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I was looking through Valev's page, because I was bored. Saw the High 5-A Tier for the Bellard War. Apparently, he/she's "Comparable to some of the best Oratorio warpers in The Consortium, who can transform the entirety of a moon into pure energy to strike enemies with raw force".

Now I thought Oratorio people are supposed to be dimensionally higher beings in the first place, but then I also said, "screw it, calc it because I'm bored".

Calc that is most likely incorrect

Turning things into energy is just E = MC^2 to my knowledge

Literally pulled up a calculator for it and got the moon's mass: 7.34767309e22 kilograms

Placed that into a calculator. Bam, got the result to be 2.99541480517187305e+39 Joules. To compare, the upper end of High 5-A is 3.139e40 Joules

Using the Internet to convert those Joules into Zettatons, since for some reason it can't go over that, we get 715921320.54777085781 of them

Now, if my scientific notation skills are okay, this should translate to 715.921320.54777085781 Ninatons, Dwarf Star Level+

Ascended Valev is significantly more powerful, so he's likely Dwarf Star Level+, likely Small Star Level, wouldn't be surprised if the guy was Star Level though.

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