• PsychicCipher

    The Seven Goddesses

    There existed a Godly Hierarchy, and it all stood on The Tower. It has infinite floors. Each floor, an infinite steps to reach the next floor. And in a single step, millions, quadrillions, probably even an infinite number of entities always try to get up to the next step but fail. Sounds daunting? For it was. Even the very ground floor, neither up nor down, anything there was theoretically alien to any concept we could think of. Let me give you an example. Know about Hilbert Space, which is infinite-dimensional? That is one concept. How about that weird Omnipotence Paradoxes, and those Memes and Jokes like Suggs? Those, while pretty wild, were still, concepts, at least of human perception. Humans are like Omnipotent Auth…

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