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...Sometimes, nature can be cruel... I have learned this the hard way, I have become lost...separated from the people I trust most, only for them to be taken away once we are reunited... It was then I decided to not be weak any longer, to the ones taken from me...I will be there to grant your final wishes, as your last friend...
~ Yulie


A young woman that is part of the Adventurer's Guild of Bortre. She became registered at the Guild at the young age of 15 years old. This led to some controversy from some of the older, more experienced guild members who thought she was a little too young, especially for the quests that involved fighting. However, the Guild stated Yulie was one of the top students in the school the princess went to and fought a few C Rank and B Rank adventurers before graduation, which allowed her registration without much issue.

After a few years, there were sightings of a Tyrant Dragon; a massive, powerful dragon capable of melting mountains in the area. She and several other adventurers were sent to investigate. Once spotted, it fired a fireball at the group, killing most of them at once. Yulie knew it was too late to run, so she had to hold her ground and fight. She eventually ended up killing the dragon but ended up with some serious injuries, which made her withdraw from Guild activity for a few months in order to recover but was promoted to B Rank upon return.



Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral

Origin: Reality Library (Bortreverse)

Gender: Female

Age: 15 | 18 | 23 | 24

Classification: Human, C+ Rank Adventurer | B- Rank Adventurer | Pending A+ Rank Adventurer | A+ Rank Adventurer

Personality: Yulie has unparalleled determination, which allowed her to obtain incredible willpower and will never back down from a challenge. However, this does not mean she is reckless, she knows her limitations and knows what would be too much for her to handle. Her sense of pride is also great, but she is modest to the point where she knows she is at fault. However, she wasn't always like this, at first, she was naïve and inexperienced as an adventurer as she was still in training. She has became this way through memories of an incident that happened during her training and decided she would not be weak any longer so it would not happen again.

Height: 5'7" (170.18cm)

Weight: 156lbs (70.75kg)

Status: Alive

Affiliations: Adventurer's Guild

Previous Affiliations: N/A

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 6-B | At least High 6-B | High 6-A | 4-C

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Elemental Manipulation (Trained in fire, ice, and lightning magic), Healing (The "Mend" spell category is stated to be able to heal wounds), Holy Manipulation & Light Manipulation (Type 2 [Light Pulse is stated to utilize radiant energy and light for offensive purposes. She is also able to create floating orbs of light that illuminate the surrounding area, it illuminates magical darkness as well]), Explosion Manipulation (The Nova spell is stated to produce a large, fiery explosion), Purification (The Restore spell is stated to purge a target's body from all toxins, diseases, and can calm one's mind), Energy Absorption (She is able to absorb the remaining magical energy of dead creatures, becoming stronger and healing themselves from a weakened life force), Indomitable Will (She has immense willpower, making her able to withstand all psychological attacks, cannot be charmed, even by using magical means, and cannot have her mind read unwillingly. Doing any of the above will passively counter the attack, making the user affected by it in her place, also grants extreme resistance to madness and prevents her from forcibly forfeiting a battle), Magic Sense (Able to see and sense the magical power of beings, this also allows her to see the aura of spirits), Life Detection (Magical power acts like a life force, which magical power can be sensed by her), Magic, Law Manipulation (Magic is stated to be capable of bending the physical laws of the natural world. This includes being able to transcend lightspeed and create or destroy matter and energy), Sword Mastery, Durability Negation (With Particle Blade), Invisibility (With invisibility potions). Extreme resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Soul Manipulation, & Plot Manipulation (Souls are purely conceptual forms that define the true nature of a being which is rooted upon the level of reality it exists in, sitting at the very root of the narrative itself. Changing the soul of a being can significantly alter all the realms below the layer of reality, which includes the entire Physical World, Limbo, the Afterlife, and the entire Grand Design which sits inside of the Reality Layer)

All previous powers to a higher degree plus Dimensional Storage (With Storage Crystal), Teleportation (With magic crystals)

All previous powers to a higher degree plus Non-Physical Interaction and Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (While in Purgatory, she gained the capacity to directly harm the soul of Shadow Beasts from Limbo), Acausality (Type 5 [Because of the exposure to the stagnant time of Purgatory, her fate no longer exists and all alternate possibilities of her retaining her fate are completely nonexistent. This also makes her unaffected by causality entirely]), Immortality (Type 1 [Her biological clock stopped due to the stagnant time of Purgatory]), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1) and Soul Manipulation (After she escaped Purgatory, her exposure to the corruption field allowed her to be capable of directly attacking souls and she can attack the "true form" of Shadow Beasts), resistance to Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation and Time Manipulation (She adapted to the stagnant time of Purgatory, her fate and all alternate possibilities of her retaining it are nonexistent. Moreover, this makes her completely unaffected by all forms of causality), resistance to Corruption and Soul Manipulation (Via willpower. Resisted the corruption field of Purgatory, which draws out the souls of beings and corrupts them)

All previous powers to a higher degree

Attack Potency: Large Country level (Yulie is comparable to the strongest C rank adventurers, and she is capable of taking down a titan by herself; ~329 Teratons). Her weapon is capable of bypassing conventional durability | At least Large Country level (Quite a bit stronger than before, being promoted to a B- rank adventurer. Yulie was capable of fighting and killing a tyrant dragon practically by herself alongside Xena, although she did receive grave injuries during the end of the battle; < 329 Teratons) | Multi-Continent level+ (Vastly more powerful after she escaped Purgatory. Her magical power became so powerful that it was stated that she could evaporate all of the water in the oceans; ~16 Exatons) | Star level (Yulie is significantly stronger than before, being promoted to a A+ adventurer from her efforts. Although her exact power cannot be measured, she is at least equal, if not superior to other A+ adventurers. Capable of fighting Silas, who is stated to have absorbed the complete power of the sun; ~260 Tenatons)

Speed: Massively FTL (Several times faster than Xena, whom of which is vastly superior to even the lowest ranking adventurers who can already fight at FTL+ speeds) | At least Massively FTL (She became even faster than before) | At least Massively FTL, likely Massively FTL+ (Should be significantly faster than before after fighting demons in Purgatory, although this cannot be properly calculated due to how time and causality does not exist in Purgatory. She was given a 3x multiplier to her speed as an absolute lowball due to this, although it should scale to her final Key) | Massively FTL+ (Threw Silas into the sun at these speeds)

Lifting Strength: At least Class P (Far stronger than Xena, who pushed herself ten meters back in attempt to dodge Elaine's lightning magic at point-blank range, physically stronger than most other C rank adventurers. Stopped a titan's punch using only one of her hands and pushed it over) | At least Class P (Stronger than before, able to throw a punch that had enough velocity to knock over a tyrant dragon several kilometers away) | At least Class P, likely Stellar (Significantly stronger than before after she had escaped Purgatory, likely scales to her final Key) | Stellar (Should be vastly more powerful than before after absorbing the remaining power of Shadow Beasts. Clashed swords with Silas, who has absorbed the complete power of their parent star)

Striking Strength: Large Country Class (Comparable to the strongest C rank adventurers and is superior to Xena, who is capable of taking down a titan with ease) | At least Large Country Class (Threw a punch hard enough which was able to launch a tyrant dragon several kilometers away) | Multi-Continent Class+ (Vastly more powerful after escaping Purgatory) | Star Class (Much stronger than before to an unknown extent. Should be at least equal to other A+ adventurers if not even stronger. Threw Silas into the sun with a punch)

Durability: Large Country level (Effortlessly dueled several other C rank adventurers and she can withstand blows from a titan) | At least Large Country level (She is capable of taking hits from a tyrant dragon, even though she did receive grave injuries in the end and had to recuperate for several months) | Multi-Continent level+ (Significantly stronger after she escaped from Purgatory and she should be equal to her power, which is capable of completely evaporating the oceans) | Star level (Yulie is significantly stronger than before, being promoted to a A+ adventurer from her efforts. Should be at least equal to other A+ adventurers if not even stronger. Managed to take hits from Silas)

Stamina: Superhuman (She is capable of fighting for hours without a break and can stay physically active for days without any sleep) | Superhuman (Even higher than before) | Infinite (Due to the stagnant time of Purgatory, her sense of exhaustion no longer exists and she cannot become physically tired. Her "fate" no longer exists so all possibilities of her becoming tired are nonexistent in every possible world) | Infinite

Range: Extended Melee Range physically (She uses a particle blade which has the length of a longsword), Tens of Kilometers with magic (Via scaling from Elaine, who managed to create a large thunderstorm which completely encompassed the capital) | Tens of Kilometers, varies with teleportation | Planetary (It was stated she should vaporize all the water in the oceans), Outerversal via hax (She is able to directly attack the souls of Shadow Beasts which are in Limbo even if she is currently standing in the material world) | Interplanetary. Outerversal via hax, possibly higher (She is capable of destroying Limbo and can possibly destroy the realm that contains it)

Standard Equipment: Particle Blade, potions, mirror, and other various items | Magic Crystals

Intelligence: Above Average, but very knowledgeable about the lore on monsters and how to combat them.


  • Magical power requires the caster to use some of their life energy to use it, which can be dangerous if used too much. Although this can be bypassed with the use of magic crystals which do not take any of her magical power, but instead filled with magical power from an earlier time. However, there are a limited number of magic crystals she carries.
  • The Storage Crystal has a weight capacity of 1,000,000 kg.
  • She can only teleport to familiar places safely, otherwise the teleportation may be off.
  • The distance a magic crystal is able to teleport is limited and is proportional to the object's mass.


  • Fought and killed a tyrant dragon, although with several injuries.
  • Survived and escaped from Purgatory, fighting several demons while trapped in it.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Psychogenic Counter: Any psychological attack or technique directed at her is passively countered back at the user, affecting them instead. This includes mind control, mind reading, nightmare inducement, madness inducement, seduction, and even attacks that can cause losing the will to live.
  • Light Pulse: An offensive long-range spell which projects a shockwave of radiant energy at a target.
  • Flare: An offensive long-range spell which hurls a fireball which is hot enough to vaporize an entire suit of armor in a blink of an eye at a target .
  • Nova: A high-level offensive spell which causes a large, fiery explosion at a distance in which the caster can see.
  • Mendia: A high-level support spell which completely heals a target back at full health.
  • Restore: A high-level support spell which makes the target recover from all toxins and diseases in their body, as well as calm one's mind.
  • Recovery Crystal: She can absorb the magical energy inside a crystal, increasing her life force and giving her a boost in power. (Note: This does not heal physical injuries, only the life force of a person)
  • Teleport Other: With magic crystals, she can project the magic inside of the crystal to another target and teleport them. This can be used offensively and used as support, such as teleporting an ally away from a dangerous attack, or teleporting an object inside of an opponent.


  • She can put magical energy inside crystals for later use. These magic crystals hold a max capacity of 8.988 x 10^22 joules of energy (Country level). Since these crystals are filled with magical power, it is able to be absorbed, making all magic crystals quite suitable for healing and give a boost of magical power.
  • Magic crystals are not locked to a specific type of magic, they merely are a container that holds magical energy.
  • The distance a magic crystal can teleport, if fully charged, is equal to 1,000,000 kg / mass of the object = distance in meters. For example, Yulie is able to teleport herself a little more than 14 kilometers away if she uses one.
  • Calculations

Key: Guild Registration | Dragon Arc | Post-Purgatory | True Potential


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