"Aniel. Kokabiel. Azazel. And Diana." Lilith said as she put her left hand on her hip upon being surrounded by them on all sides. The Seraphs stood a few feet away from her in the Garden of Eden. Lilith put up her arms like a guilty person that had just been caught commiting a crime. Kokabiel formed two light spears in his hands and twirled them in his hands. Lilith looked at him oddly. She noticed Azazel was no longer in his prayer stance but instead had a hand sign she had not recognized. Diana had her left hand on her sword that was sheathed and strapped to her waist on the left side. Aniel was the only one that showed no sign of hostility, having just her hand on her hips. Lilith looked at each of them intently to see what they were planning. Suddenly, something that made her alert, all 4 Seraphs sprouted their 6 wings at seemingly the same time.

"I'm warning you all right now.. Whatever it is you are about to do, i'd reconsider" Lilith tried to warn them as she crossed her arms with her palms facing forward.

"Whiteout" Azazel said in response as Lilith was enveloped by a strange white light. Lilith was blinded temporarily and she formed a darkness barrier around her as a response. Seconds later, the light faded and she was in a different realm altogether when she opened her eyes. Lilith put her darkness barrier away and noticed she was no longer on the mortal world. The sky was full of an endless sea of clouds, she stood on white grains of sand, and there were broken white ruins all over the place.

"What is this, Heaven's junkyard?" Lilith said as she observed the broken ruins, pillars, and temples all over the ground. Suddenly, the angels appeared before her again. To her left above her a few meters in the air were Aniel and Kokabiel. To her right were Azazel and Diana. Each of them still had their beautiful 6 wings sprouted as they floated above the ground. Lilith floated to their level without forming her wings at all.

"What is this place?" Lilith asked while looking at Azazel, assuming it was his doing. All of them had on serious expressions, well she couldn't see the look on Kokabiel's face due to his helmet. Azazel put his right hand to his mouth and coughed.

"Welcome to Seraph world. It's a spell." Kokabiel answered her question instead of Azazel which caused him to slightly look at him to his right. Lilith's eyes widened suddenly as she noticed a difference in the energies of these angels.

"Ah, it looks like you can tell. Seraph world is a spell that increases the strength of every single angel 10 times. It was a spell we were saving for the battle of Hell, but using it to take out the strongest demon is totally worth it as well." Azazel said as he noticed her facial expression. Lilith smiled before saying

"It's cute you angels think all of your strength multiplied by 10 is enough to beat me." Lilith responded arrogantly. Kokabiel crossed his spears behind his back, and Diana sheathed her angelic longsword.

"As much as it pains me to admit, i doubt we can win here. Lilith is as strong if not stronger than Lucifer. We aren't just fighting a demon, we're fighting a god. We should have asked Gabriel to at least assist." Diana spoke her discomfort of the situation. Kokabiel ignored everything she said and flew at the demon. Lilith retreated backwards in response, outpacing the angel. Kokabiel managed to catch up to her due to the assist of his wings, he goes for a double cross cut with his spears in an attempt to behead Lilith. Lilith tilted her head back. He then does a reverse cross bringing them upward and instead throws the spears upward. He then flies up and kicks them both at Lilith who smiled and grabbed the spears with her bare hands. Upon contact, they merely sizzle her skin. Kokabiel started laughing, before the spears glowed and exploded in her hands causing a large explosion of light.

"Nice job Kokabiel!" Azazel complimented hundreds of meters away. Kokabiel then summons two more light spears in his hands with ease. When the explosion cleared, Lilith was coughing and she had light burns on her body.

"Interesting. That aggression reminds me of Remia." Lilith said to Kokabiel who started laughing again.

"Is there a reason you 3 don't join him?" Lilith asked with arrogance, mocking the angels. None of them responded. Aniel merely smiled and shrugged. Lilith sighed. She vanished from Kokabiel's sight and appeared behind him. Lilith threw a right kick towards his neck, Kokabiel responded by merely raising his spear up high enough to block it. He then rotates his body instantly counter clockwise and uses the spear in his left hand and slashes at her neck, Lilith deflects it with her left hand, to which Kokabiel responds with instantly going for a side kick. Lilith teleported behind him again and punches him in his side before he could react. Kokabiel makes a grunt of pain as he is sent flying towards the other angels. Lilith shoots a large beam of darkness at him as he is flying away. Once he reaches the other angels, the beam makes contact with him and creates a dark explosion. Aniel, Diana, and Azazel vanish before it could go off however. Lilith looked up upon hearing the sound of static, Aniel and Azazel had their hands above their heads. A large ball of light and electricity was formed above them. Lilith prepared to move, however Diana appeared behind her and went for a downward slash along her back. Lilith turned around quickly, and caught her right arm with her left knee pit. Lilith Squeezed with her leg, causing the angel to wince in pain.

"Damnit Diana. Kokabiel get up already and help her! Give us an opening to finish her with one attack." Azazel shouted as he and Aniel still continue to charge the attack. Lilith was still crushing Diana's arm with her knee pit. Lilith then points her right palm in front of Diana's face and fires the same dark energy beam but at point blank range. Diana was terrified by her facial expression, she is then hit directly by the attack. The beam sends her flying away and then causes a massive explosion of darkness as she lands on one of the ruins when she falls down. Lilith then points her finger at the ball of energy above her being formed. Aniel and Azazel were panicking, as Lilith shoots an endless stream of thin dark beams from her finger at the ball. Suddenly, Kokabiel flies in between them and starts deflecting them with his spears flawlessly. Lilith sucked her teeth but she continued to fire assuming he would eventually fall. For a whole minute, Kokabiel flawlessly prevents every single thin beam of darkness from ever touching Azazel and Aniel's ball of light. However that bought enough time for Diana to shoot a light blast at Lilith's back. Lilith made a sound of pain, however the attack was successful in causing her to lose focus. Kokabiel then flies towards her, and Diana charges at her from her back side. Just before they attack the Demon, They teleported and switched places which caused her to make a shocked expression. Lilith kicks her leg backward and blocks a thrust from Kokabiel's spear from behind, while simultaneously grabbing Diana's sword with her bare hands. The two angels weren't surprised this time, however Lilith shifts her body upward slightly so that she can kick the angel in the face with her other leg. At the same she uses that momentum to flip over Diana's entire body and kick her in the back, causing her to spit out blood. Both angels dropped, however as soon as she lost focus, the two angels above her finally threw the ball of energy at her. Lilith only had enough time to look upward and put her right arm out to try and stop it. Lilith was able to slightly overpower the combined attack with one hand. Which caused Aniel and Azazel to then shoot out a stream of light arrows to push her back. It seemed to be working as Lilith uses two hands to push back against the attack. However her facial expressions still showed Lilith was calm.

"Chains of God." Diana's voice came from under Lilith. Lilith was wrapped by golden chains, upon doing so, her arms became entangled causing the ball of light to get closer to her face. However in an instant, Lilith's 12 black wings erupted from her back. The suddenly release of her power instantly caused the ball to disintegrate, and break her free of the chains. The entire realm they were in which was bright and golden, was turned into darkness.

"What?" Aniel said shivering with fear. Lilith flapped her wings. Diana and Kokabiel were laying on the ground staring up at the being in front of them.

"She has.. 12 wings...?" Diana asked in terror while she was still in pain from just being kicked by the demon. Lilith stretched her arms before smiling and saying

"Ah, thank you for forcing me to sprout my wings. My back was in so much pain keeping these things in my back." All of them were trembling in fear. Lilith flies upward in the clouds before putting her right hand above her head. The angels lost track of her location before Diana and Kokabiel point upward above their heads as they had a better view. Aniel and Azazel looked above them with despair. Lilith was forming a much larger ball of energy above her head. This one was made of pure darkness and it's size covered the endless sky of clouds. Dark electricity started forming around the surface of the attack.

"This is what i call an attack. This one is many times stronger than the one i used to knock out Remia." Lilith said mocking their attack from before. Lilith uses her hand to throw it downward. Diana and Kokabiel teleported next to Aniel and Azazel.

"Heaven's 13 legion defense!" All of them shouted in unison. A large golden shield the size of the ball itself was formed in front of them. The same shield Remia used to defend against the attack. The angels shouted as they all put their energy into the spell.

"Die." Lilith said calmly as the ball made contact with the shield. The shield was destroyed instantly, the angels were all vaporized, and their entire world was gone. Lilith found herself in the Garden of Eden again, alone, spreading her arms and taking a deep breath.


The spell they used is called Seraph world. This increases the strength of any angel inside by 10 times. They used this in order to close the gap in strength. However, Lilith is a lot stronger than them even with that 10x boost. As shown when she hurt Kokabiel and Diana severely with mere punches and kicks. Aniel and Azazel thought their only chance would be to use a combined powerful attack once she lets her guard down. Diana and Kokabiel only served to buy time in that moment. This is because they are more close quarters based while Aniel and Azazel are more ranged attack based. They were successful in buying time, but Lilith was able to overpower it with one hand. Diana sneaks in the spell chains of god, something that was only seen by Azura and Lucifer. Lilith was unable to escape it due to the ball of energy she was was occupied with. However, the chains wrapped her arms as well, which she was using to push it back. She felt some threat, so she decided to sprout her wings finally. Upon doing so, her massive dark energy was enough to corrupt the entire Seraph world. Angels and demons get stronger when they sprout their wings. It's not just for mobility when they fly. Lilith then uses a ball of darkness similar to what they used against her, but a demonic version. This one is what she used to beat Archangel Remia. However Remia was able to survive the attack, though this one was much stronger than the one she used on Remia. The angels were killed instantly, and the realm. At the end of the day it was a stomp. She was a better fighter, she was much faster, and she was a lot stronger than they were. Lilith is equivalent to Lucifer, Michael, Sigrun, Athena, and other powerful gods who would one shot seraphs, excluding Duma.



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