• DemonGoddessLiltih

    Remia vs Lilith

    September 2, 2019 by DemonGoddessLiltih

    Remia snapped her fingers and the space around them became distorted. Lilith was shocked for a second until she realized the Archangel's intentions. The two woman spawned into an infinite sea of nothingness. Lilith observed her surroundings before taking a deep sigh. Remia had a very sinister grin on her face as she stared at Lilith. Lilith turned her gaze back onto the battle lusted Archangel

    "So, rumor has it you are even stronger than my big sis. I want to see just how true that really is." The Archangel said with excitement in her voice. Lilith seemed confused by her words.

    "Is that why you brought us to this.. place? Our battle would destroy this entire void, and even reach beyond." Lilith questioned her intentions as she observed the r…

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