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And I'm in it, playing the antagonist of the last one.

It's pretty alright.

Ashton and Nameless make a very large explosion

A colossal beam tears through the city, warping time and space with its sheer density and mass. The mana is in fact so compressed, that it sucks in everything around it like a black hole. Nameless' attack collides with the cannon in midair, the resulting energy exchange creating a massive pillar that shoots up into the atmosphere, actually splitting the clouds. Though the two attacks colliding throws off the brunt of the cannon blast, slivers of energy still shoot past, punching several holes in Nameless. Even with all that destruction, the two attacks are still going, each trying to overpower the other.
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It was heavily snowing, until it stopped.

8000 times pi times 20000^2 is 1.0053096e+13 Cubic meters

Times 1.003 is 1.0083256e+13 Kilograms

The split happened over the course of about 10 seconds, so, speed is 2000 meters per second

Now, since... okay I'll be honest, it's hard to wrap my head around but like, look at this thread and the diagram and it'll make sense, using .25 instead of .5 for KE.

.25 times 1.0083256e+13 times 2000^2 is....

1.0083256E19 joules, 2.4099560229445 Gigatons, Large Mountain level

It was done by their clash, so, divide by 2 and...

5.041628E18 joules, 1.20497801147 Gigatons, Large Mountain level

Nameless zooms to Moscow

I don't really have a quote for this, but, travel speed is way higher than combat speed, as Nameless was able to move from New York to Antarctica to Moscow, all while most of the other PCs had a fight in Deleware. I'll assume about 10 minutes on the whole trip (though he did stop for a bit in antarctica to set up a base)

According to this, that's a distance of 29390981.628 meters

Divided by 600 seconds is...

48984.96938 meters per second, Mach 142.81332180758, Massively Hypersonic

Definitely Class 5

And then his body explodes, and a torrent of red rushes outward in every direction. A near-endless sea of blood, enough to fill a million bodies or a trillion dead animals, sprays and fountains all over the place. The torrent refuses to stop. It fills every space and covers every surface, painting the world a deep, dark crimson.

The air fills with a piercing shriek, and suddenly the blood that has washed throughout the location begins to gather and coalesce, morphing into a massive, monolithic shape...

And then everyone remembers when the spilled blood on a certain battlefield was torn away, and the great and terrible thing that was dragged along with it...

~ The title is sarcastic

So, basically, this is a vampire who ended up absorbing one of Demetrius' elementals, tearing him up and basically just turning him into a mindless murder machine. That elemental was made out of blood, specifically, out of the utter bloodbath that was the fight in Deleware, where basically the entire population of New York was teleported into one spot, and the Colonel proceeded to sic his Ghoul and Vampire army at them, causing mayhem abundant and getting Demetrius to use his charge power to summon the elementals in the first place

Not all of them died in a bloody fashion, or even at all though, so I'm rounding it out from 19.45 million to 15 million.

The blood elemental and the vampire who ate him didn't get quite all of it, as there were 5 others (counting the colonel), so divide that by 3 to get 3 million bodies.

Humans have about 7% of their total mass as blood, with the average mass of 68.0389 kilograms, that means there's 4.762723 Kilograms in each person. Not that great, but... multiply by 3000000, and...

14288169 Kilograms, Class M

While the main cast definitely isn't capable of lifting this much, Dura was able to hold it back to some degree via his liquid manipulation via his custom stand power. It's also backed up by the fact that the other elementals are big enough that some of their ranks are made up of a mass of skyscraper parts, so, yeah.

Nil go zoom

Nil feels his speed immediately ramp up mid flight, instantly sending him to London.
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So, they started at Washington DC, got to London within an instant. I'll assume that means half a second.

The distance between DC and London is 5893417.7 meters. Divided by .5 is...

11786835.4 meters per second, 0.03931697321c, Sub Relativistic

Not nearly as dramatic a jump, but, basically anywhere within the world is easy access now. This game has really put it into perspective, how great high travel speed is.

Excuse me what nameless

Nameless's aura, which had always been active up until now, becomes an actual aura. It presses down into anything within range, almost like a hydralic press. A really big, really strong hydralic press. The very ocean and the clouds retreat back from the force. The air itself becomes "poisonus", breathing it is impossible. Every color within the space is substituted with just red.
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Cumulus clouds are 600 meters tall, and we'll be using that since it wasn't a storm or anything of the like.

Globalcldfr amo 200207-201504 lrg.jpg

According to an image found here, where white is 100% cloud cover and dark blue is no clouds at all, the pacific ocean near New York is pretty pale, probably 80% cloud over there.

Considering it is the ocean, it's also very likely that the clouds are Stratocumuluses, see here

Stratocumuluses are 100 meters thick, on average

so, 100 times pi times 20000^2 is ACTUALLY COMPLETELY INCORRECT

You see, the battlefield also had a severe bloody haze around it as generated by the very same Aura that Nameless was outputting, severely wrecking vision. Sure, the Colonel has sight over the entire planet, but, that's not a reasonable metric for an assumption, so, we're going to have to use 2 KM as our radius.

100 times pi times 2000^2 is a volume of 1256637061.44. Times .8 is an actual volume of 1005309649.15 cubic meters.

Times 1.003 is 1008325578.1 Kilograms

Timeframe of probably around 3 seconds, since it is a combat situation and likely more expedient than Ashton's climactic blast.

.25 times 1008325578.1 times 666.666666667^2 is...

1.1203618e+14 Joules, 26.7772885623 Kilotons, Town level

That nearly got really bad, didn't it? There are a few other feats I can think of, but, this is the most major one and I don't want to just calc a ton of things.

Nil goes to get water

As Nil tries to handle stuff on Earth, he considers the ramifications of a chunk of antarctica being ripped off and sent to mars... Water supply might end up being an issue.

... Then again, we are in a Solar System, and he can get a replacement from about 4.2 astronomical units away without too many issues. Though he still can't breathe in space, frustratingly... 3 minutes of holding breath should be fine.

So Nil blasts off, soaring past the moon and going all the way to Europa, firing a Giga Holy Ark and cutting a swath in it... It proves to be hard to lift, but, they're able to get it moving just fine, coming back and slowly dropping it on the missing piece of antarctica, balancing out the level of ice and hopefully restoring some of the water.

... Oh yeah, the ocean got turned to blood then drunk. Probably going to need a few more trips for that.

~ it's not the worst we've done

4.2 AU is 6.283e+11 meters for reference. 1.2566e+12 meters in this case, since Nil needed to go there and back within the given timeframe of 180 seconds

1.2566e+12 divided by 180 is 6981111111.11 meters per second, 23.2866710401c, FTL+


Very large explosion

Cannon and chaos incarnation: 1.0083256E19 joules, 2.4099560229445 Gigatons, Large Mountain level

Individual yield: 5.041628E18 joules, 1.20497801147 Gigatons, Large Mountain level


48984.96938 meters per second, Mach 142.81332180758, Massively Hypersonic

In which I break tiering settings yet again

14288169 Kilograms, Class M


11786835.4 meters per second, 0.03931697321c, Sub Relativistic

At least the Colonel killed him before things could get even worse

1.1203618e+14 Joules, 26.7772885623 Kilotons, Town level

Nil does moon shopping

6981111111.11 meters per second, 23.2866710401c, FTL+