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The trio decide to head back.

Back up the narrow stone and dirt mineshaft they were surrounded by. Back up, they could almost see the light.

While walking back though, the three occasionally heard rumbling and small pebbles falling from the ceiling.

But seeing the light began reassuring Kai and Ray, though specifically the latter.

Ray: "Phew, finally! C'mon, let's hurry and go back!"

She begins running towards the light.

Kai: "Ah- hey, wait up!"

Kai quickens her pace while Gergy stays a bit back.

...Though that's when he felt it.

Another tremor.

It's lasting a bit longer than the last one.

...It was then that Gergy sees the ceiling begin shaking... and coming apart near the light of the entrance as they were coming up.

Gergy gets moving, breaking into a run as the ceiling starts to give way

Kai: "Wait wha-"

Kai and Ray begin feeling the tremor as well.

...Ray specifically sees the ceiling beginning to collapse.

Ray: "Aw shi-!"


With how much his armor weighed him down and his lack of investment in that stat, Gergy realized he probably wasn't going to make it if he tried to run.

So he stopped, stood his ground, and lifted his arms to catch whatever part of the ceiling fell on him.

Before anyone else, Kai booked it, running past Ray and grabbing her hand to safety, reaching the Upper depths.

Meanwhile, it was only one part of the ceiling that was collapsing, and Gergy was too late. He was right under it.

Kai instantly turned around and looked back at where Gergy was-

Kai: "Oh no-!"

She was about to run towards him, before-


The rocks begin falling, however instead of being crushed under the weight, Gergy... lifted the part of the ceiling back up!

He wasn't able to hold it for more than a few seconds though. His body was straining, so with just enough time, he leaped off, letting the rocks collapse behind him as he made it to safety.

Alright, so, the walls were about two meters apart, the ceiling was about 4 meters above them (with the cave in presumably filling that space with dirt and some rocks), and presumably the length is equal to the width.

4 times 2 times 2 is 16

It was on the upper levels, so there is plenty of dirt, let's assume 70%. Rock is 2700 KG/M^3, and dirt is 1085 KG/M^3

(11.2 times 1085) plus (4.8 times 2700) is...

25112 Kilograms, Class 50

GPE is Gravity (9.81 meters per second per second) times mass times the height above the ground, 43200 times 4 times 9.81 is...

1695168 Joules, Wall level

Gergy had a 20, which was higher than any other clearer at the time, but people can still generally compare to him, at least enough to be on the high end of Class 10.

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