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Tier 2

Tier 2 is fairly simple in comparison to the higher ends of Tier 1.

Low 2-C, or Universe level+ revolves around the creation or destruction of a single universe's infinite space-time. Destroying the contents of a universe - even an infinite one, does not meet the requirements for Low 2-C; that would merely be 3-A or High 3-A. As the difference between 3-A's low and high ends is infinite, you could fit many, many characters of vastly varying strength within the tier. A character that stomps a character that stomps a casual universe buster is still just 3-A.

2-C, or Multi-Universe level is just that, on a bigger scale - it is the spacetime of 2 to 1000 universes.

2-B, or Multiverse level is, again, just a bigger scale. It's 1001 to any higher finite number of universal 4-dimensional spacetime continuums. Due to the absurdly high numbers involved, this is where characters who destroy a "countless" amount of universes should fall.

2-A, or Multiverse level+ is for characters that have destroyed a countably infinite number of 4-dimensional spacetime continuums.

High 2-A, or High Multiverse level+, are for characters who are 5-dimensional, and/or those who can destroy 5-dimensional constructs of not insignificant size. Bear in mind that, as with 3-A, being far superior to a 2-A character is not necessarily grounds for High 2-A. One would need to be literally infinitely superior than a Low 2-C to 2-A character to be High 2-A.

This should be addressed, here. Dimensions as it is popularly used in fiction and by the public does not always align with how we use it. People often use dimensions in the context of pocket universes, parallel worlds, etcetera. Dimensions as we use it refers to a different concept in mathematics and physics. For example, in our three-dimensional space, our dimensions are length, width, and height; in a simple two-dimensional space, they'd only have length and height. A 4-dimensional being is to a 3-dimensional being what we are to 2-dimensional beings; incomparable and incomprehensible.


Infinite speed is being infinitely fast, obviously. The simplest way to reach this is moving within stopped time through sheer speed alone.

Immeasurable speed. It is transcending the limits of conventional 3-dimesional speed; this can be reached by existing before the concepts of space and time, or through many other means. It should be judged on a case to case basis. Speed feats that transcend causality would also be Immeasurable (such as arriving at your destination before you've departed).

Tier 1

The first few reaches of Tier 1 are basically just High 2-A on a higher scale. As with that tier, they can only get to higher tiers through being infinitely superior to a lower tier character.

Low 1-C, or Low Complex Multiverse level, are 6-dimensional characters.

1-C, or Complex Multiverse level, are 7, 8, and 9-dimensional characters. In addition, characters at unspecified dimensional levels are typically put here.

High 1-C, or High Complex Multiverse level, are 10 and 11 dimensional characters. String theory puts the size of our multiverse at 11-dimensions; earlier string theory was instead based on 10 dimensions.

Low 1-B, or Low Hyperverse level, are 12-dimensional characters, those that transcend the limits of a string theory multiverse but are still loosely related to it.

1-B, or Hyperverse level, is the broadest of these tiers. It's characters are greater than 12-dimensiona, starting at 13-dimensional and up - anything higher, as long as it's still finite. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions of dimensions, on and on and on.

High 1-B, or High Hyperverse level, are infinite-dimensional characters, those that exist within Hilbert space. Bear in mind that a character that is described as climbing an infinite dimensional hierarchy is not necessarily High 1-B; as they're climbing an infinite structure, they'll never really reach the top. Additionally, even if a character is a more than countably infinite number of times superior to an infinite-dimensional space, or similar, it would still usually only qualify for High 1-B, as long as the character does not transcend the concepts of time and space altogether.


1-A, or Outerverse level, is exceedingly complicated.

In my last post, I said that being above a whole bunch of things - duality, blah blah blah - is not the means for 1-A. I was wrong.

1-A is fairly simple to reach, really, though complicated. A character that vastly and explicitly transcends infinite dimensions would be 1-A. A character that transcends the concepts of duality, space, time, all of non-existence and existence, would be 1-A, even if they're not explicitly above infinite dimensions, they are still above their limitations and concepts.

1-A characters have Irrelevant speed by default. As they are beyond space, time, and dimensions, their movement cannot be comprehended or explained by conventional terms and logic.

1-A characters are beyond logic and understanding. They cannot be described or understood. Due to this, they should not be used in versus matches, as they are too hard to understand and gauge relation to each other.

High 1-A - High Outerverse level - is a complicated category all its own. A character will not get to High 1-A through just being much, much stronger than a whole bunch of 1-A characters. You can fit an infinite amount of 1-A characters in a setting and still not qualify for High 1-A. A High 1-A character is, for all extents and purposes, boundless to a 1-A character. They typically have only a few restrictions, even as little as one. Without these restrictions, they would be considered suitable for 0. These limitations can be something like lesser characters being capable of slowing them down, or a character capable of matching them, or a character that is, in comparison, truly boundless.

Tier 0

A character within Tier 0 is "omnipotent" - more accurately, they are "questionably omnipotent".

A character who is omnipotent can do anything.

They ARE everything. To be within Tier 0 is to be all things - whether they exist or not. A Tier 0 character embodies and transcends all things below them by an infinite amount, and is capable of everything that could ever and never be conceived. A Tier 0 character can make a weapon that would kill anything regardless of restrictions, and shake off a blow from it as if it never happened. A Tier 0 character could create something heavier than it could lift, and lift it above their head with a single hand. A Tier 0 character could create something they could not destroy and shatter it with a passing thought.

This can't really be proved, though - hence the "questionably".

None of this nonsense about being "above omnipotence". You can't be above this.

You either are or you aren't.

And there can only be ONE, as to be omnipotent is to be all things. A Tier 0 has no equals - in fact, nothing comes anywhere close.

A character can technically "become" Tier 0. The thing is, though, a Tier 0 entity would have always existed and they don't become it so much as they are absorbed into an infinite, eternal being that both exists and does not exist and is debatably incapable of action due to the paradoxes involved in omnipotence. (Umineko describes this best with the Creator - anything that rises up to the level of a Creator loses all individuality, meaning, and life, and is absorbed into this infinite, eternal being.)

There needs to be requirements when it comes to Tier 0 pages, for quality control. So here they are.

  • There should be SOME level of description within the page; although it doesn't need to reach the detail of a Tier 1 page.
  • And the Tier 0's page needs to describe HOW AND WHY they qualify for their tier. This typically implies having a 1-A character to compare it to.
  • The moment a Tier 0 character has an equal or superior - the moment they are legitimately challenged or inconvenienced - is the moment they no longer qualify for Tier 0.
  • Only one Tier 0 character per verse, and only 3 per user.

A Tier 0 character will always be Tier, always has been, and always will be. The moment a character becomes a Tier 0 - even if it is "just for a moment" - they are a Tier 0 forever and ever. There is no powering up to Tier 0. There is no powering down from Tier 0. You either are, or you aren't.


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