so yeah, my first calc ever, or compilation, in this case.

calc 1: A crater with a punch

Eeveelution squad scaling
as we can see. there is not even dust around despite it being rock, so I'll use pulverization.

I must find the size of the pixels in the scene and their height when bipedal. Since all the eeveelution have similar body proportions and glaceons have the same height as jolteons, I'll use Speed's (the jolteon) height during previous panels (since I couldn't find good panels for glaceons and the ones I found for speed were also kinda bad and even older panels had different art styles)

Eeveelution torso lenght
Eeveelution forepaw scale

first one:

since his paws are cut I'll remove 5 cm from his height to compensate.

height: 75 / 185 = 0,405405405 cm in each pixel

torso: 165 x 0.405 =  66.891891825 cm, so 66.90 cm 

second one:

height: 80/281 = 0.28469750889 cm

forepaw: 143 x 0.28469750889 = 40.7117437713, his paws aren't touching the ground so they are extended a little, so I'll round it to 40.7 cm

therefore their bipedal height is 66.90 + 40.7 = 107.6 cm.

this should be considered for the other characters since they are around the same height every time and their bodies' proportions are identical.

now the actual feat:

thanks to the super irregular shape, I'll pretend it is roughly a half-ellipsoid, kindly note that this is my first time interacting with ellipsoid, I even had to learn it's existence for this calc alone.

Eeveelution squad scaling 2

pixel scaling: 107.6 / 73 = 1.47397260274 cm per pixel

Diameter: 1.47397260274 x 501 = 738.460273973 cm

length: 1.47397260274 x 321 = 473.14520548 cm

depth: diameter x 0,18

738.460273973 x 0,18 = 132.922849315 cm

with this calculator, I got 97270206,197 cm^3.

97270206,197 x 214.35 =  2.08498687 × 1010  joules, which equals 4.98 tons of tnt, large building level.

something is wrong, I can feel it, was expecting wall+ at minimum and small building+ at max.

Calc 2: bigass rock.

literally the same page lol.

20200621 124902

the rock is pretty spherical, so I'll use a hemisphere:

first method (low ball):

I'll use the pixels of the rock shown in the scene exclusively.

20200621 125946

CC: 107.6 cm / 96 = about 1.12083 cm per pixel

radius: 1.12083 x 457 x 0,5 = 256.109655 cm

volume: 35183291.5 cm^3

weight: volume x 2.75 (granite's density) = 96.754 tons

lifting strenght class 100

she also crumbled the rock a lot, i'll add in a frag calc.

AP = volume x 8 j/cc = 281466322 joules.

she did that with a few hits, but the whole scene happened fast and immediately she got attacked after the crumbling, said attacker was already positioning himself while she smashed the rock, therefore i'll consider 4 hits.

281466322 / 4 = about 0,016 tons of tnt, small building level.

method 2:

i tried to make circles to try to come up with a hypothetical radius of the full thing.

Rock feat alternative

so literally the values of above but higher.

volume: 46633608.1 cm^3

weight: 128 tons, Class K

AP: 0,22 tons of tnt, small bulding level+, close to building level.

feat 3: speed shows his speed.

20200621 170920

what makes this impressive is that she thought he teleported, meaning he moved faster than her eye could see through the whole distance, which is what we need to discover, but since we don't see the full distance of the trail and the angle is weird, this is a lowball.

the best way i could find was using ang sizing, which I have no experience with, so this part will be dependent on evaluations heavily.

Speed feat
Ignore the blue line and number, I put it there while trying to use the ang size and it turned out to be useless, but I couldn't remove it.

putting the angsize formula between the door (green) and the panel height (red) gives me 36,130957427144 degrees.

the average size of doors is about 2 meters.

putting it in the [http:// calculator] gives me 3.0658 meters.

the human eye can recognize events that last at max 1/220 seconds, that glaceon like everyone else trains and lives in a world where everyone has access to speed attacks and training, and she couldn't recognize his movements.

220 x 3.0658 = 674.476 meters per second, mach 1.96, supersonic.

and before that, the turbo mode was being borrowed and he was getting more tired by the second, not losing his life force but still getting tired, to the point of drinking several coffees to keep himself awaken and even falling asleep in a thermal pool.

so at the moment he was not at full power, even if he just had dropped a gallon of coffee or slept he would've still lost some stamina.

feat 4: Speed throws some peeble.

20200625 145431

I couldn't find a matching shape to compare it to, but since it has some round areas and for the lack of a better alternative, i used a full ellipsoid.

328 / 160 = 2,05x bigger

2,05 x 40.7 = 83.435 cm for the diameter

214 / 160 = 1.3375x bigger

1.3375 x 40.7 = 54.43625 cm for the lenght

83.435 x 0.18 = around 15 cm for the depth.

with the calculator, I got 285375,272 cm^3

the density of granite is 2,75 g/cm^3 so the mass is 784782 grams or about 784.8 kg.

since the scene was done fast and the glaceon had no awareness of Speed picking and throwing the rock despite leaving him buried in the ground, I'll assume a timeframe of 1 second.

20200625 145402

13 px = 40.7 cm

100 px = 313 cm.

so the rock went 3.13 m/s

kinectic energy = 1/2 x 784.8 x 3.13^2 = 3844.3 j, street level, meh.

now lifting strength.

3.13^2/2 x 3.13 = 15.33 x 784.8 = 12 tons, Class 25.

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