This is a place where i post theoretical fights between God Genesis characters. Although this is not canon, the results would be accurate. I enjoy creating fights, therefore this is a way i can have my characters fight without messing up the story. A what would happen if they fought, whether it be serious, sparring, or playful.

See tier list if you want an even fight. Tho stomps are allowed.

Note: A suggestion can be sent in the comments. Also multiple characters fighting is alowed. No more than 6 characters tho.


Azura vs Teyza

Lilith vs Aniel, Kokabiel, Diana, and Azazel

Remia vs Athena vs Sigrun FFA Sparring

Lord Odin's test for Lucifer and Michael

Lilith vs Remia Rematch

Azura vs Michael, Lucifer, Remia, and Gabriel

Characters that can be used


Teyza Kuyomi 0-1

Azura 1-0

Nyx 0-0

Aurora 0-0

Death 0-0

Gaia 0-0

Manora-Shudara 0-0

Zufalia-Shudara 0-0

Xalia 0-0

Aria 0-0

Typhon 0-0


Zaros 0-0

Rhea 0-0

Salem 0-0

Zeus 0-0

Hades 0-0

Poseidon 0-0

Atlas 0-0

Hera 0-0

Loki 0-0

Athena 1-1

Remia 1-1

Michael 0-0

Lucifer 0-0

Gabriel 0-0

Duma 0-0

Azazel 0-0

Diana 0-0

Metatron 0-0

Sophia 0-0

Aniel 0-0

Kokabiel 0-0

Lilith 1-0

Asmodeus 0-0

Abaddon 0-0

Bael 0-0

Kampe 0-0

Sigrun 1-1

Ayanna 0-0

Aphrodite 0-0

Sheia 0-0

Battle Themes

Remia's Theme

Remia's Theme

Battle Theme 1-1

Battle Theme 1-1

Battle Theme 2

Battle Theme 2

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