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  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Procrastinating a ton on writing a story that may or may not make me money in the future
  • I am A guy who likes SAO... Tabletop
  • DMUA

    Tork made another RP.

    It escalated rapidly.

    20 times 10^303 times the length of the universes, 1.30558e+20 meters, divided by 1e-9 seconds


    I had to put this in a scientific calculator because it broke the google default, either way...

    1.12992474×10^304 meters per second, 3.76905414×10^295c, an amount of MFTL+ that is rather unusual

    A pentacontillion is...


    just, look at this number

    Look at this thing. I don't event think I can put this in a calculator without bricking my computer, but, it's worth a shot.

    ... Well I didn't brick it, but merely attempting to put the number in listed an undefined so ugh

    apparently there's something called Hypercalc, which can handle it, but...

    the number is literally so big that we cannot do anything substantial …

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  • DMUA

    Sneak drew this like, 30 minutes ago and I calculated it on discord like 20 minutes ago so

    Feat is here

    The earth is 524 pixels, while the beam is 29 pixels wide, radius of 14.5 pixels, and 201 pixels long, discrepancy of 0.02767175572 and 0.38358778626

    Earth is 12,742 kilometers, 12742000 meters, making the beam 4887675.57252 meters long and 352593.511384 meters in radius

    Pi times 4887675.57252 times 352593.511384^2 is 1.9089778e+18 cubic meters of w a t e r

    times 997 is 1.9032509e+21 Kilograms

    assuming a timeframe of like, 5 seconds, 4887675.57252 divided by 5 is 977535.114504 meters per second, Mach 2849.95660205, Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed

    .5 times 1.9032509e+21 times 977535.114504^2 is...

    9.0934939e+32 Joules, 217.339721392 Zettatons, Pl…

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  • DMUA

    Doing this so I can link it on profiles

    this is long

    Alright, so, the walls were about two meters apart, the ceiling was about 4 meters above them (with the cave in presumably filling that space with dirt and some rocks), and presumably the length is equal to the width.

    4 times 2 times 2 is 16

    It was on the upper levels, so there is plenty of dirt, let's assume 70%. Rock is 2700 KG/M^3, and dirt is 1085 KG/M^3

    (11.2 times 1085) plus (4.8 times 2700) is...

    25112 Kilograms, Class 50

    GPE is Gravity (9.81 meters per second per second) times mass times the height above the ground, 43200 times 4 times 9.81 is...

    1695168 Joules, Wall level

    Gergy had a 20, which was higher than any other clearer at the time, but people can still generally compare to him, at …

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  • DMUA

    Alright, so nearly a year after the fact, I reread all of EWTRTW 3, laughed my rear end off, and decided to make a profile for Borson McBiceps. Let's look at his most notable feat.

    So, he lifted an entire, condensed pocket dimensional gym and threw it to the moon.

    A two story building is about 108862 Kilograms, and I don't really have anything better for a value, so let's go with that as a lowball

    The moon is 384,400 Kilometers away from earth, 384,400,000 meters, and it got there in a very short amount of time. Let's say, 5 seconds, meaning the speed would be 76880000 meters per second, 0.25644617899c, Relativistic, and the acceleration would be 15376000 meters per second per second.

    108862 times 15376000 is...

    1.6738621e+12 Newtons, 1706281459…

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  • DMUA

    Okay so I have no context for this beyond the 2 discord screenshots used on the profile, and I'm not that interested in getting the whole thing so here we go, a 4 storey apartment got launched into the air

    a storey is 4.3 meters, 4 of those are 17.2 meters

    the area of an apartment building is supposedly 882 square feet, or 81.94048 Square meters, if Google is to be believed

    81.94048 times 17.2 is 1409.376256 cubic meters

    80% hollowness is 281.8752512 meters

    Times 2400 for concrete is 676500.60288 Kilograms

    It was launched into the exosphere, which starts at least 311 miles or 500606 meters up in at most 10 seconds, making for 50050.6 meters per second and 5005.06 meters per second per second

    .5 times 676500.60288 times 50050.6^2 and 676500.60288 …

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