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DemonGoddessLiltih DemonGoddessLiltih 10 January 2020

301 - You Fight Like Queen Gorgo

The General and the Spartan Army stood atop of the canyon peering off of it looking down at the few dozen Athenian warriors at the bottom. The Athenians were setting up camp outside of the canyon, planning to explore it first thing early in the morning. The Spartans formed a V as they stood near the edge, resembling the symbol on their shields.

"General, they outnumber us, what should we do?" One of the hoplites asked. In the middle was the Spartan War General named Gallus. He was wearing full bronze armor, and had a golden spartan helmet with a red mohawk at the top. He had his shield in his left hand, a spear in his right hand, and he had a curved sword strapped to his waist.

"We wait. When i say attack, you attack." Gallus said firmly and…

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DemonGoddessLiltih DemonGoddessLiltih 24 December 2019

God Genesis Christmas Special Part 1: A Splendid Idea

"Boom! I totally have an idea!" Aria said out loud as she was slouched over the arm of her couch with her head touching the floor.

"The hell did you have conjured in that pretty little head of yours?" Astaroth's voice responded to her from upstairs.

"You used to be human right Astaroth?" Aria shouted at the demoness. Suddenly Astaroth teleported downstairs right in front of her face. Astaroth had a towel wrapped around her and she had her arms crossed as she looked down at Aria. Astaroth raised her foot which alarmed the goddess

"Wait wait wait!" Aria said in panic which stopped Astaroth in her tracks. The demoness looked at her with an annoyed expression as she closed her eyes.

"I know that subject is rather sensitive, however, i brought it u…

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DemonGoddessLiltih DemonGoddessLiltih 22 December 2019

God vs Her Archangels (Theoretical Battle)

"Your end lies here mother." Lucifer told Azura as balled her fists up. Her red crimson hair flared up in anger. Azura was sitting in the middle of the angel council room with crossed legs as they rested on the table. Azura patted her mouth and yawned. Michael who was standing far left of the four archangels looked down in embarrassment. Gabriel looked like she didn't even want to be there as she showed little reaction. Remia who was to Luicfer's right had both of her hands on her hips and smiled as she stared at her mother.

"By you lot? I created you. I am not you daughter, i don't create my creations anywhere near my strength." Azura mocked Lucifer as she blew her a kiss. She noticed Michael's uneasiness in the situation and said

"And you?…

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DemonGoddessLiltih DemonGoddessLiltih 16 December 2019

Remia's Song and Rap

The singing part is what she sung when sent to tartarus. It is canon. Note: the | is indicating a flow change

Singing - They say i'm broken, But i think i've just been chosen, Bleeding hearts of the birdies i've woken, I just cannot be heartbroken. | It's all over now, my story is over now, | for the people i've murdered, does your loved ones wish to see me murdered? | You ask if i regret a thing, but i've always been meeeeeee. I am not swayed by love's gratification, no sorrows of loss the only thing i feel is predation, my story is not yours to tell i do not need narration. | The sky is crying, bloody clouds of the angels that are dying, I've just been scrying, for an intense battle, oh i've been trying, everywhere i go something is always dy…

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DemonGoddessLiltih DemonGoddessLiltih 9 December 2019

Lilith vs Remia, Battle of Gods (Theoretical Battle)

"You... Why are you here?" Lilith asked Remia when a fiery portal was opened up and the angel stepped out of it. Lilith was sitting on her throne with her legs crossed. Remia walked forward and stopped at the first step before Lilith put her hand up.

"You know why i'm here." The angel asked as she put her hand on her hip. Lilith rolled her eyes in response.

"You remember what happened the last time?" The Queen of Hell asked Remia. Remia put her right finger to her lip and looked upward.

"Last time i was being merciful because you were Lucifer's sister. However, i overthrew her, so if i were you i would leave, as of this moment you have zero protection, and i have every intention to kill you if take another step" Lilith warned Remia.

"Do you ha…

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