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Power Feats

Slicing a boulder in half with Wind Cutter

Pretty simple shearing calc. Boulder was spherical and one meter wide, 0.5 meters in radius.

Ultimate Tensile Strength of rock = 69 MPa

Shear Strength = UTS * 0.6

Cross-sectional area: π0.52 = 0.7853981633 m2

Length of the shear will equal the diameter, so one meter.

0.7853981633 m2 * 69,000,000 Pa * 0.6 x 1m = 3.252e+7 joules (9-A)

Scales to beings who can cast Novice-level spells or higher; Level 5+, such as Shera and other Novice spellcasters.

Creating a miniature sun with Flame Sphere

Generating large storms and blizzards

Sela is capable of creating storms and blizzards, much like adult dragons are capable of. I will use this calc as quick reference.

The blizzard is explicitly stated to be 10km wide, so a 5km radius. I will use 9,900 m/s for the clouds.

Volume: 7.7754418e+11 m3

Mass: 7.7987681e+11 kg

Temperature Drop and Specific Heat: 32°C, 717.2 J/(kg*K)

Total: 7.7987681e+11 kg * 717.2 J/(kg*K) * 32°C =

1.7898484 x 1016 joules, or ~4.278 megatons of TNT (Low 7-B+)

Scales to characters who can cast Adept-level spells or higher; Level 20+ and adult dragons, which are Level 30.

Dispersing Levine's megastorm


During Sela's battle with the Elemental Witch of Lightning; Levine, the Witch of Lightning created a massive thunderstorm that completely covered the nation. Sela was shown capable of dispersing the storm with a single strike. I will be using this calc as a reference.

For this, we need the kinetic energy of the dispersal, so we need to calculate the mass and speed of which it was dispersed.

The size of the nation is never explicitly stated, but it is quite large, and pretty circular in shape. The size of the planet is 3x larger than Earth, so it has a dimeter of around 38,226 kilometers, or a radius of 16,226 kilometers.

Image Height: 2,200 pixels

Planet diameter in pixels: 2,055.06 pixels

Corrected planet diameter = √(1-(tan(35)*(2,055.06/2,200))^2/((tan(35)*(2,055.06/2,200))^2+1))*38,226 = 31,990.623 km

31,990.623 km / 2,055.06 = 15.567 km per pixel

Storm diameter in pixels: 1,852.41 pixels

Storm radius in meters = 1,852.41 * 15.567 / 2 * 1000 = 14,418,233.235 meters

Area of the Storm: π * 14,418,233.2352 = 6.531e+14 sq. meters.

Thunderstorms are typically made from cumulonimbus clouds, which are around 8,000 meters to 11,800 meters thick. So I will go with the average and use 9,900 meters for the cloud thickness.

6.531e+14 * 9,900 * 1.003 kg/m3 = 6.485e+18 kg

The dispersal happened extremely quickly, thus I will use one second for the dispersal, which would be equal to the radius. To disperse the storm, all of the clouds have to move omnidirectionally with the same speed.

Dispersing an omnidirectional storm = 1 / 12 * cloud mass * (Speed of cloud movement)2

1 / 12 * 6.485e+18 * 14,418,233.2352 = ~1.123e+32 joules, or 26.851 Zettatons of TNT (Nearly Low 5-B+)

Sela would scale to this value. So the Elemental Witches scale to 1/6 of this value as it took the combined efforts of all six of them to be able to hold Sela back, which would be equal to around 4.475 Zettatons of TNT (Low 5-B)

Splitting the moon in half

I will use kinetic energy to find this, and it is a pretty simple calc.

The moon is three times larger than our moon, so it has a radius of 5,212.2 km, and a mass of 1.984e+24 kg.

The gap was pretty significant and could easily be seen from the planet, so I will say the gap is equal to its radius.

This would make the gap 5,212.2 km wide, with each half moving half that distance; 2,606.1 km.

The gap took a few seconds to form, so I will use 10 seconds, giving us a velocity of 260,610 m/s.

1.984e+24 / 2 * 260,6102 = 6.737e+34 joules, or 16.103 Yottatons of TNT (5-A)

Zephyrine reduces the land to rubble

Using the Shatter spell, Zephyrine was capable of reducing everything in a 1,000km radius to rubble from air pressure alone.

Simple calc, using the formula for ground explosions/shockwaves: R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2)

R = radius in meters, so 1,000km = 1,000,000m.

P = pressure, as everything was reduced to rubble, I will use 1.37895 bars, or 20 PSI.

1,000,0003 * ((27,136 * 1.37895 + 8,649) ^ (1/2) / 13,568 - 93/13,568)2) = ~80.368 Teratons of TNT (6-B+)

Aqua controlling the world's oceans to her will

Aqua is stated to be capable of manipulating all of the world's oceans to her will. This includes changing the state of matter the the oceans as well. Since it takes more energy to change liquid water into a vapor, that is what will be used.

First we got to find how much water is on the planet. The planet is three times larger than Earth in radius, sharing similar ocean depth. This would give a value of around nine times the amount of water on the planet than Earth.

Water mass on Earth's oceans = 1.4e+21 kg

Latent Heat of Vaporization for water = 2,264,705 j/kg

1.4+21 * 9 = 1.26+22 kg of water

1.26+22 * 2,264,705 = 2.854e+28 joules, or 6.82 Exatons of TNT (High 6-A)

All six of the Elemental Witches scale to this as they are comparable to each other. However, Sela would scale 6x to this value as it took the combined efforts of all six Elemental Witches to hold Sela back. This means Sela scales to around 41 Exatons of TNT (5-C)

Terra drops an meteor on Sela

Terra creates a large meteor in the atmosphere and drops in on the battlefield. This will be a kinetic energy calc.

Levine made the meteor a railgun, making it fall at lightning speed. So velocity = 440,000 m/s

The meteor is spherical with a radius of 10km, or 10,000m.

Volume of a sphere: (4/3)*π*r3 = (4/3)*π*10,0003 = 4.1887902e+12 m3

Average density of a meteor is 3350 kg/m, so 4.1887902e+12 * 3350 = 1.403e+16 kg.

1.403e+16 / 2 * 440,0002 = 1.358e+27 joules, or 324.595 Petatons of TNT (High 6-A)

Lifting Strength can be calculated from this as well as Sela pushed the meteor out of the atmosphere. For this, I will use momentum to find the force needed to push the meteor of of the atmosphere. Since this happened quickly I will use one second for the time the meteor to exit the atmosphere, and since it completely exited the atmosphere, I will use the end of the exosphere, which is 10,000 km high.

Velocity = 10,000 km / 1 = 10,000 km/s, or 10,000,000 m/s

Relativistic Momentum = 1.403e+16 * 1e+7 / √1 - (1e+72 / 299,792,4582) = 1.40378118e+23 (kg·m/s)

1.40378118e+23 (kg·m/s) / 1 second = 1.40378118e+23 kg-force (Class Z)

Work = 1.40378118e+23 kg-force * 9.807 * 10,000,000 = 1.377e+31 joules, or 3.291 Zettatons of TNT (Low 5-B)

Glacia freezes a lake solid

Glacia is capable of freezing a massive lake solid with her Max Freeze spell. While the actual size of the lake is unknown, it is a very large lake, sometimes even referred to as a "small sea". Thus I will use the Caspian Sea as a reference.

The Caspian Sea has a water volume of 72,800 km3, that is equal to 7.82e+19 cm3.

Freezing water has a value of 418 joules/cm3

So: 7.82e+19 * 418 = 3.36876e+22 joules, or ~7.813 Teratons of TNT (Baseline 6-B)

Levine generates a massive storm

Levine creates a massive storm over the entire nation. This will have both a instability calc and condensation calc.

We know the volume of the storm from a previous calc: ~6.466e+18 cubic meters.

Cloud thickness is 9,900m, so: 6.531e+14 * 9,900 * 1.003 kg/m3 = 6.485e+18 kg

Water Vapor: 6.531e+14 * 9,900 * 0.003 kg/m3 = 1.94e+16 kg

The storm was considered to be extremely powerful, with heavy rain, constant lightning, and generated powerful tornadoes (Which would be calculated to be around E5 tornadoes), so I will use 8,000 joules/kg of instability.

Condensation is 2,264,705 joules/kg

Instability: 6.485e+18 kg * 8,000 = ~5.188e+22 joules, or 12.4 Teratons of TNT (6-B)

Condensation: 1.94e+16 kg * 2,264,705 = ~4.394e+22 joules, or 10.502 Teratons of TNT (6-B)

Since instability is higher, it will be used.

Speed Feats

Outrunning the Mother Boar

Dodging and deflecting arrows from Goblins

Goblins are low level creatures that can fire arrows at their targets. Sela can dodge and deflect these arrows.

Arrow velocity: 50m/s

Using the human proportion calculator, Sela would have an arm length of 66cm if she has a height of 167.64cm.

Dagger blade length: 25cm

Total range: 91cm (0.91m)

She would need to deflect the arrow when it is within 0.66m to 0.91m of her, so I will use 0.785m.

Circumference: 2πr = 2 * π * 0.66m = 4.146902302 meters

A sword arc is around a 90° angle, so that would be 1.036725575 meters.

Calc = 1.036725575 * 50 / 0.785 = 66.033 m/s (Subsonic)

Scales to literally everyone under Level 5.

Deflecting Stone Bullet projectiles

Sela is capable of deflecting all three Stone Bullet projectiles.

This calculation first needs to find the distance she had to move to deflect all three projectiles. The speed of the projectiles is stated to be around Mach speed, so I will use 343 m/s for the velocity.

Sela's arm length would be around 0.66 meters, with a Shortsword having a length of 0.5 meters for a total range of 1.16 meters.

Circumference: 2πr = 2 * π * 0.66m = 4.146902302 meters

A sword arc is around a 90° angle, so that would be 1.036725575 meters.

Sela had to preform three slashes, so 1.036725575 * 3 = 3.110176727 meters for the total distance.

Since Sela had to begin swinging her sword within 0.66 to 1.16 meters of the projectile, otherwise the projectile would be out of the blade's length and end up hitting her. Thus I will use the average of 0.91 meters as the distance when she started moving.

Calculation: 3.110176727 * 343 / 0.91 = ~1,172.297 m/s, or around Mach 3.418 (Supersonic+)

Since Sela had to consistently move in order to deflect all three, this would be combat speed. Scales to those who can cast Novice-level spells or higher; Level 5+, such as Shera and other Novice spellcasters.

Dodging Lightning Bolt at close range

Simple calculation.

Assuming one meter of movement and dodging ten meters away

Lightning speed: 440,000 m/s

1m * 440,000 m/s / 10m = 44,000 m/s, or around Mach 128.28 (Massively Hypersonic)

Sela has been shown to dodge a barrage of Lightning Bolt spells, so this will be combat speed.

Scales to characters who can cast Intermediate-level spells or higher; Level 10+.

Durability Feats

Endured ramming attacks from the Mother Boar