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  • I live in my personal dimension, full of dimensional stuff.
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is holping that team rocket's meowth gets used as a actual villain and a potential treat in the anime as he should be instead of being used as a joke villain with a potential wasted
  • I am masculine
  • Thelastmlg

    so yeah, my first calc ever, or compilation, in this case.

    calc 1: A crater with a punch

    as we can see. there is not even dust around despite it being rock, so I'll use pulverization.

    I must find the size of the pixels in the scene and their height when bipedal. Since all the eeveelution have similar body proportions and glaceons have the same height as jolteons, I'll use Speed's (the jolteon) height during previous panels (since I couldn't find good panels for glaceons and the ones I found for speed were also kinda bad and even older panels had different art styles)

    first one:

    since his paws are cut I'll remove 5 cm from his height to compensate.

    height: 75 / 185 = 0,405405405 cm in each pixel

    torso: 165 x 0.405 =  66.891891825 cm, so 66.90 cm 


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  • Thelastmlg

    Speed the jolteon

    June 18, 2020 by Thelastmlg

    Speed the Jolteon is the main protagonist of the webcomic Eeveelution Squad by PKM-150, a jolteon born without his parents, being the oldest of his family and their parental figure.

    He is a retired gold rank rescuer who fought against the berserk pokémon, fought on wars, made friends with other Eeveelutions, and became a gardener to achieve peace and spend time with his family.

    Tier: At least 9-B High 8-C, Potentially up to 8-A with Turbo mode.

    Name: Speed, Speedy, jolty, Alan, The Yellow Flash, Yellow, Primus, "The Father"

    Origin: Eeveelution Squad

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Classification: Pokémon, Jolteon, Gold rank Rescuer, Fallen Champion, Gardener, Adoptive Father, Father of the berserk virus, Reincarnation of Alan (his alternate self from the original…

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