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Hyper Shadic's kick speed

Super Metallix in SpacePea's Shadic vs Metallix video gets punted to the Moon. The video runs at 30 fps and in 17 frames he goes from Mobius to the Moon, or 0.566666667 seconds. Now, according to the Mobius Encyclopedia, Mobius as a future version of Earth in the year 3237, which would mean the Moon would've only moved 46 meters away... so ignore that, I'll keep the average distance for the calc.

384400 km per 0.566666667 seconds = 678352941 m/s (2.262741849897 times SoL, FTL)


Let's be fair and say Metallix is only twice as heavy as regular Sonic, who is 35 kg, so 70 for the robot.

1.61057E+19 J = Large Mountain level

Explosion calc

Country level

This is more acceptable than the KE one


Metallix claims that a Super form is less than the 10% of a Hyper Form

So let's say 5.7160057E+13 tons of TNT is, say... 5% of Hyper Metallix's durability, that'd mean Hyper Metallix would be able to withstand (and likely dish out) 1.14320114E+15 tons of TNT or Continent level.

We can do the same with the speed, 678352941 m/s is 5% of 13567058820 m/s (45.254836997934 times SoL, FTL+)