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Starcross - EQUINOX vs SOLSTICE: The Official Comic

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Promestein Promestein 15 February

Heavencross - Valentine's

Logos has never looked forward to Valentine's Day so much in his entire life. Of course, he's never dreaded it so much, either. Sophia is so much better at this sort of thing than he's ever been, with all this experience and charm, while the last notable Valentine's Day he remembers was spent drinking his ass off with Zoe and watching her fail to get laid even with desperate single girls.

It ended up being a pretty sad night. He had to drive Zoe home, and then she cried her ass off and fell asleep on the couch. The morning after, he cooked for her, and she had deliriously ranted that the real Valentine's Day was the time they spent together as 'bros'. Then she cried again. Ultimately, he hadn’t been able to get her out of his house for half…

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Promestein Promestein 23 January

Agency - Glossary

  • 1 A
  • 2 B
  • 3 C
  • 4 D
  • 5 E
  • 6 F
  • 7 G
  • 8 H
  • 9 I
  • 10 J
  • 11 K
  • 12 L
  • 13 M
  • 14 N
  • 15 O
  • 16 P
  • 17 Q
  • 18 R
  • 19 S
  • 20 T
  • 21 U
  • 22 V
  • 23 W
  • 24 X
  • 25 Y
  • 26 Z

  • Absolute barrier: A properly developed distinction barrier, possessed by practiced agents, and more powerful than ever.
  • Agent: “One that acts or exerts power”. An individual who has used magic and defined themselves as a miniature universe, all their own, freeing themself from destiny and gaining the ability to shape their own fate.
  • Alchemy: An Earthling magic system ostensibly focused on the study of matter, but truly centered around the pursuit of apotheosis.
  • Almagest: A cosmic magic system often developed and utilized by starspawn across Reality, which makes use of the movements of celestial bodies.
  • Amplifier: An agent with an inner world that directly empowers their magical and physical capabil…

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Promestein Promestein 14 November 2020

Heavencross - Itch

Logos drags the mop back and forth across the hardwood floor, mopping up the dust that had gathered here over the past few days. The only ones in their home are themself and their mother, yet they are compelled to keep every inch of it pristine nonetheless. No one is here to witness their work. Not even mother sees it, most of the time. She spends most of her days in bed, and when she does get up, she doesn’t visit every corner of the mansion, nor appreciate the lengths Logos goes to to keep it all clean.

That is how it is.

The mansion all seems rather large for just two people, especially when one rarely leaves her room, but mother always waves that thought off. Logos does not question it; there are some things that are not worth questionin…

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Promestein Promestein 2 July 2020

Fatecross - Reflecting

There is a memorial to Logos’ father in the garden. It is a simple monument, merely an old, rusted blade embedded in the earth. It is humble and straightforward, and it has been here for as long as Logos could remember, from the very beginning of their many lives. Even back then, the blade was rusted over. But of course it was. This had been here for as long as mother had.

It is not a grave. There is nothing to bury. Logos’ father left nothing behind with his death. When Logos dies, they will not leave a body either, and nor will mother, if death comes for her. They will simply bleed into space and join the background radiation. That is how it is.

Sometimes mother comes down and spends time with the memorial. Talking. And talking. She can si…

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