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  • Absolute barrier: Another term for spiritual filter.
  • Agent: “One that acts or exerts power”. An individual who has used magic and defined themselves as a miniature universe, all their own, freeing themself from destiny and gaining the ability to shape their own fate.
  • Alchemy: An Earthling magic system ostensibly focused on the study of matter, but truly centered around the pursuit of apotheosis.
  • Almagest: A cosmic magic system often developed and utilized by starspawn across Reality, which makes use of the movements of celestial bodies.
  • Amplifier: An agent with an inner world that directly empowers their magical and physical capabilities.
  • Analog soul: An unusual variety of soul that is more closely connected with Reality rather than Fantasy.
  • Android: Another term for homunculus.
  • Angel: A species of service AI created by Yaldabaoth, to serve her and advance her beliefs. They populate Heaven.
  • Angelic Administration, the: Heaven’s labyrinthine bureaucracy.
  • Angelic Intelligence: A highly secretive branch of Heaven’s Shepherds - Heaven’s secret police and intelligence agency.
  • Angelic Research Bureau, the: Heaven’s research and development branch.
  • Apotheosis: The act of transcending one’s body and becoming a purely spiritual existence that no longer needs any container to maintain itself.
  • Araboth: A secluded pocket dimension accessible only through the Imperial Palace on Malkuth. This is Yaldabaoth’s home and throne.
  • Archangel: The first seven angels created by Yaldabaoth, and Heaven’s leaders.
  • Artificial human: Another term for homunculus.
  • Artificial soul: A soul that was created by an agent and did not come into existence naturally.
  • Aura: A distinction barrier or spiritual filter manifesting itself as a veil of light around an agent.
  • Azazel: The most powerful missionary order in the Heavenly Mercy, a Mastemite cult of assassins that secretly indulge in sacrificial, cannibalistic rites.


  • Bastard law: A law that was not created by Yaldabaoth or one of her archangels.


  • Chinese alchemy: Another term for Tao chiao.
  • Civilian AI: An artificial soul designed to live freely and independently, without any limitations imposed on its capabilities.
  • Complete individual concept: An agent’s history and world line, contained within their soul as part of their inner world.
  • Condensed inner world: An inner world that has most of its power accessible from the get-go, at the cost of being weaker than the alternative.
  • Copycat: Another term for replicator.
  • Countercaster: An agent who specializes in the use of counterspells.
  • Counterspell: A spell devised to cancel out another.
  • Cumulative amplifier: An amplifier whose inner world provides smaller boosts to power that last for longer periods of time, potentially even indefinitely.
  • Curse program: A malicious subconscious thought program, typically inserted into someone’s soul to harm them.


  • Daemon: An Earthling term for a subconscious thought program.
  • Designer inner world: An artificially designed inner world, usually created for a certain purpose, similarly to a service AI. Usually possessed by advanced service AI.
  • Dimensional spectrum: All universes, whether they be rooted in Reality or subject to Fantasy.
  • Distinction barrier: The outermost layer of the soul, which protects it and keeps it in one piece.


  • Eden: The galaxy in which Heaven’s capital, Malkuth, is located, reserved for the activities of the highest-ranked angels.
  • Ego collapse: The death of a person’s inner world, occurring when a soul is no longer healthy enough to continue maintaining its own existence.
  • Ego pressure: The internal magical force that enacts an agent’s will, exerted by the soul in response to Fantasy. Ego pressure maintains an agent’s identity and reverses all adverse effects on the soul eventually, so long as the agent isn’t killed first.
  • Ego synchronization: A state an agent may enter when they act in a manner true to their inner world and self-image, providing a boost to all of their capabilities.
  • Ego trance: Another term for ego synchronization.
  • Egoist Principle: A psychic law that refers to the fact that it is easier to modify one’s own soul than it is to modify another.
  • Egolith: Another term for phylactery.
  • Empty soul: A soul that, due to improper development, lacks proper definition.
  • Empyrean, the: The supermassive black hole at the center of Eden, which contains Malkuth.
  • Expanding inner world: An inner world that needs to be activated to showcase most of its power, but that demonstrates significant power and new abilities upon doing so.
  • Explosive amplifier: An amplifier whose inner world provides greater amounts of power in shorter bursts of time.
  • External activation: A mode of activation in which the inner world manifests as a pocket dimension or otherwise overwrites Reality.
  • External alchemy: Another term for waidan.


  • Fall: What occurs when an angel is cast out of Heaven and into Fantasy, stripped of their halo and wings. The process is usually fatal.
  • Fantasy: The universe as we don’t know it, the ever-changing, the impossible, and the unknown that all living things pursue.
  • First World, the: The original, paradisiacal state of existence in Heavenly belief, which fell apart when the Inclement Thought came into existence.
  • Focused inner world: Another term for expanding inner world.


  • Ghost: A person who died experiencing emotion intense enough to unconsciously engrave their entire self onto their soul, allowing them to persist after death for what is usually a short period of time.
  • Godhead: The largest planetary halo in Heaven, actually more like a galactic halo, centered around the galaxy of Eden. An incredibly powerful supercomputer and weapon.
  • Grounding: A magical technique that transmits damage from the body to the soul, or from a similar container to a source.


  • Halo: A complex override sigil built into the existence of an angel, fulfilling many functions, from enabling transdimensional communication and transportation to ensuring an angel’s safety and survival.
  • Halo Eight: Another term for Angelic Intelligence.
  • Heaven: Both a specific universe and its totalitarian government, populated by angels.
  • Heaven’s Halo: Another term for Godhead.
  • Heavenly Host, the: Heaven’s military.
  • Heavenly Mercy, the: Heaven’s state religion.
  • Heavenly Press, the: Heaven’s ministry of propaganda.
  • Hidden World, the: The truest, undespoiled form of existence in Heavenly belief, beyond even the First World, which angels believe all things return to upon death.
  • Homunculus: An Earthling term for an artificial body made in emulation of humanity, usually as the container for an artificial soul. Not necessarily all that human-looking.
  • Hybrid activation: A combination of external activation and internal activation for an inner world, which allows an agent to act within and outside of their inner world simultaneously.


  • Idol: A hypnotist specialist that is part of Heaven’s Seraphic Idol Corps.
  • Image training: A training method utilized by some agents, wherein they simulate a conflict with an opponent within their soul.
  • Imperial Palace, the: The immense, labyrinthine city of a temple that acts as Mastema’s abode on Malkuth.
  • Imperialist: An inner world in which external activation causes the inner world to integrate its surroundings into itself rather than manifest itself as a pocket dimension, subjecting them to its effects.
  • Inclement Thought, the: The original individual that, simply by virtue of existing, fractured the First World in Heavenly belief, leading to the imperfect world full of suffering that all things now know. It is said to still exist in some abstract and metaphorical fashion, as the root of all sin and trial.
  • Inner world: The deepest, most vital aspect of a person’s self, representing everything that makes them who they are, made up of their complete individual concept and personal reality. An agent’s inner world grants them certain passive boons, and can eventually be unlocked to access its full power.
  • Inner world counter: The deadliest form of counterspell, devised to counter and destroy another agent’s inner world.
  • Inner world operation: The pinnacle of spiritual magic — the art of inner world programming. One of the two most fundamental magic systems, along with its opposite, world operation.
  • Inner world operator: A practitioner of inner world operation.
  • Inner world replication: The process of using replication to copy not just a spell, but another agent’s inner world, gaining access to its abilities at the expense of the user’s identity.
  • Inquisitor: A missionary who roots out heresy within Heaven, rather than targeting outside opponents.
  • Internal activation: A mode of activation in which the inner world limits its effects to the body and soul of its user.
  • Internal alchemy: Another term for neidan.


  • Judication: The process of creating laws.
  • Judicator: An agent, often a world operator, capable of creating laws through judication.
  • Judiciary, the: The judicial branch of Heaven’s government.


  • Kokabiel: The headquarters of the Angelic Research Bureau, a rogue planet that acts as archangel Jophiel’s seat of power.
  • Koschei: The Slavic lich, an immortal state achieved through folk magic. The archetypal form of lich.


  • Law: A type of conceptual weapon created by Yaldabaoth. Laws are ideas given power and shape, and each possesses a power appropriate for the idea it embodies.
  • Lich: An Earthling term for an agent who has achieved a specific form of immortality, keeping their soul inside a certain unaging object, a phylactery, and piloting their body from a distance.
  • Lichery: The study and pursuit of transforming into a lich.
  • Logos: A Heavenly martial art, magic system, and philosophy centered around self-sacrifice. Central to the Heavenly Mercy, and named for one of Yaldabaoth’s creators.
  • Locust: A derogatory term for angels, specifically for members of the Heavenly Host.
  • Lucid phase: The theoretical fourth phase of magic development, when an agent no longer needs any rituals to perform great acts of magic, relying entirely on pure magic.
  • Luminary Sovereign, the: Yaldabaoth, Heaven’s creator and supposed leader, as well as the central god of the Heavenly Mercy’s beliefs.


  • Mage: A less formal term for agent.
  • Magic: The process of manifesting one’s will to alter the world, manipulating Fantasy itself to manifest the impossible.
  • Magic system: A codified branch of the study of magic, devoted to making use of it in a specific manner. Each magic system is unique, with its own set of rituals and spells.
  • Malkuth: Heaven’s capital and archangel Mastema’s throneworld, contained inside a supermassive black hole, the Empyrean, at the center of the galaxy Eden.
  • Mastemite: Heavenly cults that revere Mastema as the incarnation of the Original Spirit rather than Yaldabaoth.
  • Medical Wing, the: The medical branch of the Angelic Research Bureau.
  • Metamagic: Magic that interacts with the basis of other magic, rituals, and spells, such as counterspells and mutation programs.
  • Metamatter: A sort of condensed willpower, an alien, magical form of matter that follows varying laws and does not interact normally with ordinary matter.
  • Missionary: A member of a monastic order in the Heavenly Mercy, devoted towards assassination and the pursuit of Logos.
  • Mode of activation: The manner in which an inner world is activated.
  • Multifunction inner world: Another term for condensed inner world.
  • Mutation program: A subconscious thought program that triggers small mutations in spells to create a number of variants that can be used to get past defenses.


  • Natural law: One of the original nine laws created by Yaldabaoth, and among the most powerful of their kind.
  • Neidan: Internal magic in Tao chiao, focusing on cultivating a healthy body and soul in pursuit of apotheosis.
  • Nightmare reader: A Heavenly magic system devised by archangel Uriel, centered around making use of illusions and psychological attack.
  • Not-soul: An abstract manifestation of the self, similar to a soul, but not a soul, as is implied by the name.
  • Not-not-soul: An abstract manifestation of the self within nothingness, dissimilar to both a soul and a not-soul.


  • Original Spirit, the: Another term for the Luminary Sovereign, specifically referring to the most abstract and fundamental form of Heaven’s god.
  • Override sigil: A complex ritual used to control the nature of Reality around the user, bending the laws of physics. Often used by world operators.


  • Paracosm: Another term for personal reality.
  • Personal reality: An agent’s interpretation of Reality, contained within their soul as part of their inner world.
  • Phylactery: A special object, typically heavily enchanted, used as the container for a lich’s soul.
  • Planetary halo: Artificial rings of technology that surround many planets in Heaven, containing development facilities, supercomputer systems, and weapons platforms.
  • Post-ritual phase: The third phase of magic development, or merely the final stage of the ritual phase, in which an agent can make use of pure magic as much or more than rituals.
  • Pseudo-natural law: A law that is comparable in strength to one of the original natural laws, but that was not made by Yaldabaoth.
  • Psychic law: The rules followed by the soul and inner world, along with Fantasy as a whole, which are enigmatic and often inconsistent.
  • Pure magic: An act of magic unbound by any systems; a Fantasy forced into Reality through willpower alone.


  • Quantum alchemy: A specific branch of alchemy that deals with matter and physics on the smallest of scales.


  • Radar: The perpetually active magical senses an agent possesses.
  • Reality: The universe as we know it, defined by physics, as well as all other universes defined by physics.
  • Reality pressure: The anti-magical force, exerted by Reality in response to Fantasy. It cancels out the effects of all magic given time, keeping agents in check.
  • Reaping, the: The Heavenly practice of indiscriminate slaughter, key to the Heavenly Mercy, as the path towards the salvation of all things in death.
  • Relative lightspeed: A common form of override sigil that redefines the value of the speed of light, allowing agents to accelerate up to and beyond the original value.
  • Replica rejection: A unique process of reality pressure that prevents inner worlds that are too similar to one another from existing anywhere within any Reality.
  • Replication: The process of copying a spell cast by another agent after observation and analysis.
  • Replicator: An agent who specializes in replication, typically because of their inner world.
  • Repression: An ability possessed by agents, which allows them to suspend injuries to their soul, temporarily off-loading them and removing their negative effects.
  • Ritual: A specific act of some sort performed to make easier use of magic, such as an incantation, specific gestures, or certain symbols used in a specific way.
  • Ritual phase: The second phase of magic development, when an agent develops the systems and tools to make consistent use out of magic.
  • Runic magic: An Earthling magic system that uses a runic alphabet for spellcasting.


  • Satan: A name often associated with the Inclement Thought.
  • Scapegoats, the: Another term for Azazel.
  • Second apotheosis: A theoretical transcendence of the soul.
  • Seraphic Empire of Heaven, the: The full, proper name of the nation of Heaven.
  • Seraphic Idol Corps, the: A branch of the Heavenly Press made up of idols, hypnosis specialists.
  • Service AI: An artificial soul designed with a specific function in mind, usually suggesting a loss of agency.
  • Shepherds, the: Heaven’s police force.
  • Sophia: The spiritual data recorded by an angel’s halo and used to maintain their existence. Named for one of Yaldabaoth’s creators, but this technical term is not commonly used.
  • Soul: The abstract manifestation of Fantasy in all things, or, according to some, an intangible endosymbiont that makes magic easier to use.
  • Soul surgeon: A spiritual theorist or inner world operator who is able to surgically operate on the soul.
  • Soul surgery: The process of surgically operating on the soul. This term is often used interchangeably with inner world operation.
  • Specialist replicator: A replicator whose copied spells diverge from the originals significantly, typically due to the nature of their inner world.
  • Spell: A specific, codified act of magic, performed either through a ritual or through pure magic.
  • Spell stack: A specific, predefined sequence of spells used as a ritual. By following the sequence, an agent can build up to more powerful spells more quickly and easily than they would with more traditional rituals.
  • Spiritual accelerator: A spiritual organ that manages, among other things, the flow of energy from the soul to the outside world.
  • Spiritual expression: The processes, spiritual feedback and spiritual translation, that shape a person’s body and soul.
  • Spiritual feedback: The process that gradually shapes a person’s soul by recording their development and life experiences, dictating the self.
  • Spiritual filter: A properly developed distinction barrier, possessed by practiced agents, and more powerful than ever.
  • Spiritual inconsistency: When an agent’s complete individual concept no longer properly lines up with their personal reality, damaging the identity and potentially triggering ego collapse.
  • Spiritual theorist: A practitioner of spiritual theory.
  • Spiritual theory: The science of the soul.
  • Spiritual translation: The process that reflects the soul onto the body, dictating reality.
  • Star spirit: Another term for starspawn.
  • Starspawn: A naturally occurring magical creature developed from astral matter and given a soul.
  • Stress-induced adaptation: A spiritual process that occurs in response to duress, pushing an agent’s powers to their limits and allowing them to accumulate power more easily and quickly when under long-term stress.
  • Subconscious thought program: A background process in an agent’s soul.


  • Tao chiao: An Earthling magic system and religious practice focusing on living in harmony with the natural universe, and on pursuing apotheosis. Made up of neidan and waidan.
  • Tartaruchi: A notable group of Shepherds that act as the staff of Heaven’s highest security prison, Tartarus.
  • Tartarus: Heaven’s highest security prison, which is, in truth, the inner world of archangel Uriel.
  • Tartarus Security Office: Another term for Tartaruchi.
  • Technolich: The modern lich, an immortal state achieved through the fusion of magic with modern technology and computer science. The most widespread form of lich, and an idea not limited to just Earth.
  • Traumatic spiritual feedback: Traumatic stress that is recorded within the soul by spiritual feedback.
  • True magic: Another term for pure magic.
  • True replicator: A replicator whose copied spells are mostly faithful to the originals, typically due to the nature of their inner world. Even true replicators are not perfect, however.


  • Unconscious phase: The first phase of magic development, when an agent uses it unintentionally and unknowingly.



  • Waidan: External magic in Tao chiao, focusing on the study and use of matter in pursuit of apotheosis.
  • Will of the universe: Another term for reality pressure.
  • World line: An object’s trajectory in spacetime, which is internalized by agents as their complete individual concept.
  • World operation: The pinnacle of physical magic — the art of world programming. One of the two most fundamental magic systems, along with its opposite, inner world operation.
  • World operator: A practitioner of world operation.


  • Xian: The Taoist lich, an immortal state achieved through Tao chiao. The oldest and most esoteric school of lichery, its highest levels were mostly theoretical and were ultimately synonymous with apotheosis.


  • Yesod: A universe-wide override sigil run by Heaven, acting as a cosmic data cloud, which angels instinctively use for communication and organization.


  • Zeroth World, the: Another name for the Hidden World.

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