So, to any of you Bois out there who notice that Tony isn't 2-B for fighting Demigra and that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is Low 2-C as of ROF, this will cover explaination for why that is in a way a bit more lengthy then what could reasonably be put on profiles


Demigra has absolutely no statements of destroying the Multiverse or anything of the like in RSG. Not only that, but, in RSG, the structure of the Multiverse is quite different then Canon, so even if he did destroy the multiverse, it would be just 2-C.

But, what he does do is threaten to wipe the timeline, and even succeed before Tony kinda undid it via... Even now it's never been explained. He also absorbed Toki Toki, who has the ability to make Low 2-C Eggs.

Base Tony fought Base Demigra, and God Tony punted Kermit de Demigra.

Beerus still scares Demigra straight, and Ultimate God Tony is stated to be able to kill him. Not to mention, Max Stone, with the help of Whis, was just fine being able to take on an enraged Beerus.

Mira (Supervillain and Final Form)

They also have no statements to put them into the 2-B range. But, like Demigra, they do fill in. Supervillain Mira's overheating threatening the safety of Toki Toki's Egg as well as nearby dimensions is still a thing, and final form absorbs Toki Toki's Egg and far surpasses his limits.

Maximus Stone beats Supervillain Mira into the ground, then, with the help of Son Gloryhog, finishes him off with the Kamehamestone

Oh yeah, now I remember

Son Forking Gloryhog

Son Gloryhog. Now, this guy makes a turn from the rest, since, he actually upgrades a bunch of dudes instead of downgrades.

You see, you know how he helped Max Stone beat Mira into the ground?

That was in Blue form.

Meaning, anyone who's fought Blue would also scale to Low 2-C.

Supervillain Golden Frieza and IT'S YA BOI Cooler were fine matching Blue Goku, and Iced pitched into the fray while he was in his Golden Form.

Blue King Kai Fist Goku fought Hit even after his amp ran out, and Tony was able to keep up with amped Hit, though, he did need a bodycast after the fight. Luckily he got much stronger afterwards, with him fighting Rosé Goku Black and even Fused Zamasu temporarily.

In short?

A fork ton of people in odd places are Low 2-C lol

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