Calc 1: Blowing up Emerald Forest

At some point after a clash between Alpha and a goon, Emerald Forest gets its shit fucked so let's calc that.

Emerald Forest is about 10 km^2 in area, leaving us with a radius of 1.58113883008419 km.

((1.58113883008419/0.28)^3)/2 = 90.03387106437851 kilotons, Town level+

Calc 2: Blowing up Emerald City

Emerald City is approximately 1980 km^2, giving us a radius of 22.24859546128699 km.

(((22.24859546128699/0.28)^3)/2)/1000 = 250.8439949284133 megatons, Mountain level

So yeah, there you go.

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