Pride is not something you simply have. It's an investment that you sacrifice in every act your commit, debasing and tearing yourself apart, to win it all back in the ultimate victory.
~ The Valev

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An immortalized legend of The Consortium.

Valev 'Valev' Valev had a short, yet enjoyable life. He was the only child of a single mother, his father having perished in one of many, many wars. He was a loud and rowdy kid, but paid his dues and attended school every day. His favorite meals were hot dogs, which ironically enough, were quite expensive in Noviaa City. Every weekend, he would race across the sprawling urban streets of his home city with all his school friends, admiring the flashing lights of the world he was brought into. He was utterly enthralled. The utter freedom, happiness in every man and woman's face, with magic and partying coming together as one. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, as he felt his heart claimed not by a person, but the marvelous kingdom of Noviaa. On the very first hour of his eighteenth birthday, he left school and signed himself up for the Noviaan Militia, a secular force to be called on at any time for the defense of the empire. After a few successful defenses, he earned the nickname "Doofus With A Gun".

Whenever he was off-duty, he would host bombastic house parties at his apartment, lasting day and night. Some said that Valev's smile was a permanent one, a grin of a man who truly enjoyed everything with an incredible passion, the light in his eyes bright enough to engulf the dance floor and the strength of his love great enough to repel any insurgents. A man who could both look idle, yet be infinitely at work in his strange head. A man who could look simple and easily occupied, but always with some absurd idea or plan beyond the surface. A man who would never say "I love you", because there was never any doubt that he did in the first place.

This man died at the young age of 24.


Valev woke up in a dark, damp forest, the air still around him. Scared and alone, he got to his feet, confusion washing over him. Only the smallest rays of light cracked through the immense undergrowth that hung overhead, like a shrouding blanket over a small child at night, leaving only blindness in Valev's eyes. Dirt plastered on his body, his white fur coat stained with mud, hair matted, he stood up and gazed around. It had been so long- he was free, now. Free from the endless grasp of whatever beast existed deep within that... place. He couldn't describe it, or understand it, but he knew it. Memories of floating within existence and non-existence, split across time, having fallen asleep out at sea with no hope of returning from where he came. Now he was alone, on this little forest island.

Years began to pass in Valev's new home. He was in some odd, unfamiliar world, far away from the Noviaa he had known. Stuck another place, or even another time, he built up and developed his magical prowess. He was not living his life- he was merely carrying out the motions.

But that light, that Noviaan spark of desire, was ignited once again when he was confronted with The Jade Empire, a small kingdom province, one of many across the tremendous planet. One day, after a small bar fight, Valev found himself rightfully imprisoned in a county prison, Crown's Hold. Here, he bore witness to some of the most horrible conditions imaginable, with minorities and all those scorned by society whipped and slaving away before his very eyes. It angered him, seeing poor, wilted men wither and beaten until they collapsed on the concrete. Most men were there either because they could not pay their taxes, or because they resorted to crime in order to feed their families. Valev saw this, yet he did not have the soul to raise a finger.

After a series of prison fights, and only one year after imprisonment, Valev found himself facing an absurd 50 years within Crown's Hold, shut off from the very mana that was needed to sustain his fragile life. Into depression he fell, spiraling into despair as he felt trapped and without control. Due to his shattered soul being unable to naturally regenerate mana, he was too deprived of mana to cast a spell in defense, less risk horrible death.

He accepted his fate and went with the system, deciding to live out his short life in relative peace. Valev met a man named Kira, a quiet elderly illusionist locked away dozens of years ago for something too petty for him to remember. The now middle-aged Valev took a liking to his unlikely new friend; their games of chess were some of the few times he felt happy. Even if Valev always lost.

Kira loved long, peaceful afternoons, and wanted noting more than to tell many stories about the ages of the gods, how individual people aspired for greatness and built themselves up as legends among men. He spun webs of great epics and history that left Valev fascinated and amazed. That was who he wished he was, and Kira was unlocking that deep-seated motivation. All that was left was the jump start.

This came on a fateful day where Kira returned from the factories horribly beaten and bloodied, his voice raspy and eyes dulled. Valev rushed to his aid, but Kira rejected him. Kira offered up his soul to Valev, as a source, a battery to spur him forward, on one condition; that he liberate this damn prison and become who he always wanted to be. A legend of the people.

Tears streaming down his face, he consumed his dear friend's soul, and rose. With a surge of energy, he tore his way through the prison, leaving all destroyed in his wake. He liberated the prisoners of war and injustice, and stood at the front of the crowd as they marched off to freedom, the cries of "Valev!" following.

Valev, freed and unbroken, was ready for a new age.

Valev's victory set him off like a spark on a barrel of gunpowder. The praise of the abuse prisoners flustered him with a sudden sense of importance and relevance to the world around him, the same feeling as when he lead his Noviaan regiment into battle. So, when called upon by the starving peasants to head the charge against The Jade Empire itself, Valev felt obligation to spread those Noviaan ideals to the people, and take action.

Valev gave vigorous speeches, igniting the poor and abused class with vast promises and angry yet hopeful desires, speaking emotionally and truthfully, merely spilling out his desires into every word. He was a natural orator, perfect at inspiring the beaten minority up against impossible odds. His caravan grew in size as he traveled from small village to small village- though, despite his enthusiastic words, he wasn't actually considering much in the way of violent revolution. Battle really didn't appeal to him- it was bloody and cruel, and what he desired was liberation and Noviaan ideals. Independence was what drove him, not war. So for the time being, it was a nonviolent protest, an organized strike for farmers and the poor minority. The slogan "None for me, none for you!" rose in the streets as Valev's men demanded lowered taxes on the lower class so they could just feed their families again.

Now, the government was more or less between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, Valev was a criminal who had bust open one of the most secure prisons in The Jade Empire, with numerous casualties. Letting him simply get away scott-free would be impossible.

Yet, on the other hand, Valev was at the head of an immense, nonviolent protest. Taking violent action against him would only bolster his clout and reputation, as well as tossing charcoal on the raging flames until they engulfed the whole palace.

Eventually, they made their decision - arrest Valev, and attempt to negotiate with the rebels. Hopefully, it would solve both of their issues- quell the strike, and take the criminal out.

It did neither.

As soldiers marched upon Valev's residence, he took it as a sign of brutal, authoritarian offense. On the fly, he rose and charged through the streets, yelling of how demise was coming upon them and how the Jade Army came to have them slain. By the time The Jade Army stepped over the village bridge, a mob was up in arms, ready to strike without any holding back. And at the head, was Valev. At the front lines, he charged.

He lost that battle.


158 civilians died in The Bridgeside Massacre. Only the smallest group of insurgents, including Valev, managed to escape the chaos and fall into the cover of the woods. Valev was devastated. His defeat, at the hands of General Norm Beckam, was swift and devastating- he was outmaneuvered, outarmed, outnumbered, and humiliated. He was dazed, shocked at the memories of the carnage, allies and people he grew to know cut down in a heartbeat. He had fought in wars, but he was usually on the winning side. Never before had he experienced such sudden, unforgivable losses.

He secluded himself within the depths of a forest for months, drowning in self-loathing and failure. Some say he spent every last week planning and analyzing exactly what he could of done, exactly how he could of won, to no avail. To him, the cause of revolution was over. He could not of been more wrong.

Haiti Esther, a foreign general in The Jade Army, had heard of the ruthless Bridgeside Massacre. Having always been an advocate of rights and liberation to the poor, she was utterly infuriated by this display of ruthless violence, and took it as the tipping point of the iceburg. She dissented, and following her were much of the army who knew of her legend and unparalleled skill on the battlefield. In The Battle of Deathside Dance, she rampaged the armies occupying various in-rebellion towns,

Valev is a concept and an ideal. Created by the Boon of Souls, Valev became a complicated relationship between The Host and The Collective. The Collective is a mass of all the souls Valev has ever absorbed and used, laying dormant deep within The Infinite Consortium. The Collective is silent and unable to act directly, but can lightly influence worlds and planes through The Host.

The Host is a form of Valev that can take any form and any gender. The Host's mind is split evenly between the new soul that makes up The Host, and The Collective. This allows Valev to, over time, learn and adapt through these new soul's experiences and decisions, while also using The Collective to stay careful and alive.

In the situation that The Host does die, The Collective will attempt to use a limited pool of active, accessible soul power to transfer Valev's soul into another Host. Only the souls collected directly by that Host can be used as a pool of soul power, as they are the only souls he can directly call upon for magic in most circumstances.

This leads to a unique situation where The Collective needs to keep The Host alive, or else it will slowly lose power and perish. Each Host is somewhat different, while still possessing core Valev beliefs and philosophies that come with being one with The Collective. The Collective is, in essence, an afterlife for every Valev that ever was, each one working in unison for the success of Valev, for the future of Valev, and for all that is Valev.


To say Valev is anything less than bombastic would be a slight to the word itself. He’s a loud, seemingly happy-go-lucky man with a fascination for his looks, new places, and women. He travels the universe with a smile on his face, hopping from body to body, life to life, exploring new and unique things. He’s a blast to be around and can show anyone a whole slew of new experiences without a care in the world for safety. It’s rare to see him not smiling.

Yet, he is not without his flaws. Valev is, at the core, rather selfish. He’ll often prioritize his own wants and needs over others, and is quick to drop an ally if they can’t keep up with him. Valev is also quite childish, having never grown up from his partying days. But when Valev is put on a job, he’ll get it done, even if it’s not quite the most correct way to do it.

Valev’s drive to action revolves around his home world. Valev is a nationalist, taking deep pride in the incredible nation from which he came, while resenting the beast that took it away from him. Deep in his heart, he’s afflicted with a great sadness, knowing that his immortal life has never once been as good as his time in Noviaa, his beloved home land. His plan is simple, yet painful. He shall live as an immortal, passing through The Infinite Consortium and searching for one of two things; the power to revive the world he had lost, or the ability to find a world exactly like the one destroyed. In an infinite universe, there has to be one exactly like the one he was from.

Yet, he has never found it.

His ideals center around absolute freedom, as that's exactly how he wishes to live. If all were to become balanced, in his eyes, perfect society would form from the ashes. He's very decisive and dead set in his ways, unwilling to change his core beliefs if he can help it. Sometimes, this can show how his immortality jades away at his heart, though occasionally events crack that shell and reveal hidden vulnerability within Valev.

Valev's methods very often veer on the side of brutality, sacrificing and harming anyone and anything to reach his goals. This is not to say he doesn't know what he's doing is wrong; Valev instead emotionally disconnects himself from those around him, seeing them as ends to justify a means.

Valev is a proud and strong man who has firm nationalist and quite selfish ideals, but is truly just driven by the deep-seated desire to bring back what he had lost, once and for all. And once he achieves his goal and can hold what he loves so dearly, he will never, ever let it go.



  • Valev was originally named V, but I disliked the name.
  • Valev’s Kiri were inspired by Draven’s axes, the Icon of The Kraken was taken from Illaoi, and Valev will often make references to Ekko when recalling back in time. In essence, a lot of his abilities are inspired by League of Legends. Blame the hosts of the RPs I was in.

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