I know I dont go to this site that much, but for fun, I am recalcing feats done during Episode 6 of Super Mario Bros Z.

Note that this is rather a higher-end calc for getting the sizes. The difference from the original calcs is where I will be using the actual value of the smallest size for it to be a mountain (609.6 meters) for the smallest mountain, then, I will pixelscale it on all the other mountains. With that said, pack some chaos emeralds, and lets go.

The Breaker Beam destroys mountains

(Credit to AidenBrooks999 for the original)


Left Mountain height: 410.5 px/609.6 meters

Left Mountain radius: 149 px/221.26772229 meters

Middle Mountain destroyed diameter: 324 px/481.14591961 meters (240.572959805 meters for the radius)

Middle Mountain destroyed height: 233 px/346.009257004 meters

Right Mountain destroyed diameter: 268 px/397.984896468 meters (198.992448234 meters for the radius)

Right Mountain destroyed height: 185 px/274.728380024 meters

Left Mountain destroyed volume: (pi*221.26772229^2)(609.6/3) is 31254294.9907 m^3/31254294990700 cm^3

Middle Mountain destroyed volume: (pi*240.572959805^2)(346.009257004/3) is 20970556.6513 m^3/20970556651300 cm^3

Right Mountain destroyed volume: (pi*198.992448234^2)(274.728380024/3) is 11392140.5322 m^3/11392140532200 cm^3

31254294990700+20970556651300+11392140532200 is 6.3616992e+13 cm^3 for the total destroyed volume.

Ill assume this to be pulverization, in case there were surviving unseen bits, for a low end.

6.3616992e+13*214.35 is 1.3636302e+16 joules/3.2591543977055450476 megatons, or Small City Level+.

Ill also take into account for a high end, using vaporization, given that this looked steamy in the aftermath.

6.3616992e+13*25700 is 1.6349567e+18 joules/390.7640296367112569 megatons, or Mountain Level.

The Infamous Destruction of Yoshi’s Island

(Credit to DreamcrosserSquad for the original)

First, getting the surviving mountain volume. Note that this excludes the left mountain, as it was completely destroyed earlier from the Breaker Beam.


Left Mountain height: 418 px/609.6 meters

Middle Mountain height: 554.5 px/808.667942584 meters

Middle Mountain radius: 221 px/322.300478469 meters

Right Mountain height: 507.5 px/740.124401914 meters

Right Mountain radius: 172 px/250.840191388 meters

Middle Mountain volume: (pi*322.300478469^2)(808.667942584/3) is 87967195.3256 m^3/87967195325600 cm^3

87967195325600-20970556651300 is 6.6996639e+13 cm^3 for the surviving volume.

Right Mountain volume: (pi*250.840191388^2)(740.124401914/3) is 48767173.8401 m^3/48767173840100 cm^3

48767173840100-11392140532200 is 3.7375033e+13 cm^3 for the surviving volume.

And NOW the island.

Left Mountain: 418px/609.6 meters

Right Mountain mid section width: 255.5 px/372.614354067 meters


Right Mountain mid section width: 127 px/372.614354067 meters

Upper island diameter: 482.5 px/1415.64114833 meters

Lower island diameter: 795 px/2332.50717703 meters

Island height: 132 px/387.284210526 meters

Total Volume (Trapezoid Cylinder): 1,089,608,345.1503 m^3, or 1089608345150300.125 cm^3

Ill account for 50% hollowness to make for the gaps. That means the volume affected is 5.4480417e+14 cm^3

5.4480417e+14+1.0437167e+14 is 6.4917584e+14 cm^3 for the total destroyed volume.

Ill say this is vaporization, as this WAS a fire-like attack, after all.

6.4917584e+14*25700 is 1.6683819e+19 joules/3.9875284416826004552 gigatons, or Large Mountain Level+.

In other words, TMS will CRUSH.

Bonus: Chaos Blast!

Feat Here


Island diameter: 677 px/2332.50717703 meters

Explosion: 109 px/375.543991575 meters (187.771995787 meters for the radius)

187.771995787^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 is 532.081283201 tons, or Multi-City Block Level, just 23 tons shy from it being a +.

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