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Background Info
Name Marbles
Alias Court Jester, Clown, Insane Lunatic, Crazy Hero, Doll.
Origin Spectrum
Occupation Wandering Jester
Appearance Check image

"Ha ha ha ha! Welcome, welcome! You are curious why you are here and what this is all about?! Well, old pal Jimmy, I want to play game with you! What's that, you don't want? Oh, come on! We've been waiting for months, too! This could be very... difficult! Come now, Jim, amigo, pal, friend! We will begin the game! The game of dice!" -Marbles to thug.

Marbles is mysterious creature that resembles an human girl with doll features of her arms and legs including an face that greatly resembles an theater mask. Though, mysterious as she prefers to not want into talking about who she is, Marbles does have complex relationship with Rupert. She claim to came from The Astral Warp itself but she hasn't explain which dimension or realm. She also have told that the reason she showed herself and allied with Rupert is because of her interest into his heroic achievements.

Aside from that, Marbles is an mischievous and comedian person with enthusiastic attitude in whenever she goes. She is also prone to maniacal laughter and rambling puns or jokes while sometimes being dramatic about it. Besides her insanity, Marbles has chivalrous and generous traits of what shes in her life. She is known to assist heroic rebellions against tyrannical governments across the cosmos, stealing the rich and giving to the poor, and playing harmful pranks onto evil people while delivering gifts to people who are ill while also doing harmless pranks onto innocent people.

With all that pumped-up energy, she rarely takes her fight seriously when being confronted into fight as she preferably want to humiliate and foil their plans than outright seriously fighting them. However, it doesn't meant she is useless in combat as Marbles is capable fighter for both her allies and against their opponents due to her unpredictable nature in her way of doing things.

Alignment Chaotic Good
Hobby Stealing the rich and giving the poor, playing annoying pranks onto evil people, delivering gifts to sick innocents and doing harmless pranks onto innocents.
Goals Create the best party in the whole existence.
Likes Parties, pranks, jokes, gifts, toys, charity.
Dislikes Existence.
Family Unknown
Friends & Allies Rupert and Coco
Enemies Unknown
"Bo ho ho, such hurtful words you spoken! Why must you assume that I am crazy? But in fact, you are correct in that statement! I am crazy enough to be here, spreading laughter and joy across the stars. But wait a minute! Don't assume its done yet! Your also wondering why the snake is the reason for intervening with fellows like you? Why, why, why, why?! Ha ha ha! Because I want to create the best party in the whole existence! Oh, what's that face your making? Are you perhaps, annoyed and confused? You should know then that I don't care at all! Ha ha ha ha!" -Marble's towards Illuminati agent.


Marbles is complete mystery to everyone as she is preferably doesn't want to reveal much about who she is and what she is. However, many agreed that she is entity that came from The Astral Warp itself as she spoke where she came from. Though, mysterious or not, she is still valuable ally and friend to Rupert's cause as while Marbles do sometimes break the law out of her own self-interest; her reasons for doing such things are noble and altruistic.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-C | likely higher with the use of toon force.

Powers and Abilities:

Inorganic Physiology and Self-Sustenance (Marbles doesn't appear to get tired nor the need to eat and breath. Her physical body lacks any organs, sharing the same physical characteristics of doll.), Teleportation and Levitation with Dimensional Travel with BFR (Able to instantly teleport at any places or dimensions she knows, including others with her. She can slowly fly at will by levitating from the ground.), Weapon Mastery, Social Influencing and Acrobatics with Instinctive Reaction and Limited Sound Manipulation (An mischievous, cunning and lying person in order to manipulate her enemies or friends to get what she wants. She is also acrobatic and agile when being on the ground as she maneuver and twist with her scythe to attack her enemies. Moreover, due to the many deaths she experience, she is capable of dodging undetected attacks without the need of conscious thought by sensing incoming danger. Marbles is also incredibly fast to the point that when running at full speed, every burst of speed creates an thundering boom.), Non-Physical Interaction and Intangibility with Astral Projection and Pain Manipulation with Curse Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Her scythe she named "Twilight," is an non-physical weapon that would harmless pass through things physically but when swung towards an person or ghost. The person's soul then would be ripped out of their body in which Marbles can destroy the soul or bring it back to the body; but due to the soul being stabbed by her scythe, once they return back to the body, they are permanently cursed to suffer extreme pain when they are going to do act an evil act as the only way to free this curse is not being evil anymore.), Toon Force and Limited Physics Manipulation with Creation (Able to bend reality and physics into absurd ways that is made to be funny as she is known to create things that is considerably pranks from talking dog, raining pies or fishes, giving her super strength and so on by snapping her fingers with wish in mind; the downside is that this power is non-lethal as it is only used for funny way.), Avatar Creation and Higher-Dimensional Existence with Resurrection (Said that the people they see her as isn't actually her but mere avatar as her true self is located inside The Astral Warp, even if her avatar dies, she can just rebuild it from scratch.), Space-Time Manipulation and Energy Projection with Density Manipulation and Homing Attack and Sealing with Pocket Reality Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (By performing her "Reality Slash" onto the air, an crack would appear in reality as 6th feet colorful papers would be sprouting out from the crack as it relentlessly chase the target and then once made contact with the skin, the colorful papers would wrapped around the struggling person as the density changes to match the physical strength of the person until he or she turns into blue light before disappearing, leaving one colorful paper behind from their disappearance; however, the person's face would appear on that colorful paper as they are trapped in an fake reality of where the person hasn't confronted Marbles yet and forgotten about their goals/missions.), Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Madness Manipulation with Precognition (Wasn't driven mad by looking at daemons and her mind would drive anyone insane if they are try to enter into it. She is incredibly unpredictable, making enemies who relies on expecting their next move would be difficult to pinpoint her upcoming attacks.)

Attack Potency: Unknown as her ability is rather not destructive, focusing more on ignoring conventional durability itself. | likely higher with the use of toon force.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (While Marbles isn't nearly as fast as Rupert, she is way above faster than the likes of Coco. She sprints so fast to the point that every burst of speed creates an thundering boom in the atmosphere. Even Rupert compare her to move faster than an lightning strike.), likely slower when levitating/flying above the ground. | likely higher with the use of toon force.

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human, likely higher' with the use of toon force.

Striking Strength: Below Average Class, likely higher' with the use of toon force.

Durability: Below Average. (Her avatar is physically weak to the point that mere punch would destroy an part of her body.) | likely higher with the use of toon force.

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Standard melee range to Hundreds of meters with Reality Slash. | Plantery with Toon Force as she once made the moon and sun become sentient with funny face. | Low Multiversal with teleportation as she can cross through other dimensions and known places by just instantly teleporting to them.

Standard Equipment: Scythe.

Intelligence: Gifted. Cunning and mischievous, Marbles is capable liar and being unpredictable to her enemies, to the point that they are either forced to take her word or be in panic due to her uncanny actions. She is also analytical, paying close attention to her surroundings of both enemies and allies to come up with insightful ideas in overcoming her problems. Has foiled tyrants with the help of allies by planning up baits to lure them by lying and manipulating with the tyrants. She is also good judge of character due to spending many years of interacting with people to the point that she can tell someone is off or suspicious by mere observation of the way they presented themselves to.

Standard Tactics: Marbles rarely take her fights seriously, preferably teleporting around and luring them into places that would lead them to their doom and also bending reality and physics in absurd ways that is meant to be funny until they become exhausted or gave up. Though, when she has to fight for real, she users her scythe to take their body out and put them back in as the curse of experiencing extreme pain from doing any evil act would be permanently stayed with them. If that doesn't work, she performs her reality slash as the colorful papers swarmed and wrapped around the person until they become sealed in them.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Teleportation: Giggle's main defense of protecting herself from harm. While lacking physical strength, she has great acrobatic skills on the ground, in addition with the ability to instantly teleport into any known places/dimensions at will including bringing others with her is what makes her difficult to defeat.
  • Reality Slash: By bring up the scythe and then swinging it at the air, an crack would appear in reality, allowing her to conjure these anomalous colorful papers that is 6th feel to be sprouted from the crack she made into reality as the papers relentless chase her enemies until they made contact; resulting the person to struggle as the papers wrapped around them to increase its density in order to match the person's strength. The person would then disappear in blue light, leaving one colorful behind as image of their face would appear on it; sealed in false reality of where the person continues their life without the memory of their encounter with her or the memory of their mission.
  • Toon Force: She can bend reality and physics into absurd ways that is meant to be funny by snapping her fingers with wish in mind. From making an dog to talk, being super strong for no reason, raining fishes or pies, everyone's clothes disappeared, so on. The possibility of using this ability/power is nearly limitless but there is downside of all in this. She can't kill or permanently harm their opponents as its meant to be funny.

Weaknesses: She is physically fragile, relying on evasive maneuvers and tricks including her toon force to counter this problem. Marbles rarely fights seriously, prefers to play around and be mischievous about it. Her illusions can be broken when the person realize its not real.


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