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The VSRPverse is a collection of connected roleplay series hosted in various threads on the VS Battles wiki. These RPs are connected canonically through recurring characters and plots across the board. The list of connected verses are as follows:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

A series covering the actions of various people chosen by Omni, a powerful being who desires to create multiversal progress and gives many people across various timelines powers to shape, destroy, or protect the world as they see fit. Taken to another world with minimal levels of power, they fight for control and against threats from Omni’s various tests, world powers, their own past, and each other.

Reincarnation Wars

A series in which the world is threatened by a oncoming darkness that will destroy all of existence. To fight against it, various people have been given powers from their past lives in order to fight against the darkness. In order to do this, they must also find The Emissary, a powerful being who can stop the cataclysm, but has gone missing and must be found.

Legion of Man

A roleplay based around a group brought together to fight the Legion of Man, a group of villains whose power threatens the world. The Legion comes from across the multiverse, and has powers far beyond any human being. They are opposed by a group of people who have gained the power to summon servants who are remnants of destroyed worlds.

War for the Worlds

A roleplay in which multiple people gain superpowers from a strange substance. This substance turns out to be the key to saving their worlds, which are close to collapse due to multiverse instability. Thus, they must find enough to save their worlds and to save others.

Save the World

A role play in which various people from across the multiverse come together as a group called “The Chosen”. Brought together by a incarnation of David Beckham, they fight against various dark forces as heroes for the power of the Stereo Spheres, powerful artifacts with various powers.

Reforged Ideals

A roleplay in which various people from various worlds were summoned by The Strange Presence, also referred to as the "red" entity, for an unclear purpose, with another entity, known as the "blue" entity, having influence on this world. They were granted powers to do with as they choose, and faced occasional obstacles from the entities in the form of the Challengers.

Everybody Wants to Die

A roleplay serving as a spin-off or sequel to Everybody Wants to Rule the World, covering various other gods that wished to create a death game much like Omni had, to varying results. Granted powers and dropped into an alternate earth, those summoned are sent to recover magic stones containing great power, form their factions, and generally do as they please.

Powers of the Verse

The verse varies in power greatly. The characters in the Legion of Man and War of the World series are much weaker then those who appear in others, capping out at 5-A at best. In others, power escalation USUALLY allows for up to Tier 3 caps and increased hax, such as in Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Reincarnation Wars. These higher tier verses also tend to have much higher hax thresholds, with more powerful abilities appearing as the series progresses.



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