Yo, so, this is a thing, and i need to do this... Let's get to the calc

So, this guy has a stick that weights 2844 Kg, so KE feat time

We know that the Max speed that a bat has reached is 106.1 mph, we will double that because of stats amps, so we have 212.2 mph, aka 94.861888 m/s

KE = 0.5M*v^2

KE = (0.5*2844)*(94.861888)^2

KE = 12796262.024382701568 joules or 0.0030583800249480643137 Tons of TNT, Wall level+

So this is for Max amped PCs, normal PCs scale to half that, wich is 0.00152919001247403215685 Tons of TNT, normal Wall level... i hate stat amps

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