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Angels are an ancient race of sentient and mystical beings that reside within Shamayem, the main afterlife realm that resides within Yetzirah where the souls of those who are faithful to the Abrahamic Faiths go upon death. They are most commonly associated with the Abrahamic Faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alongside all of its variations and derivatives. Angels serve as warriors, subjects, and children of God.

Angels are born from the Ohr Ein Sof of God. Due to this, Angels are beings of pure light and imbued with divinity as well as possessing powers over basic existence. Angels are powered by an essence known as Grace which is described to be a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial energy. They are fundamentally different from souls and are not the same as they are. Angels are their Grace and but Angels can also survive without their grace albeit with grave consequences.

Angels are the natural and polar opposites of Demons -beings created by the Archangel Lucifer after the fall of Mankind.


Angels are spiritual beings and inherently lack corporeal forms. However, this does not prevent them from interacting with physical objects as Angels can still touch and interact with objects in the physical world. Angels vary in appearance and gender but are generally have humanoid appearances. Generally. Some angels need to take human form for a variety of reasons which range from their true forms being too volatile or their forms are too horrific for humans to behold.

All angels possess wings and a halo. An angel's wings is considered to be their pride and joy. To an angel, their wings mean everything to them and are considered to be a symbol of their faith and devotion to God. All Angels that reside within Heaven possess different colored wings. For example, Anael possesses light salmon-colored wings and Zadkiel possesses light blue wings. While it is a common belief among humans that black wings mean that the angel has fallen from grace, that is not true as black-winged angels reside in Heaven with famous examples being Samael and Azrael. An angel's wings also denotes their rank and level of power. Malakim or normal Angels possess a single pair of wings while Seraphim possess six pairs of wings. Angels have the capability to gain more wings as they increase in power.

Angels do not possess a soul but rather, they possess an energy known as Grace. Grace provides angels the ability to use Enochian Magic, use Light, and grants them superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, and immortality. Removal of angel’s Grace renders them mortal and allows them to be born into the world as a human. Angelic Grace that descends upon the World gives off the appearance of a meteorite and where it lands produced great miracles and enriches the surrounding area. An example of this is when Hanna removed her Grace rendering her mortal. The impact zone of her Grace turned a barren wasteland into a lush environment. Grace can also grant an angel unique abilities such as Metatron's Logos Ex Nihilo and Ancient of Days.

Angels are inherently skilled at Magic, particularly Heavenly or Enochian Magic, which they can wield with natural skill. In addition, angels are naturally stronger and more durable than humans and demigods. Even the lowest angel possesses the capability to cause more destruction than the strongest thermonuclear weapon on the planet.


Angels are situated in a hierarchy in which the higher their rank, the higher their level of authority. It also denotes which levels of Heaven are accessible to angels and which aren't. There are nine ranks of angel which are split into three triads.

First Triad


Malakim are the lowest level of angels and the weakest of their kind. All angels born malakim are destined to stay as Malakim, however, they can move up to different ranks. Malakim are most noted by their single pair of wings. Malakim are also considered to be the grunts and footsoldiers of Heaven. Malakim comprise of the bulk of Heaven's Army.

Bene Elohim

The second lowest level of Angels. These angels possess a single pair of wings like their lower counterparts but are considerably more powerful and possess more authority. In a military analogue, Bene Elohim are the sergeants while Malakim are privates.


Principalities, or Melechim, are a rank of angel that is the highest within the First Triad. They possess two pairs of wings and are extremely more powerful than a Bene Elohim and a Malakim. They are the angels that speak to the nations of man below and are often sent as bodyguards to higher level angels whenever they go speak to the Gods of Earth. In Heaven, Principalities generally reside and serve as educators for angels of all levels.

Second Triad


Powers, or as they are known in Latin Potestas, are the first rank of Angel within the Second Triad. These angels are known as the shock troopers of Heaven and are extremely intelligent. They are concerned with the movement of celestial bodies but not literally. Powers have been used in the Holy War to wipe out scores of demons and oftentimes, wipe the slate clean. Powers range in number and are the only class of angel to do so with them possessing two to five pairs of wings.


Virtues are Heaven's version of the Healer Class. Virtues are angels gifted with immense powers of Healing and are generally responsible for running Heaven's hospitals. In addition, they also make up Heaven's science department and serve underneath the Seraph Raziel. Virtues formerly served the Archangel Raphael before she left Heaven. Virtues possess three to four pairs of wings.


Dominions are the highest level of Angel within the Second Triad and the second highest possible level that lower-level angels can achieve. Noted by Cassiel to be divine secretaries and governors, Dominions are responsible for ruling and delegating laws created by the Empreyan Council. Noted to be far more powerful than any of the members of the Second Triad, Dominions are equal in power to the Ophanim and Cherubim of which they both possess five pairs of wings.

Third Triad


The third highest rank of Angel. They generally appear to mankind as flaming wheels with eyes upon eyes that are said to be able to see all the world, the past, present, and future. They are horrifying to behold with even their fellow brethren finding them unnerving at times. Ophanim typically use a human form when they are relaxing as there is no need for their true forms. Ophanim possess five pairs of wings. They work in Heaven's Information and Interrogation Department.


The second highest class of Angel. They are the direct underlings of the Seraphim and are Heaven's most elite and powerful soldiers. They possess five pairs of wings and are argued to be more powerful than an Ophanim or a Dominion. Cherubim are located in various departments across Heaven and are generally seen as the highest form of authority in that area. Malakim can ascend to being cherubim, however, there are very few instances of that actually happening. In a scale of power, Cherubs are comparable to major gods with the Cherub Kokabiel being able to defeat the God of War Ares.


Seraphim, also known as the Burning Ones, are the highest level of Angel underneath the Archangels. Ultimately lesser in number than the other angel types, Seraphs are split into two categories: The Ten Great Seraphim and Lesser Seraphs. The Great Seraphs are the most powerful angels in Heaven with the disappearance of the Archangels and hold absolute authority with God's disappearance. They are the members of the Empyrean Council and are responsible for drafting the laws of Heaven. The Ten Great Seraphim were formerly headed by Metatron until she was overthrown and banished by Zadkiel. Following Zadkiel's death at Armageddon, Anael is the current head of the Seraphs. Seraphim possess six pairs of wings and wield abilities unique to them.

General Abilities

While the abilities of an angel vary depending on what type/rank of angel they are, all Angels possess the same general abilities with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics: Angels are faster, stronger, and more durable than mortals and demigods. A single malakim is capable of wiping out the world's most well-equipped army and requires hunters with a decent amount of magical knowledge in order to combat. Angels are also stronger than most monsters, being able to easily overpower vampires and werewolves. The higher the angel rank is, the stronger they are.

Types 1, 2, and 3 Immortality: Angels are ageless eternal beings that cannot die of old age or disease. That isn't to say that it is impossible to kill an angel. However, it is extremely hard to do so. Angels can survive extreme levels of trauma and bodily harm such as beheading or disembowelment. In addition, angels can reform themselves even after their entire body has been destroyed from just a small sliver of their grace, making killing them quite difficult.

Low-Godly Regeneration: Angels can reform their bodies if even the slightest amount of their grace remains. There are ways of getting around this as seen with the Angel Killing Blade developed by Blacklight and Angelic Weapons, which have the power to kill angels by directly attacking their grace.

Flight: Angels are capable of flying by using their wings.

Non-Corporeality: Angels are incorporeal beings and thus, humans are incapable of physically interacting with them. However, it is not true for the angel as angels can interact with corporeal beings just fine.

Shapeshifting: Angels can completely alter their physical form and their gender.

Possession: Like demons and some gods, Angels can occupy humans and other beings as vessels. When it comes to humans, Angels require the permission of humans to enter their bodies, otherwise, they can't. It is also noted that an angel needs to continue having a human's permission in order to remain within that body. While inside the body, the vessel gains all the abilities of the Angel. Angels can possess dead bodies or vegetative humans as it is essentially empty.

Telekinesis: All angels possess telekinetic abilities that vary with their level of power.

Light Manipulation and Energy Manipulation: Angels can control and manipulate light. The strength and intensity of said ability vary from angel to angel. Angels can also control energy.

Astral Projection and Dream Manipulation: Angels can project their images to other locations as well as enter dreams.

Magic: Angels are capable of casting spells.

Sleep Manipulation: Angels can sedate people as well as awaken them from slumber.

Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, and Memory Manipulation: Angels have the ability to influence and control the minds of others. They can also control emotions. Angels can also erase and create false memories. They typically use this ability when they are caught by others.

Healing: All angels possess the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases.

Telepathy: Angels can communicate telepathically.

Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance, and Enhanced Senses: Angels are capable of perceiving nearly all forms of supernatural phenomena as well as all forms of mundane phenomenon. They can see beings that are normally invisible to humans such as ghosts and reapers as well as locations that aren't magically warded.

Type 1 Acausality: Angels are capable of perceiving irregularities within the timeline, allowing them to discern between alternate timelines and the main timeline. They can also detect people which have traveled backward in time and often eliminate them before they cause any trouble.

Types 1 and 2 Self-Sustenance: Angels do not require food, water, or oxygen in order to survive. While they do not require sleep, Angels often times roost in order to recover any expended energy.

Immunity to Conventional Diseases, Biological Manipulation, Poisons, Radiation, Soul Manipulation: Angels are immune to all mortal ailments, weaponry and poisons as a typical angel can consume a volume of Botulinum Toxin or RD50 equalling that of the combined volume of Earth's water. Angels also do not possess a soul, making them immune to all soul-based abilities. Angels are also immune to conventional biological manipulation due to them being spiritual entities rather than biological ones. The only time this rule does not apply is when an angel is possessing a body.

Resistance to Magic: Angels are naturally more resistant to magic.