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Vithris is the universe where everything takes place in the Firebrand Legacies, an upcoming novel series written by TheRetronomer. In the series, it focuses around the struggles of the people of Nierma as they fight against dark forces led by the Demon King, Shalius. Wielding Blackwinter, a weapon that can destroy universes, many rise up to stop him before he can destroy Vithris itself.

The Universe's Power

Most characters in Vithris are normal humans, Elves, and other beings with no magic. While there are Gods, they are weak and drained of their magic by Jason Meadowswall, the Astral Being. The only spirits strong enough to counter the Astral are three sisters from the Star of Eystroria: Valor, Power, and Wit.

The main characters of the 15 book series are average humans, who usually are thrown into war against beings following the Demon King.



  • Typhus Winterleaf
  • Cassius Winterleaf
  • Theseus Goldarrow
  • Vernilus Huntlocke
  • Julana Mirrorsea
  • Hollythorn
  • Belkor Boarshield
  • Nistena Riverrain
  • Acrillico the Black
  • Shalius the Demon King


  • Blackwinter
  • Jason Meadowswall
  • Aluxes Winterleaf
  • Ember Lerwick
  • Hotaru

Stories in the Series

(These are all planned books in the series. A set release date has not been determined.)

  • Snowshard
  • Darkwater
  • Stormrider
  • Autumnwind
  • Redmoon
  • Daystrider
  • Rubyblood
  • Sufferthorn
  • Astralfire
  • Whitegarden
  • Firebrand
  • Icegate
  • Goldarrow
  • Desertleaf
  • Moonthief


The names, characters, setting, and plot created by TheRetronomer belongs to him. He claims full authority and copyright over them. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and met with legal action.