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  • Promestein

    60% inner world integrity. Harahel, be careful. You could’ve died there.

    Harahel is skidding across the ground as Raziel says that, feeling a hole that stretched straight their body and soul and bore right through their inner world. All it had taken to scour a gaping hole in their soul was a single kick, the impact of Mastema’s hoof against their chest killing all thoughts for a couple moments and sending them flying. The damage Mastema is capable of inflicting can’t be compared to anyone else the two of them have ever fought.

    Logos and Uriel could hit and exploit vital weaknesses in an inner world with a single strike and maximum efficiency, but Mastema’s approach is not nearly as graceful. It doesn’t need to be. One hit from Mastema could …

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  • Promestein

    Starcross - Peace

    November 17, 2019 by Promestein

    Kyarne turns over in her sleep, smearing drool all over EQUINOX’s tights, but she’s able to look past that for the moment. She’s really cute when she’s asleep, and very quiet and peaceful, for the most part. Every once and while she’ll turn over a bit, but she never hogs the blankets and never takes up all that much space. Apparently EQUINOX isn’t so considerate, but it’s not really like that’s her problem. It’s just part of the package, and Kyarne’s going to have to accept it. Well, she already has, so it’s not like there’s any problems there.

    EQUINOX blinks, realizing that Kyarne’s distracted her from the movie, and she looks up to see Luke screaming. She missed it. She missed that moment, because Kyarne was being too cute and it made her…

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  • Promestein

    To offset the absurdity of a certain other calc, here's some more reasonable Heavencross speed calcs from various random feats written and/or planned out.

    At some point, Harahel intercepts [REDACTED] after [REDACTED], flying across a galaxy in a fairly short timeframe to do so. I'll go with a second because, while it's fast, it's not THAAAAAAAAAAT fast.

    Distance: 2,500,000 ly (Distance between Milky Way and Andromeda)

    Timeframe: 1 second

    Speed: 78,895,373,750,029c, or 78.89 trillion times the speed of light - Massively FTL+

    In her fight with Mastema, Jophiel is able to dodge galaxy-encompassing explosions Mastema triggers, flying away to another galaxy before they detonate but after they've begun to expand. She does this very quickly.


    • Explo…

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  • Promestein

    All it took to end up here was one miscalculation. The most minute error in Alice’s thought process, and now, she feels blood running down from her scalp, from a glancing attack that had still broken through her skull. Her eyes flutter, but she doesn’t dare drag them away from Kyarne, who circles her like a predator, glaring back with glowing eyes. Still, she can appraise the damage. There’s bits of bone in her brain, on her left, penetrating into the cerebral cortex. Specifically, they’re digging into her motor cortex. Her right hand twitches, fingers spasming. Thankfully, Alice can still move it, but it’s not the same. There’s a moment of lag, of wrongness.

    This is bad.

    It’s a lot harder to ignore brain damage than a broken bone, and even …

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  • Promestein

    Alice looks at Vayla's empty plate, and then brings her gaze up to meet her eyes. "That's it? You don't want any more? I made plenty, so there's no need to skimp on the portions, you know." She taps her foot against the floor under the table a few times, and then forces herself to stop. The repetitive movements only agitate her more, and it won't be any good if she ends up making it obvious just how irritating Vayla's lack of interest in dinner is. No, so long as Vayla eats everything Alice made for her, it'll be fine, and they can go on to have a nice night.

    So eat it, Vayla.

    Venus, of course, has already picked up on what these words mean, and she immediately stands up with her plate, saying, “I’ll have more! I’ll eat it all, mom! It’s really…

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