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Note: this calculation was originally done by Solstice the Sandwing Nightwing over on the Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons pages comment section on the Fallout Equestria Wiki.

I am merely posting it here as well as giving some minor prefacing context where able to.



Project Horzions is a moon based weapon that fires meteorites on a precalculated trajectory. We know from Cognitum that the mass of the metorites is several hundred tonnes. Using Earth as a fill in guesstimate for other important factors such as size, time frame, location, and gravity this is what was concluded. I have also taken the liberty of sourcing the chapters where said quotes originate.

The Original Calculation Post


Distance from Earth to Moon: 385,000km

Distance from Earth to Sun: 149,597,870km

Circumference of Earth: 40,008km

Circumference of Moon: 10,916km

Circumference of Sun: 4,366,813km

Total distance (canon): "A dotted line rose out of the palace, then started to curve. It looped around the planet, then around the sun, then back around the planet, back to the moon, and finally down right on Hoofington." -Goldenblood's Interrogation Software (Chapter 67)

3x Earth-Moon separation

2x Earth-Sun separation

1x Sun circumference

2x Earth circumference

1x Moon circumference

Total distance: 304,808,485km.

Timeframe: "Horizons will fire tomorrow afternoon and impact at midnight." -Goldenblood (Chapter 70)

Setting "Afternoon" as 3 PM and "Midnight" as 12AM, time from firing to impact is 9 hours.

Mass of Tom: "Goldenblood commandeered Horse’s mechasprites and sent them to the moon on a clandestine rocket to build a facility and to collect and fuse moonstone into a projectile massing several hundred thousand tonnes." -Cognitum (Chapter 65)

I will set the mass at 250,000,000kg, or 250 thousand metric tons, for simplicity. Tom could very well be larger, but not smaller.

Velocity is measured in meters/second, so we need to convert.

304,808,458 times 1000 is 304,808,458,000 meters

9 hours is 32400 seconds

304,808,458,000 divided by 32400 is 9,407,669 m/s

Kinetic energy is 1/2 mass times velocity squared.

So 0.5 times 9,407,669 times 250,000,000kg squared


Also known as:

293,900,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules.

Now we need to calculate Megatonnage and total atmospheric temperature change.

The temperature for temperature change in a body is q=McT, where M is the mass of the atmosphere (5.3*10^18 kg), c is the Specific heat Capacity of Air (1.005 kJ/kg), and T is the change in temperature Kelvin.

We seek the total temperature change T, so the equation is now q/Mc=T

We must convert Joules to Kilojoules, so 2.939*10^23J becomes 2.939*10^20kJ

2.939*10^20kJ/(5.3*10^18 kg*1.005kJ/kg)=55.176K change in temperature

The average world atmosphere temperature would become (starting at room temperature):




Now, for Megatonnage.

1 Ton of TNT is 1.184 Gigajoules, or 1.184*10^9 Joules of energy

Dividing 2.939*10^23J by 1.184*10^9 gives 2.482*10^14 tons of TNT

248,200,000,000 Kilotons

248,200,000 Megatons

248,200 Gigatons

248.2 Teratons

For comparison, Tom is the power of 2,482,263.514 Tsar Bombas (100MT), and 2.555 Chicxulub meteors (97.118 Teratons).

This would eradicate all life on Equus, easily, even if it didn't hit the Tokomare. Sheer velocity alone makes this thing INCREDIBLY powerful.

What scales to to this AP wise

Plugging 248.2 Teratons into our tiering system this would give High 6-B to the following:

  • The Eater of Souls (No Profile yet) (From catching this thing, Had also fed off a direct strike from Celestia Prime prior.)
  • A minimum for Trottenheimers Folly's AP It was specifically designed to destroy this thing before it made impact. Pythia, who can see the future, claimed it would vaporize it's mass. (Chapter 77} (Blackjack, and Cognitum)

It would also

  • Probably further prove that the Rainboom Calculations for FiM would be massive outliers if used. At least for any Project Horizons related page.

What scales to this Speed wise

Seeing as The Eater of Souls had to catch and thus react to this projectile we should also take into account the speed of which it was traveling, 9,407,669 m/s (Sub Relativistic). Despite knowing where it was going, catching this projectile would justifiably put it dozens of times higher than the verses many Bullet Timers. Following this scaling chain/line of logic, the following characters with profiles would scale to this:

  • Blackjack (Alicorn Form): Obvious, Ended up killing The Eater, and was capable of dodging its Anti Air arrays after reaching low orbit on her return trip from the moon, as well as in ground combat.
  • Legate (Post Resurrection): Blitzed Alicorn Blackjack twice and nearly killed her.