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Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy) is a master of this power, using many different weapons all at the same time.


Note: This is taken directly from VS Battles.

Ability of a character to operate different weapons in a significantly more skillful manner than an ordinary person. It also includes management skills of all kinds of military equipment (from armored personnel carrier to sbattleships).


  • Close weapon mastery - Character can expertly manage knives, swords, spears, etc., and all kinds of clubs, maces, hammers, etc. It also includes skill with throwing weapons (such as stones, shuriken, or darts).
  • Firearms mastery - Character can expertly use pistols, shotguns, rifles, sub-machine guns, machine guns, etc. They could be snipers who can shoot a target in a manner that the victim does not even realize what killed them.
  • Explosives mastery - Characters can skillfully manage all kinds of explosives, as well as possess the mastery of weapons such as grenade launchers, mortars, rocket launchers, etc.
  • Military technology mastery - Character can manage a variety of combat vehicles (BMP, armored personnel carriers, tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.). This includes not only management (as a driver) in any tank, but also the capacity to effectively using its weapons to destroy enemy targets.
  • High-tech weapons mastery - Character can cope with a variety of high-tech weaponry. This applies to lasers, blasters, annihilators, generators, devices which can fold space, etc., and all kinds of technical skills to manage such devices (from combat ships to devices which can manipulate entire universes).