In these stories heroes will face their most powerfull enemy, Darkness primordial evil and darkness.

Clash of Five armies Saga

War between fractions has begun!

As Carl and Sonny aka Doctor`s son travel around universe they begin find tectures all places. Sonny is worried that these textures are nothing what he has seen in his past and this will be something serious.

Everything begins from dark.

Everything will be susteined by dark.

Everything will be live in dark.

Everything will became one with DARK.

~ Unknow texture

In meanwhile Samael and Michael has waken up from beating what they get from Lilim and they begin argue again, but are quicly going their owns ways back to hell and heaven. They both know it is time to start what should has ended many years ago.

Michael: Time has come. We shall  wipe out everyone who oppose us!

Samael: Now it has come! We shall take over whole macrocosmmos, conquere heaven and crush every resistance who comes our way!

~ Michael to angels and Samael to fallen angels and demons

In mean time Highfather holds up meeting and discuss incoming war.

Highfather: You all know this is invetiable. War will come and we must think who are our allies or enemies.

Gaia: I not sure is there allies for us. There is not many othr fractions which would side our side.

Highfather: I have only one fraction in mind. Other one is too complicated even they are making cooperation with planetary gods as we speak.

Gaia: Do you mean?

Highfather: Yes

~ Highfather with, galactic guardians and Gaia discuss their future

In other side of universe Marth and Lilim are still searching way to home and back to others. Marth locates familiar planet, Terra. They both decides take visit to see Endymion and find him with tricky situtation.

Endymion: What you creatures are? You are not Ares servants or from underworld.

One of creatures leaps towards Endymion and roars. But it quicly implaled by ligth sword.

Marth: Hello there! Having trouble?

Endymion: Hi Marth! Not much, more like annoying pests.

Hercules: Hey it`s devil boy!

Marth clances with murdeous look towards Hercules.

Lilim: These creatures are not made by my mom or dad.

Endymion: Who is she?

Marth: My big sister, long story, but let`s take these out.

~ Heroes face new treath.

In hell Lilith walks with Asmodeus and have discuss what they should do....

Lilith: So Marth was successfull to bring out Lilim`s true power?

Asmodeus: Yes, he was mother.

Lilith: But where they are now?

Asmodeus: That i don`t know.

Lilith: Hmmp. But i am sure that they can now handle themselves. Are our demons ready for revolution?

Asmodeus: yes they are. We have about two of third our side in this.

Lilith: Good! Samael won`t know what hit him as war begin. We shall free demon kind from his rule. This is Freedom to demon kind bridage!

~ Lilith and Asmodeus planning form their own fraction

At same time at campfire Marth with Lilim discuss with Endymion and Hercules as they reveal oncoming war...

Endymion: One thing worries me.

Marth: What it is?

Endymion: Gods has speaking oncoming war between fractions which will decide future of whole universe.

Marth: What?

Lilim: Oh yes, my mother spreaked about it sometimes.

Marth: What!!!!

Hercules: Yes i heard our father speaking about it. Our fraction should figth too. I mean planetary gods, demigods and galactic guardians against heaven and hell.

Marth: I need to get back to hideout to tell others about this!

~ Endymion tells Marth big news.

In save the nephilim bridage hideout other ae still worried where is Carl and Marth, are they alrigth and how long John can last....

Emilia: I hope Carl and Marth are alrigth.

Jane: i am sure they are. (in his mind where are you Marth, come back already, i miss you..)

Azazel: I sure they are alrigth. Arg (falls to fround)

Emilia: Father!

Azazel: I am alrigth! i am alrigth, don`t worry. It just hard keep life link with John up sometimes.

Emilia: Are sure you can do this?

Azazel: (serious impression) I will do this. I won`t lost another son for...

(Loud bang is heard with whole hideout shaking and alarms go highwire)

Emilia: What now?

Jane: He is here! I can feel him! (begin run towards main hangar)

Emilia: Who! Wait Jane! Don`t go!

(Emilia runs after Jane)

Samantha: I never would see this. That kid actually escaped from hell.

Jane: Marth.

Emilia: I don`t believe it.

Marth: I am Back! How it is going?

~ Marth returns to hideout

Some where in universe lonely planet dark entity with Butler are watching situtation which will escalade soon...

Darkness: Everything is going like i planned.

Bulter: Yes it seems so. When you will make your move?

Darkness: Firtsly i let everyone lure themselves out, then i will come and take grand price!

Darkness: Then i shall plunge everything back to darkness.

~ Dark entity and Butler are watching how things turn to be

Will Carl and Sonny find way to home? What will happen if all fractions begin their attack each other and who will figth as alies or enemies? Will Lilith succeess with her own plan with revolution, will she manage to use Lilim as grand weapon against hell and heaven? What are alllies which Highfather mentioned? How this dark entity will ``claim his price`` and what is it plans for plunge everything back to darkness? These answers are revealed in Tales of Nephilim; Clash of five fractions saga.

Prophesy  Saga

Darkness has begins rise again

Great clash of macrocosmos almost destroyed it, but at final moments great demiurge shows up and declares that fighting is over. But this was what dark being was waiting for. As Lucifer make his appearance it resonance with Carl mysterious powers activating it and then dark being made his move and steal Carls power. After another great clash with newfound power with Lucifer this dark being declares that time has come...

After clash Lucifer quicly take heavenly force back to heaven and hold emergy meeting...

Lucifer: Michael! How many angels we have left?!

Michael: Not so many. Half of them has fallen during the clash and one of third of surviours are in bad shape. But surely we can make more...

(strange sounds is heard across heaven, like steel structure which bending)

Lucifer: It has begun. Quickly Michael gather all souls and turn them to angels. We need more them.

Michael: But is that little hastly choice my lord...

Lucifer: Now!!! There is no time! No go!!

Michale: Yes, my lord! (teleports away)

Lucifer: Hope we can stop it.

~ Lucifer and Michael at heaven

Mean time Samael, Kain, Asmodeus and Lilith has returned to hell to discuss little ``rebellion`` But they found more biger rebellion in hell.

Everything begins from dark.

Everything will be susteined by dark.

Everything will be live in dark.

Everything will became one with DARK!

~ Demons chanting in hell as they attack against fallen angels

All demons chant as they attack against fallen angels. They even won`t listen or take orders from their former masters, which they yesterday still feared...

Asmodeus: This is new. I never would think i could see this day.

Lilith: What is going on? Why they won`t listen us anymore? They don`t even fear us anymore!!! (same time burn lower demon)

Vepar: Lord Samael! Demon kind...they..have gone mad. They are attacking us, they won`t listen us anymore. What we do?!

Kain: Can i now kill them all father?

Samael looks Kain with frustrated look and snap his fingers.

Asmodeus: I see what is going on.

Kain: What?

Samael has teleported himself Kain, Lilith, Asmodeus and all fallen angels/nephilims to first hell, which no one has used in million years.

Samael: They all gone mad because of him. He is their creator and they worship him.

Asmodeus: That dark being?

Samael: Yes and yes Kain now you can kill demons many as you want and full of your heart conted. (begin walk away)

Kain: Yayyy!

Samael: (stop at Lilith side) Dear we talk later about this ``rebellion incident``. We need now new plan to act. Azrael and Vepar come with me now!

~ Hell breaks loose

Back on headquarters our heroes regroup to discuss what just happened as strange ligth ball appears...

John: What hell was that?! I tough where where just winning?

Azazel: Technically in this war there would not be winners, but we where close.

Samantha: Dear, i know you something about this black entity?

Azazel: Sorry dear no any clue.

Apollo: We all are now in some deep S***!

Marth: How the hell you get inside?

Apollo: Teleportation.

Endymion: Wait what you know about this being?

Voice: It is ancient force, which should be take seriousrly.

Emilia: Where? Who?

Carl: This day turns to be more bizarre at any second.

Voice: You child had lost something?

Carl: (turns around and see ligth ball howering few centimeters away from his face) Aaaargh.

Marth: (moves side of ligth ball anf charges energy attack) Who are and what are you?

Samantha: If i be you, i wouldn`t do it. (Marth looks confused towards Samantha) That ball has strange energy which i don`t even regonize or my magic work at it.

Light ball: Yes, i am beyond all of you, but now i am little weak. But still i want help you all against Darkness to prevent his rise again.

Sonny: Rise again? This Darkness has been active before.

Ligth ball: Oh yes, but it long story. I will tell it when time is rigth. But now we must act, even he has risen to bring chaos, it is pefect time to stop him again.

John: How?

Ligth ball: By destroying his pieces.

John: Pieces? But how we found them all?

Augustus: Easily. (everyone looks at him) If you boys and girls look monitores there is hell going on all around macrocosmos.

Helen: There is big black clouds ourside and strange beings causing havoc.

Light ball: You have to destroy all of them to prevent him gather them alla together, if he mange to do that then we are trouble. But as he begin his rampage his pieces are now easy find.

Carl: i don`t know all what is still going on, but okey let`s do it.

Everyone: Alrigth!!!

~ Heros meeding and appearance of Existence

Back in Highfather realm he and Gaia along side other galatic guardians and gods are tired as terrified what has happened.

Gaia: Papa, was that thing..

Highfather: Yes my dear, it was.

Gaia: Oh dear, what we do now.

Highfather: I need made contact to higher beings even i am sure that they know by sure what is going on. Then we must regroup our forces and stop it.

Gaia: But papa we just figth bloody was, i am not sure that gods can figth anymore before resting few days, not mentioned galatic guardians are too..

Highfather: Silence, we must act now before it too late. If we...(looks Gaia who is terrifried) I am sorry about shouting my dear, but this situation is bad and we need even little ligth of hope...

Apollo: We have that kind hope.

Highfather and Gaia: (look surpised and say same time) How did you get in and what you mean?

Apollo: Teleporting. But about hope. The great mother herself has showed up...and this time we figth together.

Tear flows trough Highfathers cheek as he then heals all galatic guardians and gods.

~ Galatic guardians, gods and djinns join forces

Back in hell all demons are gathered around Samaels palace and are waiting orders. While they wait the shout...

Darkness is our god. Darkness is our Saviour.
~ Demons shuting trough hell

In palace throne room where few days at past Samael has sit and given orders sit now man with white hair, red eyes and wearing white suit along side butler.

Hail to!
~ Darkness as he sits throne

Darkness has finally show up and messed up whole macrocosmos. What this dark being truly wants and will our heroes manage to stop this or will this be their last battle? This all will reveal at Tales of nephilim; Prophesy saga as it will be one of the darkest chapters in whole series.....

Endgame Saga

Even all hope is lost, we shall figth!

Even heroes best effort, Darkness has manage to collect all his piece`s together and fused them wit his core and regain his formers power. Heaven and hell armies has been wipe out, lesser divinites has wipe out, all life has been has wipe out, everyone has wipe out, expect six last standing heroes with sisters of fates between Darkness and Existence as she is still in hers recovery coma.

Carl, John, Emilia, Marth, Sonny and Endymion are final barrier against Darkness for absorbing and turning everything to dark. Can heroes wake up Existence, can sisters of fates hold up Darkness until Existence wake up? This all will reveal in final chapters of Tales of nephilim; Darkness trilogy.

John: Your journey ends here! (takes his pistols and aim)

Emilia: You have done enough for today! It time to stop! (aim hers sniper rifler towards Darkness)

Marth: You will pay everything, what you have done! (rises his power to maxium level)

Endymion: By name of Zeus, you shall fall here and now! (takes his sword and get his figth pose)

Sonny: It too bad for you, but your story ends here. (takes sonicscrewdriver to his hand)

Carl: This is endgame for you! (spread his wings as his eyes start glow with silver glow)

Darkness: Endgame? Do you think this as game? I HAVEN`T START PLAYING YET!

~ Heroes faces Darkness final time.

Darkness is complete and back in business. Can heroes stop Darkness from consuming everything or is Allverse doomed? This will reveal at Tales of Nephilim; Endgame.

After these events story continues in Another route trilogy, with little diffrent way.

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