Simply put, this is a page meant to be a list of Tournaments composed of FC/OC characters being put against one another.

More importantly, the main purpose of this blog is to be a place for users to find (or be aware of) ongoing or view completed tournaments easily without struggling to find the thread in the Forum and enter ongoing ones easily

List of Incomplete Tourneys

A list of Tourneys that currently do not have enough challengers to proceed with matches and the tournament itself. At this time, users can enter their characters if they correspond with the Tourney's Tier

  • 2nd FC/OC Tourney: Tier 6-C (Island Brawl): [1]
  • 3rd FC/OC Tourney: Tier 6-B (Country Destroyers): [2]

List of Ongoing Tourneys

A list of Tourneys that are currently underway with matches, so new challengers cannot be submitted

  • 5th FC/OC Tourney: Tier 7-B (Battle City) [3]

List of Completed Tourneys

A list of Tourneys that have been completed

  • 1st FC/OC Tourney: Tier 8-B (City Block Duels): [4]
  • 4th FC/OC Tourney: Tier 8-A (Multi-City Block Duels) [5]
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