saiyan 4 Overdrive.
    • Super Saiyan Blue: A form he donned once training with Whis as well as his CC Incarnation. He has since gained a mastery of this form possibly surpassing his original counterpart- with an immeasurably stronger boost compared to God form.
  • Kaioken: An ability used to temporarily surpass one's limits. Xeno Goku has learned to harness this ability in conjunction with any of his transformations; granting him power never yet seen before.
    • Times 100: This is Goku's "Comfortable" multiplier where he can apply to any of his transformations. This is a level of Kaioken that he can maintain even in his day-to-day life where most wouldn't realize he was using Kaioken.
    • Times 10 Million: Goku's upper maximum. This allows Goku to outpace Concepts thus that changes or erasure-based effects is not relevant and leave his opponents in his dust within a single instant. This can be used on top of Super Saiyan 4 Overdrive or Blue for maximum power generation and utilization.
  • Ultra Instinct Omen: An Incomplete/Imperfect version of Ultra Instinct. It allows his body to automatically react and dodge attacks and esoteric effects with no input from the brain with almost perfect precision. Ultra Instinct is especially potent with the 6th Sense. This form produces "God Photons" which lingers in the body after usage. Ultra Instinct Omen's difference in strength from Super Saiyan Blue is a comparable difference between Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan.
    • Burning Paradox: An event which is passively created by Goku when he's in Ultra Instinct Omen- the literal "Density" of his strength far too much for reality to support. Things caught in this Multiverse-sized Event will undergo a process similar to Time Paradoxing but much worse- where not only are they erased from History, their causal ties to Reality are severed such that even if one can somehow survive, they'd be fully incapable of ever returning as Causality itself rejects their existence.
  • Saiyan SPECIAL: A term used for when Xeno Goku utilizes every SPECIAL Ability Card at once. This temporarily grants Xeno Goku infinite Stamina as he's filled with the card's energies alongside each card's effects.

Abilities which has been learned/gained through Xeno Goku's own Interactions with Beat's Reality, absorbing the effects from the cards of himself.

  • Omni Attack: Channels all elements and energies of the Multiverse and blasts the target with it in the form of a Charged Beam.
  • Recursive Kamehameha: A Kamehameha that gets more powerful the more resistance it faces.
  • False Sight: Should an enemy be able to bypass Goku's defenses, When an enemy attempts to gain information through a Sensory Ability, they are flooded with disrupted information.
  • Chains of Nothing: By directly applying the Chaotic Void onto attack(s), the attack's "order" and "form" are disrupted, causing said attack (or effect) to dissipate and become dispelled.
  • Immolating Spirit Bomb: a red-variant of the Spirit Bomb formed of God Photons. Rather than erasing the physical "evil", the Immolating Spirit Bomb attaches itself into the underlying "evil" concepts bound to one's being that burns brighter and stronger the more the concepts resist erasure.

Powerful Ability Cards gained from Beat's World. Differs from normal Ability Cards and Abilities in that it (usually) resists negation of its effects.

  • Unwavering Belief: Negates external manipulations, including other SPECIAL Ability Cards, from affecting Goku's Charge Impact.
  • Guard Drain: Drains the Durability and Defense of the Enemy, weakening them, and bolsters Attack Power with it.
  • Extreme Battle: When Xeno Goku is at 50% Health or below, damage dealt is multiplied by 1.2x.
  • Special Power: For any given activation of the card, if the collective side Xeno Goku is on has a HP total of less than 50% or less, Xeno Goku's power will double.
  • A Heart that Never Gives Up: At 30% Health or less, Attack Power is multiplied by 1.5x
  • Prepared for Death: At 10% Health or less, Attack Power is multiplied by 3x.
  • Power to Accelerate: Once Xeno Goku achieves maximum Charge Impact, Attack Power scales to a maximum of 2.5x
  • Super Ki Bullet: At the end of the 3rd Attack, Xeno Goku enters an empowered "Sparking", which allows Xeno Goku to deal Super Damage (5x Damage) and Super-Sparking reduces the opponent's Guard.
  • Super Deadly Ki: At the end of each 4th Attack, Xeno Goku enters "Super-Sparking Mode", increasing damage by 4x.
  • Ultimate Divine Kamehameha: Upon performing God Kamehameha, this card activates. All damage dealt by the enhanced G Kamehameha is increased by 20x and is resistant to damage-reducing effects.
  • The Ultimate Super Saiyan: Slows the Charge Impact Bar, allowing Xeno Goku to choose desired Probabilities easily
  • Battle with the Strong: With an opponent stronger than Xeno Goku, all Statistics are increased by 3x and Xeno Goku (and his Team) is granted a free Resurrection even from total Erasure
  • Miraculous Super Saiyan 4: Upon entering Super Saiyan 4 or variants, miracle perfect rate increases permanently
  • Bursting Fighting Spirit: At the end of each third strike, Xeno Goku gets his stamina fully restored and some HP
  • Checkmate: Upon Activation of the Card, all Enemies will have their total power halved.
  • Victory Move: Once using a special move, this will siphon the opponent's Guard and Reduction Effects to empower the Special Move even more. Also Passively increases the chance of Miracle Perfects of all on Xeno Goku's team (Random-Chance Maximum Charge Impact)
  • Impassible Aura: Upon activation, negates all Damage other than Base Damage of Attacks.
  • Transcendental Power: When a Special Move is activated, the Damage dealt to the enemy is doubled by the number of attacks given in the entire battle.
  • Confrontation with Strong Enemies: With each Engagement, add the power of the strongest opponent onto Xeno Goku until disengagement. Although there is a limit, as seen with Beerus, the actual amount remains to be seen.
  • Freeze Attack: Upon every second strike, the chance that Goku enters "Freeze Mode" exponentially increases from a base of 5%. If Freeze Mode is activated, the enemy is temporarily frozen, all damage is transferred to the enemy and Probability of landing a hit on the User from then on is reduced by 50%
  • Synchronizing Force: The Attack Power of Xeno Goku increases by the Number of Allies multiplied by 2.
  • Quiet Anger: At the start of each Engagement, if the collective HP of Xeno Goku's team is 50% or less, everybody's HP is fully restored.
  • Paradoxical Might: Upon activation, all hostile attacks temporarily has their effects inversed (Damage turns into Healing and Healing Turns into Damage). Should an effect not have a direct opposite, they are negated outright.

Key: Time Patroller | Super Saiyan Kaioken times 10 Million | Post-Time Skip | Ultra Instinct Omen

Note: As Post-Time Skip Base Goku is stronger than Super Saiyan KKx10M, Post-Time Skip Base Goku retains all of said form's resistances and strengths.


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