Oh hello there gentlemen and ladies, it's me, DerpyLulu. Yes actually you can called me Jeffrey.

Ok, today I was doing make a blog about FCs and OCs!

Since there are people who scale FCs and OCs to canon characters, I feel so bad about how they use feats for FCs and OCs that scale to canon characters, we must debunked it.

So here what I show you a information that will help people understand!

Note: This isn't a joke, I promise.


There are a lot of fan-made and OCs series in Youtube, there's made that are seen as actual series with KKHTA being a good example. With that in mind cause they saying that KKHTA characters have no scaling feats with their canon characters, we do allow them on the site. However, we can only allow the mainly serious ones.

And... Second one is about internet characters like AVGN and Jontron? Never, they're not likely FCs or OCs, so perhaps they're not gonna be in the wikia. About others like Crash Zoom, Asdfmovie, Machinima, and Smosh? These characters are not likely FCs and OCs too, so perhaps for let them in the serious wiki, it could be, since it has been not pick up by VSBW for few reasons.

Oh well, I already right about Sonic For Hire characters are likely fan characters expect Sonicqua. I only know Soniqua is a OC, so they could be in FC/OCVSBW.

What is/isn't Allowed

A fan-made materials are allowed to be used as they're not non-canon materials. Fan-made material itself is allowed to be used too. However, when making a profile, please acknowledge the following:

1. It needs to be serious. Joke fan-made material (I.E.- Joke feats made by users) will not be allowed as there's already a site that works well for that.

2. No fighting characters allowed in this wiki for reasons, there exist both serious and joke videos of likes AnimationRewind and Death Battle usually have different.

3. If you're using fan-made material, it must follow the original creator of said fan-made material's intent. (I.E.- Using JC Heyna's version of Sonic.EXE opposed to using a fan-made sequel's version). However, if the fan-made sequel is acknowledged by the author and shown to be canon then it can be used.

4. NO FCs/OCs-to-canon scaling in this wiki, never scale a FC/OC to a canon character, even if they say they remember previous feats. (I.E.- Scaling Betty Norie to Chara, scaling Fake NYN to Nazrin, scaling Sonichu to Sonic, etc.), anything I saying about it...

5. Author's intent should not be fully used. Certain author's contradict their statements a lot and tend to mistaken the word they use (I.E.- A Internet user, Matthew Powell claimed Standy scale to Bendy however that's limiting stalement therefore contradicting it). Author's intent should only be used if it makes sense and nothing contradicts it.

Clearly that's all...

You see, I have been made these to show you up that you should understand.

Though I was just read a rule in the wikia, it never said anything about FCs or OCs scaling feats. I don't know if I'm right about that.

Well so, what do you thought about this blog I made? Right or wrong?

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