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    Types of Stomps

    September 16, 2018 by Drag-O-Drawgon

    Just a random blog listing some types of stomps.

    • AP Stomp: Probably the most basic stomp. Where one character can literally just one shot, or very heavily just overpower them via AP alone. This is generally around 7.5X difference at least. Although hax difference can make it not quite a stomp, depending on the hax in question.
    • Hax Stomp: Not as simple as an AP stomp, but usually is very easy to spot. It's where a character just has so much hax over the other that you can just say "Did you even look at the abilities?" One hax difference is, 99% of the time, not a stomp. (Unless it was something like, passive Existence Erasure aura at 4.01 Km long or something like that). Something like: Superhuman Physical Characteristics vs Superhuman Physic…

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  • Drag-O-Drawgon

    Well, After a little thing on Xmark12's Wall, I decided to do a thing on this. This blog will be updated with more as time goes on. These are some ideas for a Super Smash Bros moveset for some of my characters (some of which may not even have a page yet). If any frame numbers are given, it's assuming a 60 frame per second game. Other exact stats will come soon. Any varying stats will assume medium variables.
    Key for attacks with stats that have a range: No Charge - Full Charge
    Medium Weight in this blog is 100. For comparison, Mario in Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS and Wii U).

    Note: Nothing here is final and can be changed

    Note 2: Exact knock back values are not given because they are not decided upon yet. A rough scale is given instead. Scale goes …

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  • Drag-O-Drawgon

    Banned Powers

    June 23, 2018 by Drag-O-Drawgon

    These are some of the powers that we do NOT want to see on profiles here. Please do not use any of these powers.

    So, starting off with this thread. I will use all the powers mentioned there in here, so credit to Udlmaster for most of this list.

    For anyone who doesn't know, NLF stands for No Limits Fallacy.

    Omnilock: Reserved for 1-A characters due to it being a property of them. It is redundant to put it there due to them having it by default. Characters below 1-A do not have this property, so they can't have it. Was also removed from the wiki.

    Ultimate Invincibility: As mentioned in the thread, no.

    Absolute Invulnerability/Omni Protection: You cannot be harmed in any way, no matter what. This is an NLF and shouldn't be on profiles.

    Any Absolute Po…

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  • Drag-O-Drawgon

    These are some of the types of pages that can be found here. This is kind of a joke blog, but has a little bit of seriousness to it (as in don't shitpost here in the comments too much). This is quite a bit based off of this blog. So I will give some credit to Megamangohan on that blog for this idea.

    Long Personality/Appearence: These pages are exactly as the title entails. They have very long personality and/or appearance sections reaching usually around 5+ paragraphs worth. Usually associated with quality.

    Examples Include: EQUINOX and Myeato Urusaki.

    Short stuff: These are the pages that are really short for each of the sections, such as 1 to 2 sentence personality/appearance, short justifications to stats, and no explanation on the intelli…

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  • Drag-O-Drawgon

    This blog post is for the purpose of recording the wins/losses/draws of characters on Vs Battles Wiki that were done here.

    Note: These are not currently done in any particular order. I will eventually organize them alphabetically.

    Note 2: This is currently a very early version of this list. As such, it will not include all of the match ups like this. Please leave a comment if you find one not on this list.

    To suggest a match to be added (VS Thread): Leave a comment on this blog with a link to the thread in question.

    To suggest a match to be added (Discord): Take a screenshot of the results, make sure the characters in question are in it. Then post it and put it in a comment on this blog.

    To suggest a match to be removed: Leave a comment request…

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