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Speed the Jolteon is the main protagonist of the webcomic Eeveelution Squad by PKM-150, a jolteon born without his parents, being the oldest of his family and their parental figure.

He is a retired gold rank rescuer who fought against the berserk pokémon, fought on wars, made friends with other Eeveelutions, and became a gardener to achieve peace and spend time with his family.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B High 8-C, Potentially up to 8-A with Turbo mode.

Name: Speed, Speedy, jolty, Alan, The Yellow Flash, Yellow, Primus, "The Father"

Origin: Eeveelution Squad

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Pokémon, Jolteon, Gold rank Rescuer, Fallen Champion, Gardener, Adoptive Father, Father of the berserk virus, Reincarnation of Alan (his alternate self from the original timeline)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Acrobatics (Shown Multiple times), Metal Manipulation via Iron Tail, Darkness Manipulation via Shadow Ball, Statistics Amplification via Quick Attack, Homing Attack via Swift | All previous abilities, except Metal,  Darkness Manipulation and Homing attack, Electricity Manipulation, AuraBerserk Mode (Turbo Mode activates at will or whenever his emotions fluctuate, especially anger, and makes him violent. It is compared to the Berserk Virus) Regeneration (Low-Mid, Low-Godly if he dies, a new body is created below the ground), Immortality (type 2, 3 and 4, can survive fatal damage without healing as long as it isn't in the brain for variable periods of time), Instinctive reaction (He doesn't need to be aware of danger to dodge), Likely Extrasensory Perception (His Reaction ability was stated to detect anything thrown at him), resurrection, Limited Self-Biological Manipulation (Everytime he dies his DNA is changed) Summoning (of a dummy), Absorption (of electricity), High Pain Tolerance, Limited Reactive Power Level (His skull grew thicker after getting hurt), likely Space-Time Manipulation/Portal Creation (Speed 2.0 managed to punch nothing and crack a barrier, creating a portal into another dimension using Turbo Mode), Soul Manipulation, Possession (Turbo Mode is fueled by countless souls from alternate universes, Speed 2.0 possessed a spiritual body with it), Creation and Life Manipulation (Primus created a dimension that is the lair of billions of beings, and the berserk virus, but is unknown how he created it) With Turbo Mode

Resistance to Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Power Nullification (Turbo Mode is Bonded to his soul and cannot be removed normally) and likely Ice Manipulation (tanked CC's ice blasts, but is unknown if they had freezing side effects and he has been frozen outside of battle by surprise)

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Should be comparable to his durability) | Large Building level (Comparable to Berserk CC, who created a crater with a punch and fragmented a boulder, and should be comparable to berserk flare, who stopped CC with minor difficulty and thought he had destroyed a restaurant, two shotted lazuli, who survived a punch from berserk CC while being sent flying without fainting, Sylvia is scared of him sometimes, despite being capable of throwing 3 pokemon (One being Speed's old partner in combat) through a wall when angry ), Potentially up to Multi-City Block level with Turbo Mode (his power increases every second up to 128x in 30 seconds before turning off)

Speed: Unknown | At least Supersonic (easily moved as if he had teleported while tired, blitzes other characters with ease), Potentially up to Massively Hypersonic with Turbo Mode

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Likely Superhuman | Class K (fought and wrestled with Berserk CC, Who lifted a giant boulder, threw a big rock at her without the intent to severely harm her), Potentially up to Class M with Turbo Mode (Increases his strength, immediately pinned berserk CC to the ground with ease)

Striking Strength: At least Wall level (Should be comparable to his durability) |Large Building Class (Comparable to Berserk CC, harmed Lazuli with a punch), Higher with quick attack, Potentially up to Multi-City Block Class with Turbo Mode

DurabilityAt least Wall level (Tanked being punched through the ground and thrown against debris) | Large Building level (Tanked CC's punches and blasts with bruises, got smashed to the ground and was fine, only died to CC due to the Turbo Mode Drawback), Immortality and Regeneration makes him hard to kill.

Stamina: Above Average | High (Can be heavily injured and lose an arm and still fight)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Several meters with Shadow ball and Swift  | Standard Melee Range. At least several meters with Electricity Manipulation, Likely Potentially up to hundreds of meters with Turbo Mode, Likely Cross-Dimensional with Portal Creation (Speed 2.0 forced his way into a Spiritual Dimension by punching a portal into existence)

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Gifted (Is a Gold-rank level 98 Champion at age 16, learned some mechanical skill with a doctor after some teachings, considered to be a genius at combat and strategy, took care of his brothers since he was a baby and could already talk the instant he was born, hide his identity from others for months)

Weaknesses: He is rather oblivious socially, coming off as dense and is a little naive, Turbo Mode drains his life force and using it for too long will make his faint or leave him weakened, Turbo mode only lasts for 30 seconds and his power builds up over time, Weak against ground attacks, must concentrate his healing factor, his resurrection time varies depending on his will to leave, the normal being a few seconds to a full day at max if he wants to stay dead.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Quick Attack: The user increases their speed and charges into the enemy.

Iron Tail: The user turns their tail into pure metal and bashes the foe, which may lower their defense.

Swift: A shower of star-shaped projectiles that home in their target.

Shadow Ball: A shadowy blob is hurled at the target, which may lower their defense.

Thunderbolt: A Strong electric blast is thrown at the target, which may leave it paralyzed.

Double Kick: A combo of kicks varying between 2 and 5.

Substitute: The user leaves a dummy with 1/4 of their heath to avoid damage.

Volt Absorb: Every electric attack is passively absorbed into Speed's body, restoring his health and energy.

Healing Factor: A power that Speed got after making a wish from Jirachi, then wishing it away for a tournament and wishing it back with alterations. It previously was automatic and healed any damage as long as his brain was intact and his head in place, now it requires concentration but in turn if he actually dies a new body will be made out of nothing and sprout from the ground with a different DNA.

Turbo Mode: A power obtained thanks to his status as the father of the berserk virus, bonded to his soul and being fulled by countless others from across the multiverse, it is an infinite source of power shown to allow others to literally punch their way into dimensions and possess souls, among other possible feats. Due to Speed not knowing how to use even a fraction of this power, it only increases his strength and speed and lasts for 30 seconds before knocking him out.

Auto-Dodge: Speed has some reaction ability that detects anything thrown at him and allows his body to dodge attacks without him knowing or even meaning to, similar to ultra instinct.

Note: Credits for the character and the whole verse to PKM-150 on Deviantart.

Note 2: many of Speed's powers and plot points are found in the journals and here.

Note 3: Page by ThelastMLG.


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