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The reader will be me. I have no love, maybe I'll end up interpreting some things in a weird way. However, the reader is free to decide how to read things and with which intonation.
~ Bernkastel

Hello. I'm Promestein, this wiki's Bureaucrat, and a girl.

I'm generally active here throughout the day and am thus perpetually available even if you haven't seen me editing lately. I was formerly also a bureaucrat on Versus Battles Wiki.

While I'm of course here to share my own characters and work on worldbuilding, making sure this wiki is well-run and remains open to new users and their own characters, whether original or from fanfiction, is a focus of mine and I do my best to consistently improve on this wiki and how it is run. I am less focused on actual versus debating than I am working on and perfecting my own pages (but versus debating is still fun!), as my writing is my greatest passion. My favorite genres are horror, mystery, psychological fiction, romance, and science fiction (or science fantasy).

Please do not be afraid to contact me for any reasons. I'm here to help. You can find me on the forums here. If you need to contact me offsite for any reason, feel free to message me on Discord; you can find me through the FC/OC Discord, and I'm nearly always online, so I should respond quickly. If you want access to the FC/OC Discord, feel free to ask, whether on my message wall or here!


My settings are:

  • Agency: A science fantasy world split into three parts, revolving around exploring relationships and trauma. Its three primary stories follow different characters as they confront their fears and grow throughout the experiences. This is my primary focus.
  • Black Widow: An occult detective story following a bitter old witch and her partner as they deal with various supernatural threats, one after the other, confronting the worst aspects of modern society in the process.
  • Suicide Kings: A vengeful demon concocts a sadistic, supernatural game show in which those slated to die soon can compete for the right to live. Among these contestants is a depressed, downtrodden fast food clerk who rediscovers her own ability with her life on the line.
  • Sweet Malus: On a dystopian, fantastical Earth, two of the world's worst goddesses go on a road trip as the end of the world rounds the corner.

Of my own characters, my favorites are Alice, Harahel, Jophiel, Logos, Logos again, Mirai, Raziel, and Sophia.

My storytelling and worldbuilding were influenced and inspired by a number of other stories and settings, among them Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy VI, the Kerberos saga, the "Nasuverse", Toaru Majutsu no Index, the Touhou Project, and When They Cry.

My favorite stories of all time include the aforementioned Kerberos saga and the When They Cry franchise, as well as Nobuyuki Fukumoto's Kaiji, Hitoma Iruma's Adachi to Shimamura, and Tsukumizu's Girls' Last Tour. My favorite films include Alien, Children of Men, the Red Spectacles, the Shining, the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and the Truman Show. As you can see, I'm a big horror fan.

I also have a bot, which is used for automated mass editing; please alert me if you have any questions or issues regarding the bot itself.


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Agency by Promestein
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