A law is a highly advanced type of magical weapon pioneered and utilized primarily by Heaven. Each law is a conceptual weapon, an idea physically incarnated to be used for specific purposes - usually supporting Heaven’s rule and intent. Most laws were made in Heaven, to be used by high-ranking angels in pursuit of Heaven’s goals, but despite their best efforts, the use of laws has spread beyond Heaven’s influence. There are even those completely opposed to Heaven who wield their own, either stolen and repurposed or created from scratch.

Kept within a user’s soul as encrypted information, a law is manifested for use as a weapon in any number of shapes. Due to their conceptual natures, laws affect those they strike on a more fundamental level than any ordinary magic or attacks, reaching and damaging inner worlds. They can also easily affect and even destroy abstract bodies and other ideas. In addition, the effects that each law upholds, born from whatever they embody, come down on victims with force that nears, and, in some cases, even reaches or exceeds the power of physical laws. This makes laws incredibly potent weapons. The majority of laws were obviously made for combat and focus on such applications, but there are those that were designed with other things in mind, executing different functions with the same force as usual.

The original nine laws were created by Yaldabaoth, Heaven’s founder and the Luminary Sovereign, who went on to create many more before she returned to isolating herself. Since then, other laws were created by certain “Judicators” and passed down to certain high-ranking angels, making them now a common sight among the arsenals of Heavenly officials. A few angels even wield more than one, and the greatest of Judicators can create new ones from scratch even in the midst of combat.

Any law that was not created by Yaldabaoth or one of the archangels is often referred to as a bastard law.

The Natural Laws

The original nine laws created by Yaldabaoth are known as natural laws. Each of them possess power and resilience on the level of the laws of physics, if not actually superior, backed up by the sheer willpower of their users, which are Yaldabaoth and her archangels (and some random nobody). They are only made stronger by their link to Heaven, as they are fully integrated into its laws.

  1. Sefirot (Yaldabaoth)
    The Law of Creation. The very first law of all, an aspect of Yaldabaoth’s inner world originally devised by one of her creators, the first Logos. Embodying creation, Sefirot was used to create the rest of Yaldabaoth’s laws, and she also exercised its influence on a universal scale to shape Heaven and alter its physics.
  2. Keter (Yaldabaoth -> Mastema)
    The Law of Providence. A singular law, a crown that belongs to Heaven’s ruler; originally, this was Yaldabaoth, but it eventually passed itself down to Mastema’s hands. The light this crown produces forces angels to prostrate themselves and obey its bearer, on a scale much greater than any regular control. It also hijacks other laws, “returning” them to the user’s control. In Mastema’s hands, it even has the power to manifest her nature as a singularity for the purpose of transdimensional communication and fusion.
  3. Michael (Mastema -> Abaddon)
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  4. Barachiel (Abaddon)
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  5. Cassiel (Uriel)
    The Law of Subjugation, the unintentional sister law of the future Tabris. Its power revolves around forcing the idea of Heavenly hierarchy and oppression onto others, forcing them onto a lower level of existence and making them follow Uriel’s commands.
  6. Asaradel (Sariel)
    The Law of Induction. A hypnotic law that acts on a subliminal level and “convinces” victims to change their own inner worlds, usually regressing them to a less independent and more obedient, thoughtless state.
  7. Raziel (Jophiel -> Harahel)
    The Law of Secrets. Unique among laws, Raziel is self-aware and focuses their functions on the development of existing technologies and magic together with the creation of new ones. They’re intended more for utility, experimentation, and creation than combat.
  8. Israphel (Gabriel)
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  9. Zadkiel (Raphael)
    The Law of Peace. Whenever its effects are triggered, Zadkiel reverses whatever did so and sends its impact back to the source, negating hostility and nullifying attacks.

Pseudo-Natural Laws

“Pseudo-natural” refers to a scarce few laws that were not part of the original nine natural laws, but which, for whatever reason, possess power and influence of a similar scale.

  • Gnosis (Sophia)
    The Law of Self-Realization. Versatile in nature, Gnosis opens inner worlds by force, and has several “chambers” that will go on to exert different effects.
  • Nanael (Jophiel)
    The Law of Answers, created to replace Raziel, who isn’t much of a weapon, and to replicate the Spear of Destiny. Very versatile, Nanael is used to “answer” the uncertainty of the future and force certain results. Created by modifying the basic Raziel script, it can also be used in similar ways to the original.
  • The Spear of Destiny (Mastema)
    The Law of the Last Word, a law so powerful and versatile that it rendered Mastema’s Michael obsolete. Embodying her sheer will, it can be used to do essentially anything, but it is most often used simply to kill, ensuring a single lethal strike as the natural consequence of everything in its target’s life.
  • Tabris (Camael -> Lucifer)
    The Law of Free Will, originally wielded by the judge Camael to repeal laws, but ripped out of her soul by Lucifer. Now, Lucifer uses it to destroy laws of all sorts, and in its fully realized form, Tabris has the power to overturn all outside forces to make any fight a contest of will.

Normal Laws

Ordinary laws, the most common of the bunch, made by other Judicators and exercising a more normal level of power.

  • Armisael (Logos)
    The Law of Birth. Wielded by nearly every iteration of Logos in some form, Armisael allows them to manifest their potential decisions as phantasmal duplicates.
  • Hamartia (Logos)
    The Law of Weakness. Once a more ordinary conceptual weapon wielded by the original Logos, it has evolved into its current state, a true law, in the hands of his successors. It opens up imperfections in what it harms, exaggerating the failings of individuals and their inner worlds in pursuit of tragedy. Its full form, Samael, is the Law of Beginnings, and retains all its previous effects on top of a new ability to alter events.
  • Hanael (Observer)
    The Law of Eternity. A law that is also a person, the form the angel Observer took to reach immortality in an abstract state. This idea drifts across space in an abstract state, spreading from individual to individual and lingering in their minds, allowing Observer to control them or anchor her existence to this drifting concept.
  • Kushiel (Temeluchus)
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  • Puriel (Beelzebub)
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  • Zomiel (Belphegor)
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