Tessen japanese steel war fan 2


A folding fan that possesses great abilities and powers. Though, many may underestimate the deadliness of the fan, however, it allows Stryder full control over wind and with this control, it can allow Stryder to cut using the wind.

In extreme cases, the fan can even allow it's wind to cut through the space fabric, making spatial folds. The fan is very durability, able to withstand strong blows from blades and stronger blunts, it can even deflect bullet-fire and withstand against plasma beams.

Power and Stats

Tier: High 7-A

Origin: Total Armageddon

Wielders: Stryder Xiaolong Yun

Attack Potency: Small Island Level+ (The "Hurricane" is a move Poseidon's guards couldn't take and it took out many of his small islands.)

Powers and Abilities: Wind Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Chi Manipulation.