The Archangels, Fargo, Phaedra, Zera, Sophia, and Azrael all contribute to making an explosion half the size of a galaxy.

That's the statement, so let's go.


I'll use the Milky Way for the standard size of a galaxy, which has a radius of 52850~ light-years.

52850/2 light-years = 250006925000000000‬ km

This will be used for the radius of the explosion.

Explosion Yield Formula

Y = ((x/0.28)^3)/1000

Y = ((250006925000000000/0.28)^3)/1000 = 7.1183e^53 Megatons

7.1183e^53*1000 = 7.1183e^56 Kilotons

7.1183e^56*1000 = 7.1183e^59 Tons

1 Foe = 2.39e^34 Tons

7.1183e^59/2.39e^34 = 326,806,360,568,621,027,719.665271966527196 Foe

= 326.80636 Exafoe

Final Results

5 people contributed to this explosion.

326.80636/5 = 65.361 Exafoe

Blast Yield: 326.80636 Exafoe (Multi-Solar System level) Scales to the Durability of Archangel's Forcefields.

Individual Yield: 65.361 Exafoe (Multi-Solar System level) Scales to the Attack Potency/Durability of the Archangels.

Pretty good results.

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