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Control over the Void gave the evil lord Exdeath great power. Once consumed by it, his nothingness became a threat to everything.


This is taken directly from VS Battles Wikia. Credit goes to them for this page.


Void Manipulation is power over the void, nothingness or non-existence.

Possible Uses

  • Conversion to nothingness/Existence Erasure: The user of this ability might be capable of turning targets into nothing. This can range from only turning the matter of the target to nothing to also turning things like its energy, mind, soul, space, time and/or even concepts to nothing. Note that most users of this ability have not the full range of the ability. Further note that one shouldn't list a character to have resistance/immunity against this ability in total, as that requires a character to have shown resistance against every imaginable ability which can erase a target.
  • Existing in non-existence: The user might be capable of existing in a place outside of existence in general. Similarly, a user might be capable of dragging something else into such a place.