A handful of feats have been brought to my attention from over the years, some of which I should have known about and others I didn't know existed. I imagine these will lead to me revising the verse a bit, mostly for high-level adventurers. So probably relevant for new pages.

Basically, the following feats have been dug up for me...

  • A Cloud Giant sage calling down a dozen lightning strikes at once
  • And finally, a sufficiently powerful (CR 18) Water Elemental created a vast whirlpool when fighting a naval fleet


Lightning and Stuff

Simple enough. Eight lightning bolts, five billion joules each.

12 x 5000000000 = 6e10 Joules, or City Block level

Relatively simple I guess.

Boulder Pinball

Said boulder was supposedly big enough to hid behind for two party members, so at least 6.096 m in diameter should suffice, and I will assume spherical shape because it's simple.

Volume = 948.91 m^3

Density = 2750 kg/m^3

Mass = 2609502.5 kg

Speed = 857.5 m/s (Mach 2.5, I've been told by the person who was there for the feat this would be fine)

KE = 9.594e11 Joules, or Multi-City Block level

Whirlpool Shenanigans

The whirlpool could contain some chains of boats that were nine-boats long; the boats themselves were 124 feet long, so 340.2 m in length. Radius for the whirlpool would be AT LEAST half of this, so 170.1 meters works for me. Downwards, the ocean floor extends to 3688.08 meters

Volume of a Right Cone = 1.12e8 m^3

Mass of Water = 997 x 1.12e8 = 1.117e11 kg

Normal whirlpools can reach speeds of 19 km/h, however, this is far more impressive than a normal whirlpool, and one feels as though baseline subsonic+ speeds would be better fitting, namely because sounds were "lost in the waves" among other tips- noise was literally being blocked out by the waters. Makes sense to me I suppose, since you wouldn't have to be exactly transonic to block transonic things- this is a good lowball. 

KE = 1.643e15 Joules, Large Town level

Hell yeah.


Lightning Gets Summoned: 14.34 Tons of TNT, City Block level

Boulders Get Smacked: 229.30 Tons of TNT, Multi-City Block level

Whirlpool Shenanigans: 392.69 Kilotons of TNT, Large Town level

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