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So, we're calculating the volume of covering the world in clouds. We'll assume they're Bicc cumulonimbuses, but, keep in mind this a Lowball, considering said clouds were dense enough to send the world into complete and total darkness, but, we cannot quantify the density, so we'll work with what we have.

So, using the page on VSBW as my guide, we'll see what we'll get.

So, our radius would be half that of the entire surface of the earth, which is 540,000,000 long, giving us 270,000,000 KM for a radius.

For height, I shall assume as a low end, 8 KM, and as a high end, 11 KM.

Now, put those into the formula for the volume of a cylinder and you get 1.83×10^18 KM and 2.52×10^18 KM, or for our purposes, 1.83E27 Meters Cubed and 2.52E27 Meters Cubed.

Now, the density for clouds is 0.0005 kg/m3, so, using that, we get 9.15E23 Kilograms and 1.26E24 Kilograms.

Now, we multiply by the latent heat Vaporization for water (note: Vaporizing is just as hard as condensing), 2264705 J/kg, and we get....

Low End: 2.072205075E30 Joules, 495.268899378585 Exatons, Small Planet level

High End: 2.8535283E30 Joules, 682.009631931166 Exatons, Small Planet level

Honestly did not expect that, but, we still have to divide by 3, since this was the power of 3 different wizards.

Low End: 1.0361025375E30 Joules, 247.634449689292 Exatons, Moon level, I believe +.

High End: 2.8535283E30 Joules, 341.004815965583 Exatons, Definitely Moon level+

I feel like whenever User:Antydeth Comments about a rough estimate for someone's calc request, he upgrades it to be an entire number higher up the tiering system subconsciously via Upgrade Manipulation, kek.


You see, Radius is half the diameter, not half of the surface area of the thing.

Also Bambu pointed out you don't hecking use cylinders for this ordeal, instead you use the planet's volume, then you subtract that from the added radius of the clouds

If the way I just said that makes any sense

The volume of earth is 1,000,000,000,000 Cubic KM, and it's Radius is 6371 KM

That plus the clouds, 8-11 KM + 1 KM for the height above the ground, equals 6380 KM and 6383 KM

So, the volume of the clouds and earth combined is 1087803985034.6 and 1089339226436.8 KM

Now minus the volume of earth, the volume of the clouds would be 87803985034.691 KM and 89339226436.8 KM, or, for our purposes, 87803985034691000000 Meters Cubed and 89339226436800000000 Meters Cubed

The density of Cumulonimbuses is .002 KG/m^3, so that's 175607970069382000 KG and 178678452873600000 KG

Times 2264705 gets us...

Low End: 397700247855979762310000 Joules, 95.0526405009511 Teratons, Country level+

High End: 404653985615106288000000 Joules, 96.7146237129795 Teratons, Country level+

A third of that is

Low End: 1.325667492853E23 Joules, 31.6842135003170 Teratons, Country level

High End: 134884661871702096000000 Joules, 32.2382079043265 Teratons, Country level

So I guess the aftermath of User:Antydeth's Upgrade manipulation kicked in

Being that they proceed to be downgraded due to me having a massive mishap pointed out

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