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    Hallows are people (or animals or demons or aliens or etc. etc - anything that has a will can become a Hallow) who has, through their extremely powerful will, absorbed and successfully integrated with Aether. Becoming a Hallow on its own grants a few useful abilities:

    • Regeneration (Low-Godly) - All Hallows are capable of reforming themselves from their metaphysical will. This means that any harm to them (including things such as transmutation, power sealing, soul damage, concept alteration and other abilities that change them in an undesired way) can be undone. However, this ability is dependent on them maintaining control over Aether through their will, and thus if their will can be broken, they can no longer maintain their physical forms.…

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    In the story Erebus, the main character Erebus manages to escape a mouth of the Gigantic Hydra by flying out at high speeds. Let's work out just how fast he is.

    To give context to the scene, the Hydra has just effectively teleported one of its heads around Erebus (and the rest of the city he is in) by moving through higher dimensional spaces and approaching from an "angle" that they cannot comprehend.

    Here's the sequence of events:

    The head apears around the evacuated city (and Erebus within it) -> Erebus looks around to see why everything has gone dark, and realises he's in the cavernous mouth of a giant creature, with the rest of the world still visible beyond its teeth -> He sees the mouth is closing -> He flies for it, and manages to get …

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    A list of common resistances that all Anomalies (previously Hallows) have:

    • Reality Warping - all Anomalies can resist the effects of each other's Authorities, as well as the powers of Alaya, which warp the laws, information and concepts of reality.
    • Law Manipulation - See above. Additionally, Anomalies are unbound from the laws of Alaya, instead operating by their own personalised (and alterable) versions of such laws.
    • Conceptual Manipulation - See above. Additionally, Anomalies are unbound from the concepts of Alaya, instead operating by their own personalised (and alterable) versions of such concepts.
    • Information Manipulation - See above.
    • Power Nullification - The Authority of Humanity attempts to overwrite the existences of Anomalies to null…
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    So this is just going to go over the various concepts of the Forsaken By God verse (Forsaken Verse). 

    Reality in the Forsaken verse is divided into 4 'planes' (these are NOT equivalent to dimensions). They are referred to in order "height", or rarely "depth" with the highest also being the deepest, and the lowest being the shallowest. Every being in the Forsaken verse exists on at least 2 of these planes. These planes are:

    Assiah, the physical plane. This plane is inhabited by all physical objects and forces in the multiverse. Matter, light, gravity and time all exist on Assiah. This plane is inhabited by the body. Magic that controls fundamental forces, physics, matter, space and time, and other similar things is done by using magic on the As…

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